July 30


5 Reasons Why Live Sex Cams Are the Best Thing Ever

By KingPerv

July 30, 2021

Sure, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you might end up agreeing once you’ve tried them out. It’s pretty obvious why sex cam sites like NudeLive are so popular, but there’s more to it than just being able to watch live porn (as if that weren’t already enough). 


Think about it this way – porn is typically used to help fulfill a sexual need. However, this need would ideally be met by a sexual partner. Feeling that human connection is an important part of the experience, and while pre-recorded videos can help get the job done, they’re still very impersonal. Live sex cams, on the other hand, are much more personal, even if they’re still just a moving image on a screen. Any show that a webcam model puts on would be useless without an audience, and each viewer is at least vaguely aware that their presence means something to the performer. 

What are some other reasons to give live sex cams a try?

Here are a few points that you may not have thought about before. 

1. You don’t have to sacrifice your online safety or reveal your identity if you don’t want to.

Provided you pick the right sex cam site, that is. If this is a concern for you, ideally you wouldn’t even have to register; a website can’t expose your information to other users if you never gave it to them. You’d probably have to register to use certain features, such as joining a sex chat; you’d definitely need an account to book a private show (more on private shows later). In that case, just check the website’s privacy policy. These types of sites tend to be aware that privacy is a prerequisite for most of their viewers, so they should have pretty solid protections in place to keep your information safe. 

Keeping your email or payment information safe is great, but what about your face? Some of the webcam shows work two ways, giving viewers a more solid sense of participation. A lot of people like that particular feature, but it isn’t for everyone. For the people who aren’t comfortable with showing their faces, these websites also offer text chats.  

2. You can explore the limits of your sexual preferences without pressure or judgement.

Whether it’s due to upbringing, personal disinterest, or a partner who’s less than encouraging, many people haven’t yet discovered all of the things that are capable of turning them on. Kinks, fetishes, and similar topics could be hard to bring up in person, but if you’re just exploring the options on a sex cam website, all it takes is a couple of clicks to find out what you really think about something. 

Even though the majority of webcam models are women catering to men, many sex cam sites will offer plenty of other options as well. Obviously there are male webcam models, as well as transgender models, couples who do shows together, and other categories like gay, lesbian, and fetish cam shows.  

5 Reasons Why Live Sex Cams Are the Best Thing Ever

3. Live sex cams help you keep your sexual energy strong.

Everyone has a different tolerance level for abstinence. Some people can go for weeks, others can barely last a day. Wherever you happen to fall on the spectrum, it’s a pretty sure thing that it’ll start affecting you at some point. You might notice yourself getting cranky, and you could even start to feel tension in your muscles or joints.

What’s happening here? The medical community isn’t 100% sure how abstinence affects people, but science does support the idea that sex is actually great for your health. Take that away for too long, and it’s only natural that you’ll start to miss it not only on a physical, but a mental level. 

If you’re between relationships, that doesn’t mean you have to feel totally deprived; you can keep your sexual energy at a healthy level thanks to live sex cams. 

4. You can get the kind of experience you want with both public and private shows.

You can expect variety from more than just the webcam models! If you’ve picked the right sex cam site, you should be able to choose between public shows (with up to several hundred viewers) and private shows (with a select group of viewers, or just you). 

Public cam shows are perfect for when you don’t need anything special and don’t feel like spending money. They’re pretty easy to find for free, and while you have the option to tip, it isn’t required. However, if you wanted a webcam model to pay attention to any requests, you’d have to send them with a tip; after all, why would a model take requests for free when she could get paid for them?

Private shows are usually available at various price points, and they give you a chance to connect one-on-one with the webcam model. Instead of your messages and requests getting lost in a lively sex chat, you can have the model’s exclusive attention for the duration of the show. 

5. Sex cams help you feel socially as well as sexually satisfied.

This isn’t to say that it’s nice to visit with the webcam models; that’s definitely not the point of a live cam show. What this means is that there’s a human component to sex that can’t be imitated by either porn or a lively imagination. If you can interact with an actual person on a live cam show, however, that could go a long way towards satisfying both your sexual and psychological needs. 

How many more reasons will you come up with once you’ve actually given live sex cams a try?

If you needed a reason to watch live porn, now you have five of them! On the right live cam site like NudeLive there’ll be no commitment, no cost, and no risk. No matter how you end up working them into your routine, chances are you won’t regret it. But then, how can you know for sure unless you’ve tried them?

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