July 20


An Extremely Sexy Lesbian Comic – Wiki Goes Wild Issue #1

By KingPerv

July 20, 2020

Lesbian Comic WIKI Goes Wild Issue #1:  WIKI always one to take advantage of easy Earth girls decends down to Earth in her starship on the night of Halloween... Where else can a super hot green alien fit in?  


In this Porn Comics issue we find WIKI the Super Hot Humanoid slut from an amazonian planet on the other side of the Galaxy decending to planet Earth to find some hot girl Love.  WIKI doesn't give a shit about much except having a good time.  WIKI first learned about the Earth holiday of Halloween in the inter galactic gazzette called planets daily.  

This weekly publication is sent around the galaxy at faster than light speeds using sub space transmissions. It's a great place to find out what's happening on the other side of the Milkyway.   WIKI decides this holiday may provide the perfect cover to find a hot earth girl to get it on with.

Now on to WIKI in our Lesbian Porn Comic...

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Porn Comics Wiki Tricks An Earth Girl

alien comic - CLICK PICTURE TO OPEN - alien comic


WIKI calculates from the inter galactic gazzette that Earths halloween happens the next Earth day.  Excitedly sensing an opportunity to get some good beaver bumping action going with a hot Earth girl she decideds to depart quickly in her recently purchased pussy wagon..  

WIKI hops into her ship nicknamed lickalotoapuss and heads out for Earth using the local worm hole to zip her on over at a ludicrous speed.    

Porn Comics Wiki Tricks An Earth Girl

alien comic - CLICK PICTURE TO  OPEN - alien comic


Just the week before WIKI had decided that she was over the local female fauna to be found on her home planet.  She wanted something new, something  exotic and hot. Somone new and wet that she could sink her fingers into and go bumper to bumper with.  

WIKI had heard the rumors that Earth girls are easy.   But she wondered just how easy they were?   Not that it mattered much.   If WIKI's sensous charm didn't get them, She new a zap from her custom love gun would get any Earth girl to do her bidding.  


WIKI arrived in her saucer ship the night of halloween over downtown San Francisco.   WIKI new there were plenty of girls that swung both ways in this city.  Her lipstick lesiban guide to the galaxy pointed out that this city was full of hot girls.  

WIKI parked her starship on the outside of town and teleported over to the Cat Club on Folsom St.   Her galactic guide highly recommened the Cat Club place for easy pickups.  WIKI figured her natural look would blend in as a hallloween costume.

Porn Comics Wiki Tricks An Earth Girl

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WIKI in no time is able to meet up with a cute girl named Mercedes.  Well thats atleast the name she gave.  WIKI took out two pink pills from her purse and gave one to Mercedes.  Mercedes looked at the top of the pill assuming it was regular Ecstasy and found a little ufo saucer engraved on top.  She thought she had heard of these pills before on rollsafe and popped it into her mouth.   Mercedes was right that these were special pills, just a little more powerful than the ones found on Earth.    

WIKI had given her an Alien love drug, sure to bring down any inhibitions that Mercedes had.  As the love drug kicked in Mercedes started to feel like she was on cloud-9 and already falling in love with WIKI.  Before you knew it WIKI had easily convinced Mercedes to come with her to a secluded spot in the Golden Gate Park. Mercedes thought this was strange, but hey it was halloween and she wanted to get to know this hot girl from out of town.

Porn Comics Wiki Tricks An Earth Girl

alien comic - CLICK PICTURE TO OPEN - alien comic


Once they arrived at the park WIKI knew her galactiv love drug was taking full hold of Mercides.  WIKI jumped at the chance to make out with this hot earthling. Mercedes didn't hessitate either.   Although it was dark, Mercedes started to think that there was something strange with this out of towner.  

WIKI's costume green skin seemed to give off a low fluorescent glow in the darkness of the park and her purple lips glinted with shine of diamonds. She was wondering where she got such out of this world makeup...  WIKI's kisses and carresses though were so alluring that she shrugged off her worries and decided it was just her imagination.  She would go with the flow and see where this led...

Porn Comics Wiki Tricks An Earth Girl

alien comic - CLICK PICTURE TO OPEN - alien comic


WIKI and Mercedes get into some heavy lesbian petting, passing first base in no time. WIKI takes out Mercedes perky breasts from her costome and starts to rub and suck on them while massaging Mercedes pussy excitedly. Mercedes in turn begins to moan loudly which echoes through the darkness of the park.   Mercedes starts to orgasm in waves from WIKI's slightest touch.   The Love Drug this Alien fembomb gave to her has kicked her arousel level into high gear!

WIKI tells Mercedes that she's not ready for this night to end.  


A bright light shines down on them and Mercedes feels herself floating up into the light coming from WIKI's starship.   Mercedes screams out "That wasn't a custome you were wearing!"  What happens next?  Well this love ship doesn't have the nick name "lickalotoapuss" for nothing!  

Mercedes is in for a night she won't soon forget!

King Perv Porn Comics

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