Sex Stories


Share your sex stories anonymously.  

This page will be an outlet for us men to share stories and tricks.   

 Send us your Tinder Fails, Unlikely Scores, Embarrasing Moments, Crazy Places you Scored....  

We'll publish them here. 

Look we all have successes and failures lets celebrate them together!


Adult Erotica, Sex Stories, here at KingPerv it’s our goal to bring you all original sex stories and Adult Erotica along with all original hot Adult Fiction.  Our original content is generally aimed at experiences that we can all relate to.  Getting Stood Up, Tinder Dating Stories (Funny Fails), Finding the right one.  It’s our belief that the more we share together, the more we’ll see that we're all alike.  Therefore whatever life problem you have, we all probably have experienced the same thing.

Take the anonymous polls, give feedback, your participation can help others struggling with what life throws at us.  We’ve all been stood up, looking back on it now you may find it funny, but at the moment it can just be crushing.  Today's TRAVAILS of online dating, can sometimes just be a quicker route to heartbreak.  When you can be rejected with a swipe of the finger on an app, instant gratification can turn to instant rejection.  Let others know you’ve been there, help them keep their chin up.  There’s so many opportunities out there for all of us, everyone can find their soulmate.

For instance our fictional sex stories aim to take you away to another place or time. Sometimes we all need to just lose ourselves in a good read.  It can open up our minds to getting more creative in our own love lives.  Reading about roll play or BSDM may give us the inspiration we need to take the next step and add some creative adventure in our own bedrooms.

So check back here weekly for new Sex Stories and Adult Erotica.
Above all we hope to entertain and add some valuable feedback that we can all relate to.

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