Joseph’s #1 Naughty Stepmom Takes Control

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Jun 01
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Naughty Stepmom Story:  Richard Walker is now the most envious man in Georgetown, Colorado.  Do you want to know why? He recently got married to the sexiest woman in town, Lisa. Every man in the locality of Georgetown has had a hard time keeping their eyes off Lisa’s breasts.


Joseph has heard rumors that Lisa has a naughty side of her, and has flirted with some of his friends working at stores around town.  So, when Lisa came to live with her husband and stepson, Joseph couldn't believe his luck.   Georgiana, the ex-wife of Richard left her son and husband to pursue her acting career. Joseph was 16 then when Georgiana left.  Now, he is 18 and enjoying his growing sexuality.  

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He has already slept with one of his friend’s mom.  Joseph loves to sleep with horny MILFs.  He thinks MILF's fuck like wild animals and likes to bring out that side of them.  Also, he loves the big butts and tits of MILFs.  So, when he saw Lisa, he wanted to fuck her immediately.  But, she's his stepmom, how could he do that? What if his dad finds out?  These are some of the concerns that are stopping Joseph from taking the initiative.  

But, finally, he decides, “Fuck my dad, fuck the norms; I can't stop myself from trying to fucking my new naughty stepmom.  I will fuck this MILF and make this naughty stepmom my whore.”

A Fight between Dad and The Naughty Stepmom

Joseph wakes up on a beautiful Sunday morning to find his MILF stepmom sitting on the dining table with a sad face.  He goes up to her to ask, “What’s the matter, what happened?”  Lisa replies, “Nothing much, your dad, and I just had a fight.  He is once again going to Australia for his meetings and he can’t take me with him.  I am really tired of your father’s meetings. I want to spend more time with him.”

Joseph nods and says, “Yes, I can understand. But, you can’t control him.  Let him go.  You and I will have fun.  I will make you happy don’t worry.”  Lisa with a smile on her face says, “Thanks, Joseph, I really appreciate that you are concerned about me.” Joseph says, “It's not a problem I want you and  my dad to stay happy forever.”

Naughty Stepmom: An Opportunity Opens

Joseph knows that he now has a great opportunity.  His father won’t be in the house for a few nights and if luck strikes he can fuck his naughty stepmom Lisa whichever way he wants while he's away.  So, he tried to get a bit closer to Lisa with the conversation he had in the morning.  Towards the afternoon, Lisa comes to the room of Joseph to say, “Your father is going.  He wants to meet you before he leaves. So, come to our room.”  

So, after going to his dad’s room, he sees his dad packing his stuff.  Richard tells Joseph, “My boy! You are now an adult.  I hope you can take care of your stepmom when your dad is not here, right?”  Joseph tells his dad, “Don’t worry dad, I will take care of her and make sure she does not have any problem when you are not around.”  Richard has no idea what Joseph has planned in his mind with his naughty stepmom!

Making the Naughty Stepmom Happy

After Richard leaves for Australia, Joseph and Lisa are completely alone in the house.  By looking at Lisa, Joseph can easily tell that his MILF stepmom is not in a good mood.  When Lisa was reading a magazine in her room, Joseph enters.  He says, “You don’t look happy.  What’s the matter?  I am here for you.” Lisa smiles and says, “You won’t understand.  Once you have a
girlfriend and she is not around you, you will understand what it feels.”

Joseph says, “Look, Lisa, I am 18 and I know what you are talking about.  But, dad will come back as early as possible and you will have him.  Now, cheer up and let’s go; we will cook dinner together.”  By saying this, Joseph grabs Lisa by her hands and takes her to the kitchen.  Her soft hands almost gave Joseph an erection but he controls himself by saying, “Not now buddy, not
now!  The time will come soon enough and you will fuck your horny MILF stepmom.” 

Naughty Stepmom: Joseph Loves Her Scent

While cooking dinner, Joseph and Lisa are standing very close to each other.  Joseph can smell her hair, her body, and he wants her at that moment.  Her breasts are very much visible over her pink nightgown.  Joseph can feel that under that gown, there will be sexy lingerie.  So, Joseph is now looking to make the most of this opportunity.  

His dick is already standing up! 

So, he moves towards the back of his naughty stepmom and leans forward in a way that his dick would touch the ass cheeks of Lisa.  Joseph’s hot MILF stepmom smiles and says, “Wait, big boy, I know what you are trying to do.  Let’s go to your bedroom.” Joseph is shocked but he knows the time has come.

The Naughty Stepmom Reveals Herself

After Joseph followed Lisa to his bedroom, Lisa closes the door. She opens her gown to reveal her sexy V-neck lingerie.  Joseph can’t move now as he is constantly staring at his naughty stepmom’s boobs.  Lisa breaks the silence by saying, “I know you wanted this from the day I came to your house.  I saw you looking at my boobs quite a few times.  I knew what you were trying to tell your father when you said you will take care of me. So, now, here is your chance, take care of me.”

Joseph is now feeling relieved.  He says, “Oh my god! My stepmom is a horny MILF!”  Lisa says, “Yes, now show me what you’ve got.”  She kneels down to open Joseph’s shorts and gets his cock out to suck it.  Joseph has a muscular physique and because of that, Lisa always wanted to be in bed him. 

While sucking Joseph’s cock, Lisa tells him, “Your dad doesn't have the stamina to satisfy me in bed.  He is over within 5 minutes.  But, you know what; I am a bona fide whore.  I want to get fucked like a dirty whore.”  Joseph tells Lisa while making her gag on his cock, “I will make you my whore tonight, my slutty naughty stepmom.”

The Naughty Stepmom Moment of Pure Bliss

Joseph now has Lisa lie down on the bed.  He spreads her legs and takes off her panties.  Now, he starts to lick her pussy lips and clit.  Lisa is moaning like a hungry tigress.  She wants more! She presses Joseph’s head on her cunt.  Lisa says, “Please keep doing it.  Fuck me with your fingers.  I want to cum.”  Joseph obliges by putting two fingers inside her cunt and fucking her

She cums for the first time in no time.  Then Joseph takes off her V-neck lingerie and her perky breasts are now waiting for Joseph to pounce on.  Joseph is now playing with his stepmom’s
melons like a hungry lion.  He is sucking on her breasts, biting, sucking, and even slapping them.  So, there is nothing that can stop Joseph from eating his naughty stepmom out tonight.  After eating Lisa’s breasts, Joseph inserts his dick in his naughty stepmom’s went cunt.  

Fucking Like An Animal

He is now fucking her as fast and hard as he can!  Lisa is moaning and saying, “Oh baby!  You fuck your slut stepmom so good.  Your dad can never fuck me like this!  Make me cum baby. I want to cum all over your cock.”  As a result of Lisa’s wish, Joseph is now fucking her harder.  The thudding sounds have filled the room.  

In no time, Lisa orgasms once again.  Joseph gives Lisa his cock dripping with her wet cum.  Lisa sucks Joseph’s cock and cleans it.  After that, she says, “I want to eat your hot cum!  I want to rub it all over my face, my boobs, and the rest of my body.  Please give it to me, darling.” 

Joseph excitedly shoots his biggest load ever into the mouth of his MILF stepmom who swallows every drop of his cum gleefully.

The Naughty Stepmom Promise

Lisa is now very happy smiling in a lustful glow.  They both lay down naked in bed.  Lisa asks Joseph, “Will you fuck me hard like this when your dad comes back?”  Joseph says, “Do you want me to?” Lisa replies, “Fucking yes!  Your dad can’t fuck me hard and well like you do.  He is an old man.  He can’t fuck me the way I want. 

So, even after your father comes back, please don’t stop fucking me.”  Joseph promises, “Don’t worry Lisa, before my father returns, I will make you my personal whore!  You will not be able to stay away from my dick.”  By hearing what Joseph just said, Lisa hugs him tightly and kisses him on his lips.

Because they know that the night has just started!

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