July 9


A #1 Sexy Swingers Story: A Couple Has A Weekend To Savor

By KingPerv

July 9, 2020

Our Swingers Story Begins; Lucas and Elena Garcia are married for 4 years and in these years, there is nothing that they have tried inside their bedroom.  From bondage to role play, they did everything except the swingers lifestyle to keep their sex life active and interesting.  But, that fire inside the bedroom is going away somehow... 


One of the best things about the Garcia's is that they communicate well with each other.  They never shy away from conveying their thoughts with each other because one knows that the other will understand him or her.  So, one day, they decided, it’s enough, let’s talk. 

Lucas and Elena sat down with a glass of wine.  Lucas initiated the conversation by saying, “Something is wrong isn’t it, baby?  We don’t have very exciting sex anymore.  I want to make you feel special and do everything I can. But, it’s not happening anymore.”

Swingers Story / Find That Feeling

Elena said, “I know babe, I was feeling the same and wanted to tell you this.  But, I thought if you don’t understand me.” Lucas replied, “I will always respect your opinion you know, but here is another thing that I did not tell you. I have a kink. I don’t know how you will react to this.”

Elena came close to her husband and leaned on his shoulders and said, “Tell me, baby, I will do anything you want.”  Lucas said, “I want to see you getting fucked by another man. I want us to try the swingers lifestyle!” Elena was shocked.  Elena said "Swingers Liftstyle?" She did not know how to react.  She did not want Lucas to feel that she was not into him.  

But, Elena also wanted to join the swingers lifestyle if that meant she could try a different cock.  So, she said, “If you want this swingers lifestyle, then I will do it. But, I have a condition.”  Lucas asked, “What condition, babe?”  Elena said, “I want you to fuck another girl in front of me.”  Lucas said, “Let’s join a swinger group and we will find a couple with whom we can swap”.  Elena said, “Sounds interesting, let’s do it.” On that very night, they were excited and had the best sex that they had for a while. 

Swingers Story / Joining a Swinger Group

On the next morning, the couple decided to join a swinger’s group.  They found a website about the swingers lifestyle where Lucas and Elena logged in. They saw several requests from couples looking to swap. Lucas and Elena were a bit tense because it is something they never tried before.  They found a couple that posted a request.  Their name was Ben and Emma Davies.  Lucas opened their account and it showed that they also live in San Francisco.  Ben and Emma looked genuine so, Lucas and Elena decided to contact them. 

Lucas sent a message on the chatbox and after a while, he received a message from Ben and Emma.  Lucas told them what he and his wife wanted to try and Lucas felt that they were on the same page.  So, they decided to meet at Lucas’ house as Emma did not want to go anywhere since it was the first time for her and she might feel a bit awkward.  They decided that Ben and Emma would come over to Lucas and Elena’s house on the weekend and then, they would have fun together. 

Swingers Story / The Weekend

For both Lucas and Elena, it was a long wait before the weekend arrived.  They were both, excited, anxious, and jubilant to anticipate what will happen on the weekend. Lucas was scrolling through the pictures of Ben and Emma.  He was basically stalking Emma and fantasizing about her. Lucas could not wait anymore to grab those big tits of Emma and squeeze, suck, and play with them. 

Finally, the weekend came and so did Ben and Emma on Saturday evening.  Lucas and Elena greeted them with courtesy and had them sit on the couch.  Both couples were sitting opposite to each other excited to live out the swingers lifestyle.  They were having drinks.  After dinner, they were once again sitting in the same room but this time, Ben was sitting next to Elena and Emma was sitting next to Lucas.  Ben said, “Lucas, you are a lucky man, you really have a sexy wife.”  Lucas replied, “You too have a sexy wife. Look at these tits man!” Ben said, “Their all yours man!” 

Swingers Story / The Couples Engage

By saying this, Ben started kissing Elena.  She also responded naturally.  Lucas was watching because he wanted to see their engagement.  Emma was caressing over the crouch of Lucas as he saw his wife kneel and take the large dick of Ben in her mouth. 

swinging couples


So, Lucas did not waste any time and after a few kisses on Emma’s lips, he took hold of her hair and made her kneel down.  Emma said, “Rough huh? I like it.”  Then he took out his dick and started fucking Emma’s mouth.  He said to Emma, “Oh! You do this so well! You are a damn sexy slut!”

As Emma was giving a blowjob to Lucas, Ben made Elena naked and went down to lick her pussy.  Elena was groaning like a hungry tigress.  She was pressing Ben’s face onto her pussy.  Ben also licked her asshole before entering it.  Lucas watched her wife taking a big dick in her ass like a professional.  Lucas was enjoying the new swingers lifestyle he brought in his relationship.

Swingers Story / Emma Satisfies

This made him hornier and he made Emma naked and started fucking her tits first.  Emma’s large melons were pressing Lucas’ cock and as he now grabbed Emma’s hair and pushed her face forward so that his cock could also get into her mouth at the same time. 

Then Lucas took Emma from the missionary position and started fucking her like a wild horse.  He was drilling her pussy and Emma was screaming and moaning loudly. Hearing his wife moan, Ben also started to fuck Elena hard.  Ben also took out his cock from the ass of Elena and made her suck it!  Elena sucked Ben's cock like a pro giving him the attenion she had always reserved for Lucas.

She did it like a pro. Ben told Lucas, “Bro! Your wife is a real slut man!” As Elena was sucking Ben’s cock, Ben started to finger fuck her pussy which made her squirt explosively.  Her juices were all over the carpet.  Lucas saw that and he also took out his cock from Emma’s pussy and finger fucked her to make her cum.  After that, Lucas once again started fucking Emma but this time, on her asshole which was pretty tight. 

Swingers Story / Reassurance Granted

But, to Ben’s surprise, he saw his wife, came over to him and kiss him.  After that, she went over to Elena and sat over her face.  Now, Emma was sucking Elena’s dripping-wet pussy as she was taking Lucas’ cock in her ass.  Ben started fucking Elena’s mouth. 

After that, Ben inserted his dick into his wife’s pussy for some double penetration.  Those two men were fucking Emma like hounds.  Meanwhile, Emma was sucking Elena’s pussy.  Next, both men started fucking Elena’s ass and pussy as Elena now was sucking Emma’s pussy. After a while, both men ejaculated in a wine glass and mixed each other’s cum and gave half of the mixture to each of the wives.  They drank some of it and smeared some on their face and tits. Elena thought to herself that she really liked this swingers lifestyle that Lucas thought of.

Ben and Emma decided to stay to the next day and they fucked all day long.  When they left, Lucas and Elena were really happy.  They were excited to be in bed with each other again.  They also decided that once in a while, they will call Ben and Emma and have some extra fun.  They both agreed that the swingers lifestyle was for them.  That Saturday evening was truly incredible for both the couples. 

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