April 24


A Sexy and Hedonistic Adventure, Jillians #1 Week To Remember

By KingPerv

April 24, 2020

In this Hedonistic Adventure Jillian is still struggling to believe what had happened last night, she was fucked and manhandled by Niles Thompson, the man she lusted for months before finally getting laid. She also got the offer to spend a week in Thompson’s house and get paid fabulously.  Jillian knew that she was becoming a whore for Niles Thompson but she did not mind.


Jillian packed her stuff and told her parents that she will not be in the house for a week because Niles Thompson will not be in the house and she had to take care of his child.  She left after informing her parents. 

Jillian’s heart was pounding; she was excited as she approached the front gate of Niles’s house.  She had no idea that it would be another night that she will never ever forget.  As she pressed the bell, a woman opened the door.  The woman asked, “Yes, what do you want?”  Before Jillian could answer, Niles came and asked Jillian to come in.  The woman was stunned when she saw Jillian.

A Hedonistic Adventure

Niles introduced Jillian to the new woman in the house. “Jillian, she is Maria, the new babysitter for Charlie and Maria, this is Jillian, my personal assistant,” Niles said.  Jillian was surprised to see her as she did not expect to lose her job.  But, she was also happy to hear that Niles had introduced her as his personal assistant.  Niles told Jillian to wait at the hall room. 

Jillian had no idea what was happening and so, she waited with wonderment.  She was tense now.  After 15 minutes, Niles appeared with a large sedan.  Jillian asked Niles, “Are we going somewhere?” Niles replied, “Yes to my farmhouse and now come with me.” Jillian obeyed him.  Before leaving, Niles told Maria, “I won’t be here for a week so take care of Charlie properly.” Maria nodded. 


Farm House

Niles’s farmhouse was 3 hours’ drive from his residence.  It was at the outskirts of the city. When they reached the place, it was around 4 in the afternoon. They both had lunch on the road.  After entering, Jillian saw that the house was well in order.  She asked Niles, “What’s next?” Niles said, “We’ll fuck.” Jillian asked, “When?” to which Niles replied, “When everyone is here.”  Surprised, Jillian said, “Everyone? 

I thought it would be you and me.”  Niles said, “Well, a whore like you deserves more horny cocks.  Were going to have one hell of a hedonistic adventure.   Look at you, a sex doll, we will make you our slut tonight.”  Jillian got wet by hearing what Niles said.  She knew that she was a bona fide whore and a gang-bang is something she only imagined but never experienced. 

I thought it would be you and me.”  Niles said, “Well, a whore like you deserves more horny cocks.  Were going to have one hell of a hedonistic adventure.   Look at you, a sex doll, we will make you our slut tonight.”  Jillian got wet by hearing what Niles said.  She knew that she was a bona fide whore and a gang-bang is something she only imagined but never experienced. 

An Eightsome Hedonistic Adventure



Jillian was excited and scared too.  She said, “How many are they?” Niles replied, “Seven.” Jillian said, “So 8 men will fuck me tonight?” Niles said, “Yes, and not only for tonight, but we will also fuck you the entire week.  You will never forget this week Jillian, never in your life. Oh! I forgot to tell, one of my friends coming here is in the fashion industry. 

So, if you can make him happy, you might get your first break!”  Jillian got even more excited hearing this.  She knew she could get the break she wanted for so many years.  Niles ordered, “Get dressed up like a slut.  You need to show us tonight how great whore you are.” Jillian nodded and went to the room.   Niles met her and showed her a sexy outfit to wear.


Dressed For Action



Jillian came out of the room after 30 minutes.  She was wearing a black cage bra and a G-string.  She had red lipstick on her lips and her hair flowing.  The first look of Jillian got Niles hard.  He said, “Sexy bitch!” Straightaway the bell rang and Niles said, “Get ready whore, the party is about to begin” by saying that he went to open the door.  Jillian saw seven tall men entering the room.  They all gazed at Jillian with lusty eyes.  She knew that these men will tear her apart tonight.  Her hedonistic adventure was in full swing.

Everyone came forward and shook her hand.  Niles introduced Wayne, Daniel, Cameron, Jason, Tim, Darren, and Justin to Jillian.  They left their luggage on the side and opened the zip of their pants to bring their cock in front of Jillian.  Justin said to Niles, “What are you waiting for? Get the party started.”  So Niles also took out his cock and ordered Jillian to get on her knees and suck their cocks. 

Jillian obliged and sucked the cocks like a pro.  Each of them fucked her mouth.  They got her upside down on the sofa and fucked her mouth and gagged her.  After fucking her mouth for 30 minutes, they all came in her mouth.  Jillian swallowed their loads like an obedient slut.  Daniel said, “Don’t think it’s over bitch.  We are just getting started. Go and wash yourself.” 


Tied Up



Jillian went to the washroom and came back after cleaning herself.  When she returned she found that Niles was standing in the room alone to which Jillian asked, “Where are they?” Niles replied, “They are moving their luggage to their rooms, they will be here soon for another round.”  Niles couldn’t even complete his sentence when Wayne caught Jillian by her hair and started choking her.  She was gasping for air.  When Wayne let her go, she was like a fish out of the water.  She was breathing heavily. Wayne said, “Let’s begin the real game.”

Cameron brought the handcuffs and tied her hand.  Then they cut her bra and panties with a knife.  Jason said, “Slut, you are in for a rough night. We will do some nasty things with you.” Niles interrupted by saying, “Cameron, she wants to be a supermodel.  See whether she has got what it takes to be a supermodel.”  Cameron laughed and said, “Let me fuck you for this whole week and I will see what I can do for you.”  By saying this Cameron winked. 


More Than She Could Handle

Jason went down to suck Jillian’s pussy.  Wayne and Daniel were playing with her tits.  Actually, they were manhandling them.  In no time, Jillian’s breasts were red because of the slaps and tight grasps.  Jason now took out a vibrator and started using it on Jillian’s tight pussy.  In no time, Jillian came multiple times.  Tim said, “Bitch, we are just preparing you for the onslaught!”  After that, Jason went down on the floor and got Jillian into a cowgirl pose and started fucking her mercilessly. 

Tim pushed his cock in her ass and he thrust his cock so hard that it went inside in one go.  Jillian screamed to her level best but Niles started fucking her mouth.  She also held the cocks of Justin and Wayne in her two hands.  Daniel and Darren were waiting for their turns.

So, Cameron thought, why should he get left behind?  So, he went behind and inserted his dick in her ass as well.  It was excruciating pain for Jillian.  Jillian was getting triple penetration for the first time.  She screamed so hard that Niles had to choke her with his dick.  She was literally shaking as all of them fucked her mercilessly.  After some time, all of them exchanged positions. 



Whoa, my pussy is getting stretched with two cocks.  Throughout the session, all the time, 3 cocks penetrated her.  Her body was numb . They also spanked and slapped her. They treated Jillian like a worthless whore.  But, to her surprise, she was enjoying it.  After getting fucked for almost 3 hours without any break by 8 men, they all came.  They came in her mouth, face, tits, stomach, and every other body part. 

After that, they dumped her on the floor like trash and ordered her to get out of their sight.  She obeyed and went to the washroom to get fresh.  Her body was aching like hell.  She needed some sleep.  Niles brought food for her in her room 



He asked, “How are you feeling?” Jillian said, “Fine but my body is aching like hell Niles, how can I take this for the whole week?”  Niles said, “Don’t worry, tomorrow, one person will fuck you at a time.  We will do the gang-bang on alternative days.”  Jillian agreed to that and after eating her food she dozed off.  She was too tired. 

In the morning, she woke with a cock in her ass.  It was Cameron.  He said, “Hi darling! Shall we start?”  Jillian did not resist.  She knew what was going to happen to her the whole week.  Jillian also knew she had to impress Cameron in the bed to find a break in the fashion industry. They fucked Jillian the whole week and they even recorded some of the sessions on video. 

After the exhausting week, Jillian got a huge paycheck from Niles.  She also got a break in the fashion industry as Cameron promised.  After that week in the farmhouse, Jillian’s life was never the same again.  She was on her way towards fulfilling her goals.  But, whenever she received a call from Niles to come to his farmhouse to have fun with his friends, she always accepted because she knew her body wanted to get manhandled by these 8 men. 

The End of Our Sex Story Hedonistic Adventure

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