Want Amazing Orgasms? Check Out Our Top 5 Amazing Eye Roll Orgasms

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Aug 29
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Amazing Orgasms, Beautiful Eye-Rolling and leg shaking orgasms, we know them when we see them. We all want to have them. Isn't it such a great turn on to see a girl in uncontrollable moaning ecstasy? In this post we'll take a look at some of the most incredible eye rolling orgasms by the top porn stars and amateurs today. These girls know how to have a good time, maybe too good of a time. Nah that's not possible!


The girls below know how to have eye rolling orgasms that just look incredible. I swear their bodies aren't wired up like the rest of us!  Their able to continually have eye rolling orgasms that are a spectacle to watch.  Some of these porn stars are just naturals at it, and some of them may be pushing the limits of what humans can do.

Either way their superbly entertaining to watch!

Amazing Orgasms #1:  Carter Cruise

If you have seen Carter before you know she brings multiple leg shaking orgasms to the screen like nobody else today.  Her body is definitely wired up next level.  She goes real Ahegao face in most of her orgasm scenes.  

Carter delivers eye rolling orgasms for us that will get you wet or hard in not time!  Luckily for us Carter swings both ways and you can find her in a hot sex scene with a man or a girl.

There's no way your going to watch the scenes below and not agree that she's on another level.  Good Luck Not Getting off yourself after watching Carter get off!

Visit Carters Model Page on Pornhub HERE

These videos are fucking unbelievable!

Amazing Orgasms #2: Valerie Rose

Valerie is a sexy amateur from Tennessee.  Why should the pornstars have all the fun?  Valeria has an Onlyfans account OnlyFans @ Valerie_Rosee to support her efforts putting out this hot content.  If you like her amazing orgasms then consider supporting her by joining her Onlyfans supporters.

I challenge you to see if you can count the number of orgasms Valeria has in this first video.  Leave your guess in the comments below.   

Good luck not getting hard or wet watching her get insanely off! Her intense moaning, leg shaking orgasms and squirting are off the charts.  Wholly smokes she gets off like nobody's business below.  She starts to moan below that she can't take it anymore, well her video is so hot I was thinking the same thing!

You may want to bring a box of tissues and some lube before watching her first video!

Watch Natalie on Pornhub HERE

Amazing Orgasms #3: Daisy Summers / Daisy Haze

Our semi-Asian beauty knows how to have a good time.  It appears on on Pornhub our porn-star goes by many names.   You may not remember her name, but you'll damn well remember her amazing orgasm scenes!  Daisy can get off with the best of them.  

She takes a hard cock below in the movie titled "Best Fuck Ever"  and she's off to another planet.  I wouldn't mind being on whatever planet she's on!

Check out Daisy's amazing orgasms at 20:35 in Daisy Haze Fucked Hardcore.

See her videos on PornHub HERE

Amazing Orgasms #4: Bella Allice

If you haven't seen Bella Allice have a orgasms before your missing out on some of the most amazing orgasms ever.  I guarantee you've never seen anything like this.  Unless your girlfriend was possessed and needed an exorcism!   

Bella's is one hot model and her amazing orgasms are just frickin insane!  Her amazing orgasms are definitely crazy, I'm on the fence as to whether they are hot or not.  

Tell us what you think in the comments.

See more of Bella's crazy shenanigans HERE

Amazing Orgasms #5: Anal Compilations

So you haven't gotten your fill of amazing orgasms yet?  Well let's take it up another level with amazing Anal orgasms brought to us by James Deen.  

James takes these girls to another level with his ass pounding.  Theses are some hot scenes you definitely do not want to miss!  

See more gonzo videos HERE


Those were definitely some hot scenes with amazing orgasms! Obviously we know this is just the tip of the ice berg.  I know you all have your favorite amazing orgasm scenes that are surely not covered here.  

Leave a comment with your favorites below!  

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