October 15


5 Facts That Make Sex Cam Sites So Popular

By KingPerv

October 15, 2021

Somewhere between the chaos of dating and the predictability of porn, lie the sexual playgrounds known as cam sites. With thousands of models performing around the world, webcam sites are the perfect platform for anyone just looking to have a good time. Here are 5 facts to explain what makes cam sites so popular.



Cam sites have the kind of numbers only found on the internet. The popular review site, Top5CamSites, lists 20 sites on its homepage totaling in excess of 25,000 online models. That’s three models per night for the next 20 years.

While most cam models are youthful, straight females, there are thousands of models of every age (18+), ethnicity, and sexual proclivity. Whether you want to connect with an Ebony lesbian, a straight white man, an Asian transgender, or even role play with an anime character, there is a site for you.


A lot of people may feel guilty about their sexuality. Being judged or mocked for your proclivities can be a brutal emotional blow, but cam models would never dare. Cam sites place great emphasis on open-mindedness and tolerance on their platforms

Furthermore, just like a storefront on Amazon or eBay, a cam model cannot risk getting a bad review due to an insensitive remark. Top-rated models make a very good living, and a bad review can destroy a model’s rating.


Cam sites understand that many people enjoy sex “outside the box”. There are entire sites devoted to fetishes, from feet, to leather and BDSM, to every kind of humiliation and role play. Whatever you enjoy, there is a site where the models have mastered the art. Spend enough time on a fetish site and you even might discover you have some unusual interests.


Unlike prerecorded material, cam sites let you interact with real people in real time. If you are not comfortable flirting, a cam site is a great place to practice. Most have “cam-to-cam” (C2C, for short) and two-way-audio features you can activate on your computer or mobile device to enjoy facetime with that special hottie. Many models stream in crisp HD, and some even have virtual reality capabilities.


Drinks: $30. Movie Tickets: $10 each. Popcorn and snacks: $25. Going home alone: Worthless. 

Sound familiar? 

It turns out cam sites are far less expensive than you might think. A session with a cam model averages around $3.00 per minute, with sessions averaging 15 minutes. That comes out to $45, which is less than the unsuccessful date described above.


With so many people uncomfortable going out due to social distancing requirements and concerns of the Coronavirus, cam sites are enjoying rapid growth because they provide access to meaningful yet fun human contact. To quote Kevin Bacon’s character in A Few Good Men, “those are the facts of the case, and they are undisputed”.

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