Angela White The 2020 AVN Best Female Performer

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Aug 16
Best female pornstar

Angela White is arguably one of the most celebrated names in the adult entertainment industry. She has almost done everything and achieved everything that can be achieved in this industry. That is why she is already a legend and AVN inducted her to their Hall of Fame in 2020. She is by far one of the hottest MILFs that you will find in the porn business right now. 


angela white

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Angela became the first female porn star to win the AVN Awards for the ‘Best Female Performer of the Year’ three years in a row and that is a stunning achievement. That shows how good she is in her craft. When you look at her in porn videos, you will just get mesmerized with the way she performs. With each pounding, she moans in a way that it feels every thrust is giving her an orgasm. 

She has made porn an art. In the movie ‘Angela 3’, there was a scene between her and the veteran male porn star Manuel Ferrara. In that scene, both fucked straight for 93 minutes without any break. And, according to Angela, the scene was harder to do than a gangbang or a nasty rough porn scene. The scene was all about hardcore fucking and romance. 

This scene and its aftermath, when the cameras kept rolling once the scene was over, porn lovers made a revelation. The two porn stars engaged in emotional intimacy which we don’t generally see. This shows how good Angela White is as a performer and she can bring the best out of any performer. Let’s learn some unknown things about this gorgeous MILF, BBW and hot female pornstar, Angela White.

Angela’s Assets

Generally when we age Mother Nature steals some of our youthful charm and beauty. Well, this happens when any of us age.  We will lose some of our charm and beauty. However, even at 35, Angela White is probably the hottest MILFs that you can find anywhere. Her 40GG-28-38 assets make her look more tempting than ever! 

Also, when you look at her large tits, you can make the assumption that they are not natural. But, in reality, those sumptuous and succulent tits of Angela are natural and there is no shame in admitting that anybody would love to suck them and squeeze them hard. Apart from that, her ass is also so very delicious for any ass lover. 

Those fluffy pieces of meat are so amazingly delicious for any cock to enter.  Also, she can go on fucking in the ass for hours and that is what made her such a prolific porn star. Her profile on PornHub has 41 million views and she ranks 8th in the rankings of the top female pornstar. She is truly a gem of this porn industry and for porn lovers; she is nothing short of pure bliss to watch. 


Some Rarely Known Things about Angela White

If you go to the internet and search for Angela White, you will find all kings of information as well as some of her sexiest scenes because she is really the Best Female Pornstar hands down. However, there are certain things you might not find anywhere else about your favorite MILF pornstar Angela White.

Here are a few things you should know about her:

  • The first time AngelaWhite saw porn, she wanted to do it. She was desperate to get into this industry.
  • Angela is a bisexual and for that, she had to face lots of hate in her early life. But, pornography helped her to get over such a stressful phase of her life. 
  • She feels that people misunderstand pornstars because most people think that they are doing porn because of drugs or they are desperate for money or they faced sexual abuse during childhood. It can be true for some but not for all and it is definitely not true for Angela herself. 
  • Angela is one of the rare female pornstars who has done everything from directing to producing to acting. That is why she is a legend of this industry. 
  • She can’t see herself anywhere outside the porn industry because she feels, if she was not an actress, she would have definitely been a producer or had a link with porn industry somehow.

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Final Thoughts

Finally, Angela White is a brilliant porn actress there is no doubt about it. But the way she has made porn a lot more than just fucking, is truly commendable. That is why arguably she is one of the greatest pornstars ever to grace this adult entertainment industry. 

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