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A Covid-19 Vaccination Sex Story: Amanda and Daniel’s Crazy Fuck after Vaccination

By KingPerv

January 30, 2021

A Covid-19 Vaccination Sex Story: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in a relationship during this pandemic time? It might sound romantic because you will be staying with your partner locked inside the apartment all the time. But, did you ever think about those lovers who cannot meet because of the lockdown?


They are facing probably the toughest times ever. Amanda and Daniel are facing just such a situation. They were best mates in their college days. But, after some time, they fell for each other. They had some steamy sex sessions which they cannot ever forget. But, these lockdown times have taken a heavy heavy toll on their relationship. 

Covid-19 Vaccination Sex Story / Covid-19 Vaccination Sex Story Covid-19 Vaccination Sex Story

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They cannot meet and have sex anymore. Also, the couple is having a communication gap with each other. Amanda and Daniel know that things will get better once they meet. However, whenever they talk over the phone or have text message conversations, they fight. That is the only outcome of their any conversation for the last couple of months. 

Amanda is starting to accept that the only outcome of their one and a half year’s relationship will be the breakup. Daniel can also sense that but trying to prevent it from happening. He knows that once he meets Amanda, he will make everything like the old days. 

The News Breaks: COVID Vaccine

Finally, the news breaks and the COVID-19 vaccine appears on the market. This is the happiest Daniel has ever felt in his life! He now knows he can meet and have sex with Amanda again soon. Right away as he hears the news, he calls Amanda.

Babes, the COVID vaccine is here, we can meet soon now! I've made an appointment for us both to get our shots, and we'll be cleared to meet by Valentines Day!

“That’s great babes, Can’t wait to have you in my bed again.” Amanda winks.

“Me too, baby. I’ll call you later. Bye!” 

Daniel hangs up the call. He is delighted. He makes a drink for himself and sits down on the couch to plan the evening when he will meet Amanda. Suddenly, a WhatsApp notification appears on his phone. He opens the application to find a picture. He downloads it.

Daniel finds that the picture is from Amanda. She is wearing red hot lingerie but her face is not visible. He can only see her cleavage. He knows now that Amanda wants to be naughty with him now. So, Daniel opens his trouser and sends her a picture wearing his underwear only. After that, Amanda sends a text saying, “I want to see that cock.” Daniel replies “Wait till the 14th.”

The Special Valentine’s Day

It is Valentine’s Day and any lover can feel the love in the air on this day. So, Amanda wants to be closer to Daniel and finally she can as it's Valentines day and her vaccination wait time is over.  But, the worst part is Daniel did not even call or text her to wish happy Valentine’s Day. Amanda called him in the morning but Daniel did not receive the call. So, Amanda sends a text to Daniel wishing him on Valentine’s Day. 

Amanda is feeling down because of Daniel’s cold-hearted approach to their relationship. Suddenly, she sees a picture of Daniel in the pub on Facebook, chilling with his friends. At this time, she lost her mind. She drives to that pub only to see that the pub is closed. She gets surprised because an hour back she saw Daniel here. 

Without knowing what to do, she gets into her car and drives home. She is disappointed with Daniel and pledges not to call or text him ever again. 

The Special Surprise on a Special Day

Amanda steps into the house only see there is an electrical fault. She switches on her mobile flashlight to look into the issue. Suddenly, Daniel wraps his hands from behind and Amanda, feeling the touch, gets a smile on her face. She says, “I thought you won’t come.” 

Daniel puts his finger to her mouth and puts a blindfold on her eyes. She says, “What are you doing?” Daniel tells her to shut up. He picks Amanda up and lays her down on the center table in her apartment. Amanda is wearing a white shirt. Now, Daniel slowly unbuttons her shirt and her beautiful black bra is visible now. 

Daniel turns the light on and Amanda is silent. She is feeling the moment she wanted to have with Daniel for a long time. Now, Daniel brings some ice cubes and slowly rubs on Amanda’s lips. Amanda sucks that ice cube. Then, Daniel slowly rubs the ice cube on her shoulders and necks. Amanda is now totally turned on and she wants to feel Daniel’s cock. But, Daniel is taking things slowly. They have the whole night to enjoy. 

He opens Amanda’s bra and to make her tits visible. He gives those tits a nice squeeze and then a couple of slaps. Amanda’s breasts are now burning because of the slaps from Daniel. But, she enjoys it because she loves it when Daniels gets a bit rough with her. Now, Daniel rubs the ice cube on the tits and it’s like heaven for Amanda. She murmurs, “Thank you, Sweetheart, for this lovely evening.”

Messy Sex on the Couch

Daniel slowly takes the ice cube and goes down on Amanda. She is now expecting something serious. Suddenly, Daniel rubs the ice cube on her clitoris. Now, Amanda is behaving like a fish out of the water. But, Daniel has a firm grip on her and he is not letting her go. 

After this, Daniel becomes more aggressive and starts doing a combination with his lips and the ice cube on Amanda’s clit which makes her go wild. Daniel goes inside to bring some ice cream which he applies on Amanda’s pussy and starts to lick it off. He also puts some on her asshole and then licks it. 

After that, he puts some ice cream on his cock and gives it to Amanda to suck. Amanda sucks Daniel’s cock like it is the best thing she ever tasted. She was starving for his cock and now, she can have it. Daniel comes closer to Amanda and whispers in her ears, “I've saved myself for you!” Amanda is ecstatic to hear that. She starts to suck him deeper. Daniel holds her head and starts to fuck her mouth and gag her. 

Daniel whispers in Amanda’s ears. “Is my WHORE ready?” Amanda nods. Daniel removes the blindfold and after so many months, Amanda sees Daniel. She kisses him madly. They are kissing as if they are trying to find a hidden treasure inside each other’s mouth. After this, Daniel spreads her legs, lubes her pussy and finally enters it. He fucks Amanda in missionary style at rapid speed. Daniel was also having sex after a long time. After fucking her in missionary for some time, Daniel ejaculates. 

But, he isn’t finished yet. 

Make out at the Balcony

Daniel takes Amanda to the balcony of her apartment. They are naked. Amanda says, “What are you doing?” Daniel tells her that he wants to make out on the balcony. Amanda says, “What if someone sees us?” Daniel replies, “I don’t give a fuck anymore.” 

They reach the balcony with a couple of beer bottles. Amanda sits on Daniels lap and they gaze the stars over their head. Now, Daniel takes some lube and applies to Amanda’s asshole and says, “Let’s do anal.” Amanda agrees and starts to suck Daniel’s dick to make it erect again. After that, she sits on his cock in reverse position. Daniel fucks her hard and she is moaning like she is having a blast. In no time, she squirts as well.

After that, Daniel gets her in the doggy pose and starts fucking her from behind. He is slapping her butt, pulling her hair, and fucking her in the ass. Amanda is having the time of her life. After fucking her for some time in the balcony, Daniel takes her to the bedroom where a surprise waits for Amanda. 

Covid-19 Vaccination Sex Story

The Proposal

Daniel once again puts the blindfold on Amanda as he takes her to the bedroom. He removes it after they reach the bedroom. Amanda sees a large cake in the middle of their bed. She goes closer to the bed to see the cake. She sees something is written. When she reads it, “You are the most precious person in my life. Will you marry me?” Her eyes get teary. It is a marriage proposal from Daniel. 

Amanda has been waiting for this for a long time. When she turns to see Daniel, she sees that Daniel is already waiting for her on his knees with a ring. Amanda says yes and they kiss. It is the beginning of a life long journey and both of them are happy.

They wanted to be with each other forever so that no lockdown could separate them ever again. Now, they are settling in and they will not have to stay away from each other ever again. Finally, COVID has lost in front of their true love. 

Covid-19 Vaccination Sex Story / Covid-19 Vaccination Sex Story Covid-19 Vaccination Sex Story

vaccine sex story

vaccine sex story - CLICK PIC FOR MORE - vaccine sex story

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