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 What’s this site about?

It's Real Simple

This is a site for REAL Thoughts on our Kinks and Perversions.  We discuss issues that society considers off-limits.   As horn crazed men we have many more Kinks and Perversions than we would like to admit. We've got one life to live and were not going to hide in some G-rated closet trying to emulate society's idea of their NORM....  

No, us men are going to go balls deep and enjoy the hell out of life!

Look were men!

  • Guys Masturbate!  Yes, we pull the sausage every which way, get over it!
  • We will fuck just about anything that moves!
  • Men constantly look as Asses and TIT's all day long!  
  • We are always thinking about getting in her pants!
  • Men were just designed this way!

We are an under-served community when it comes to real life sex talk.   There's lots of  blogs talking about their very discerning Vaginas.  Testing every phallic toy on our Green Earth. GOD BLESS them! 

But you know what we can have some fun too!

We have very discerning penises also and we'll review every toy out there for them!

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So come here if you want Real talk, Real reviews and Real thoughts..  

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