July 10


A Sexy Dogging Extravaganza x100 for Amelia Jones

By KingPerv

July 10, 2020

A Dogging Story; Amelia Jones is the horniest woman that you can come across. For her, sex is everything. She fucked all her bosses in the office and also, all her colleagues had the opportunity of devouring into her sexy body.  Amelia can’t stay without a cock for too long! 


However, she is bored with her sex life. No matter how many cocks she takes in her ass and pussy, she just cannot feel satisfied. She wants to experience something different. She has experienced BDSM when one of her company’s senior managers used her as a sub for a week to give her a promotion. 

Amelia also got fucked in a gangbang where her bosses tore her apart after the annual meeting. Everyone in her office knows that she is a bonafide slut. So, every male in her office has slept with her at least once. But, now, she needs not just a new cock to suck and fuck, but something more. 

She knows it's not a large cock that's missing her life. As she fucked a guy with a large cock last night.  Still, she felt something was missing. She started to search the internet with a hope of finding something new that she could try and cum like the true whore she prider herself in being. No matter how long she searched, she found only disappointment. 

Public Sex/ Finding a Solution

After searching for a few hours, Amelia went to her local swingers group online to search for a partner she could invite and fuck tonight. While scrolling she saw a post where a man named Charlie Davis is asking for girls to join him and his friend for dogging.

At first, Amelia was surprised because it’s not a group where you can ask people to join someone for a stroll with her dog. It’s a group where you meet people who are looking for partners to fuck. So, she messaged him by saying, “Dude, in this group, you will not find a chick that will give you company while go out with your dogs. Go to another place.”

Suddenly, a reply came to her comment saying, “Search Dogging on the internet and you will understand what I am saying, Amelia. If you like the idea, you can join us.” So, she searched and what she found made her hornier than ever. She now knew that dogging is all about having public sex.

Dogging / Finding the Guys

Amelia immediately messaged Charlie by saying, “I am interested. I want to do this.” After 5 minutes, Charlie’s reply came, “I have two more men who will join with me. Will that be a problem for you?” Amelia replied, “I have handled 15 dicks at a time, so, handling three cocks will be a cakewalk for me and I like to have one in the ass, one in my pussy, and one in my mouth while fucking." Charlie replied, “Just the Slut We Need!” Amelia just sent a wink emoji in reply. 

She was happy that she was getting a chance to try something new like dogging. She wouldn’t mind people in the street seeing her naked. In fact, she would love that. Her libido was so strong that she would be ready to fuck any time.

Charlie messaged her again saying, “When you would like to meet us?” She replied, “Right now, I am horny, wanna fuck and suck some cocks.” It was already 11 at night. So, they decided to meet at a secluded car park which was near Amelia’s house. Charlie told Amelia to flash her car’s headlight when she reaches there. Charlie and his friends will be waiting for her. 

Public Sex / Meeting the Guys at the Park

Amelia dressed in the sexiest way possible. Her large breasts were visible over her top. She did not wear a bra or panties because she knew it would get in the way. She had red lipstick on her lips to make her look more seductive. 

Amelia reached the destination within 30 minutes and she flashed her car’s headlights. Straightaway, she saw three guys emerging from the nearby bush. It was an isolated car park and so, there will be no one to watch. At least, this was what she thought.  

Charlie was the first man to come to Amelia’s car window and introduce himself. After that, he introduced his two friends Jack Taylor and Oliver Smith. Amelia asked them, “Shall we start?” Oliver said, “Wait, some people will come to watch the show. They will be here in no time.” 

Amelia was in a shock and she said, “What! Did you ask other people to come and watch us fucking?” Charlie said, “Relax! You are a bonafide nympho! You can tackle more cocks you said before! But don’t worry, they won’t join us, they will just be watching us and jerking off. Dogging without the audience is no fun at all. 

As soon as Charlie finished his sentence, Amelia saw 6 to 10 men coming to their spot. Jack said, “Now we can start!”

Cumming Like Never Before Dogging

public sex dogging

Amelia came out of the car and sat on the hood of her car by spreading her legs. They all had their car headlights on so that everyone could see what was happening. Charlie came up to Amelia and went to suck her pussy. He found that she had not worn her panties. He said, “Guys! This whore came ready. No panties!” Jack and Oliver came forward with their cocks and Amelia took Jack’s cock in her hands to stroke it and took Oliver’s cock in her mouth. 

She was stroking and sucking both Jack and Oliver’s cocks simultaneously. Charlie started fucking Amelia’s pussy and but, Jack stopped him and made Amelia get naked and started sucking her large melons. Charlie resumed fucking her pussy as Amelia kept on sucking Oliver’s cock. 

As Charlie increased his fucking speed, Amelia started moaning uncontrollably, “Yes, harder, harder please, oh! I’m gonna cum, please harder.” Charlie kept on fucking harder and Amelia came and her fountain of juice came out from her pussy. Guys who were watching increased their jerking speed while watching Amelia cum. 

Now, Jack inserted his dick in Amelia’s mouth and Charlie went down to have Amelia on his lap. He inserted his dick in Amelia’s ass and Oliver went inside her pussy. They were fucking Amelia hard and she was moaning like she was in seventh heaven. Oliver was fucking her pussy and slapping her large tits. Charlie was slapping Amelia’s ass and Jack was fucking her mouth and making her gag and slapping it simultaneously. It was as rough as it can get and that made Amelia hornier. She came several times. 

A Cum-Drenched Slut Public Sex Slut

Every one of the guys fucked her by exchanging their positions and also, made her cum by fingering her pussy. Amelia was totally exhausted and after a hardcore fucking for an hour Jack, Charlie, and Oliver came in her mouth. 

Amelia invited the other 10 guys who were watching the action to cum on her. They all came on her tits, face, ass, and in every other part of her body. She became a cum-drenched slut. The audience was so happy to watch her in action that some of the guys invited her to have another dogging adventure later that week. 

Amelia became an overnight star of dogging in their community and she was enjoying the attention she was getting from having public sex with all these men. Her boring sex life now became adventurous just the way she wanted. Amelia was now a true dogging whore, just the way she wanted!

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