August 31


Afghanistan Love Story, You Stole My Love

By KingPerv

August 31, 2021

Enjoy this Afghanistan Love Story, we all are watching the Afghan war nowadays. We are praying hard for our marines. We want them safe and sound. Hopefully, they do.


Anyways, let me introduce myself. I am Nathan, an Ex-US soldier who served in Afghanistan from 2009 to 2017. You will not believe us, but it was a slow war that we soldiers fought and are still fighting. Bombs could explode any moment; anyone could shoot you down. You have to watch your back in the war. When you are in a rough place like this, you tend to admire everything like waking up late in the morning, chatting with your friends in the café; eat homemade food, and in the night; getting cozy with your wife. The Last thing; I missed a lot.

I was just married when I came to this far off and harsh place. My wife Linda is a national swimmer with a great body and firm bosom. We grew up together, fell in love, and decided to get married. We promise each other to save our special moments i.e. sex for the wedding night. Sadly I was called to report on the night of my wedding day. All night my family was tense and that special moment never arrived. Time moved on and I stayed in Afghanistan for 4 years. No going back home.

But these 4 years of separation brought us together. I just wanted to spend some special moments with my wife. Finally, the lady luck smiled at me. I went home in 2013. Everyone was glad that I was home safe and sound. Linda got very emotional at seeing me.

Afghanistan Love Story, The Homecoming

 It was the first time I looked at my wife Linda's gorgeous figure. She looked fantastic in lingerie. Her long legs, muscular body were too good. As she was getting ready to put her nightdress on, I embraced her from behind. I started kissing her on the neck. Her deep breadth encouraged me to go further. I unhook her bra, and now my lips rolled on her bareback. I put her down gently on the bed now I was on a roll.

One of my hands caressed her bosom while my lips went deep inside her mouth. The woman in her rose up. She squeezed my dick so hard that I screamed stop it. She laughed at this and continued with her French kissing.

It was the first time I noticed how much my wife loves dick.

She climbed on top of me, unzipped my pants, and pulled out my dick. Stroking it gently she put it in her mouth sucking as a child does with his favorite ice cream bar. I encouraged her too by stroking her hair gently. She increased her speed moving faster and faster till I ejaculated deep in her mouth. We took a 3-minute break for washing then proceeded to the main part of married life i.e. making babies.

Linda laid down gently in bed. Now my hands were all over her body. I stroked her navel, lips, ran my fingers on her nipples to turn her on. I removed her panties gently, and soon my dick found its way deep inside her body. Slowly, it moved in her body working like magic, while I kissed her warm lips, sucked her bosom so that she didn't feel the pain. The love had a healing touch. In her beautiful arms, I forgot every hardship of the Afghan war.

Afghanistan Love Story, A Very Belated Consummation

The more I went deep, the more I forgot the Afghan war. I filled her belly with my seed.  

We continued our lovemaking every night. Soon she announced the good news and I was on the high moon. I went back to Afghan with lots of lovely memories. Now I am retired from the Army but still thankful to my wife Linda for keeping me sane during this time.  

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