AVN Awards: #1 Favorite Cosplay Cam Girl Sexy Elise Laurenne

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Aug 02
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Elise Laurenne or Lauren Elise is one of the most popular cosplayers and cam stars at the present moment. She has a very large following on social media and has won many accolades for her camming and cosplaying career. 


cosplay cam girl


One thing is for sure, Elise Laurenne is a fearless camming cosplayer who is not shying away from posing for nude and semi-nude photos. She was a part of Suicide Girls and her experience with them helped her a lot and you can see how flawless she is while cosplaying.

Elise Laurenne is a really hot cosplay cam girl and her figure will attract any mans attention towards her. Because of her brilliant cam cosplay, she won the best Playboy Cybergirl in 2011. But, her biggest achievement came in the 2019 AVN awards where she won the favorite camming cosplayer award. 

However, many of you still have no idea about who is Elise Laurenne and what she does. So, in this article, let’s discuss how she has taken camcosplay to another level.

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Working with Suicide Girls

Elise started modeling for the first time with Suicide Girls which is a community for pin-up models. Click Here to review our review of this popular site.  The popularity of Suicide Girls as a community was growing at that stage.

Hot Cosplayer Elise got the benefit of joining Suicide Girls at that stage because she never had any objection in posing nude and Suicide Girls gave her the exposure she needed to shine. Suicide Girls are so popular that you can regularly see them featuring on different media houses as well as various TV shows. 

Working for Naked News

Rise to Fame

Way before Laurenne started cosplay cams, she got featured in a Canadian TV show called Naked News. Laurenne never had a problem with being in front of the camera naked. Naked News was a daily Canadian news show of 22 minutes.

In this show, the presenters and reporters all are naked. They go to field reporting naked and the presenters had to report the bulletins naked. Elise Laurenne hosted several shows of Naked News and from there she rose to fame. 

Becoming a Camming Cosplayer

Cosplay always fascinated hot cosplayer Elise Laurenne. She first saw cosplay when she was just 5 years old. Cosplay is a combination of two words costume and play. It is basically an art which began in Japan and became very popular all over the world. 

In cosplay, the artists will dress up as a cartoon comic book, anime, manga, video games, movie or TV show character. The masses love this form of art as there are many popular cosplayers around the world. But, Elise is a star camming cosplayer simply because she added her hotness in each and every character’s costume that she used to wear. 

Laurenne did her first-ever cosplay when she was 12. Her first one was a character from the popular Manga series from Japan, Elfen Lied. The response she got was brilliant and it encouraged her to dress up more in various types of costumes. Also, she began to create her outfits on her own which gave another dimension to cosplay. 

Within no time, she became a popular name in cosplay cams. Arguably her most popular costume that she put on was Anti-Gwenom suit. Hot cosplyer Elise created that suit with the help of her ex-boyfriend and she has not denied this claim. She also did cosplay by putting on various costumes designed according to Marvel’s characters. 

Cosplay Cam Girl

Social Media Presence

You can see the cosplays of Elise Laurenne on various YouTube channels. But the interesting this is she does not own any of these channels. You can also find her on Instagram where she has a very large follower base. However, she is mostly active on Twitter. She has over 232k followers on Twitter and she has posted over 15k tweets. 

Cosplay Cam Girl

Net Worth

As per the estimation from some sources, Elise Laurenne’s net worth is around $1 million. Her modeling jobs and her Instagram fans donation is the source of her income. 

Cosplay Cam Girl


Without any doubt, if a man sees the body of Elise Laurenne, he will lust for her. She has a sexy body and her body stats are 34-25-21. Elise wears bras of 34D size. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall and her weight is close to 110lbs. Her sex appeal is terrific. 

The Bottom Line

Finally, Elise Laurenne is a popular camming cosplayer with noteworthy achievements. Anyone would lust for her sexy cosplay cam girl body. Also, she uses her body in the most terrific way to mesmerize her fans. So, if you like to watch cam cosplays, she is surely someone you wouldn’t want to miss. 

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