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Best and Most Viewed Pornhub Movies of All Time Part 1-5

By KingPerv

November 26, 2020

Every wonder what the Most Viewed Pornhub Movies of All Time are?  So what makes a pornhub video go viral?  Come along as we take a look at the top 10 Most Viewed Pornhub movies of all time.  What we find may surprise you! 


Ok, just so were clear the rating system I'm using is the one Pornhub uses which is a combination of views and likes to determine the "Most Viewed Pornhub Movies".   So, Is there a universal smut formula that will take you to the top of Pornhub and crown you the new smut King?  All of you budding porn producers listen in!

What I've found from doing this review is that there are many many different roads that you can take in the Porn genre to go viral and reach the coveted top spot.  Which is refreshing as you'll see that were not all pigeonholed into the same things! What I like and you like may be different but they may get both of us to the top spot. MILF, Rough, Step Siblings....

So without further delay, lets get into it.

best pornhub movies

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Most Viewed Pornhub Movies 

#5 BFFS - Fooling around with my Step- Sister & Friends

In at 78 million views is a scene from one of my favorite production houses, it's a Teem Skeet production "Fooling Around with my Step Sister and Friends".  Based on what videos are most popular the taboo subject of almost incest surely has a large fanbase.  There's a lot of horny horny step brothers on Pornhub! So lets see what makes this movie so special that it went viral. 

Ok, not much of a story / script here, or the most hardcore fucking you have ever seen.  

What we do have here is every guys fantasy to have a foursome and fuck three hot chicks at the same time!   

Should this one have went viral?  I'm guessing it made it to viral status as an early comer to this genre. 

What do you all think? 

Leave a comment below.

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Most Viewed Pornhub Movies

#4 Kimmy Granger Likes it Rough

In at number four with 113+ million views is "Kimmy Granger Likes it Rough".  Now this is my type of hardcore porn video put out by one of my favorite production houses.  

Petite girls getting fucked hard is definitely an A+ winner in my book.  This movie was likely at one time number one based on it's age and views.  It's been overtaken by the newly popular step mom and step siblings genre though.  Personally, good ole hard fucking still wins in my book. You could substitute the actor giving it to her hard for James Deen in this scene the way he's going rough at it.  

Hot Sex : Yes

Hot Actors: Yes

Great Sex: Yes

Now I can see how this could go viral!  The only thing missing though is an orgasm by Kimmy?  

Am I right, or is it just fine as is?

Most Viewed Pornhub Movies

#3 Kim Kardashian Sex Tape / Ray J

The number one movie going by just views at 212+ million is surprise, or really not a surprise is  "Kim Kardashian Sex Tape with Ray J", when you throw in likes for quality it drops to third place. I can understand the appeal of watching a bona-fide tv star get fucked.  

The quality really sucks though, there's no real dialogue, you just see Kim Sucking on Ray J's BBC and sticking it in her.  Well he does eat her out, so that's unexpected.  But all in all It's really just a salacious movie that leaked out.  

Now I can understand how this one went Viral! I'm guessing this wasn't supposed to ever get out? 

Or was this a great publicity stunt from Kim?

Who's watching the next one with Kayne West?

move viewed pornhub movies / most viewed pornhub movies / most viewed pornhub movies

Most Viewed Pornhub Movies

#2 Horny boy fucked his stepmom

So the number two video on Pornhub if you go just by views at 168+ million is "Horny boy fucked his step mom", if you add a 2'nd rating criteria of likes this scene falls to a close 2'nd.   The cool thing about this movie is that it's not produced by one of the larger production company's.  This movie was put out by a smaller independent producer "Mandy Flores Productions".  

So we all know the MILF genre is big, so I'm not that surprised to see this kind of scene in the top 5.  

But, let's see what makes this move so special.

Well the idea of fucking your hot step mom is not bad.

But watching the movie, the dialogue and the acting aren't half bad.  If you've ever had a woody that won't go away or pops up in the most inappropriate time (I have LOL, trying to hide it is even funnier), you going to get a laugh out of this scene.   I think this scene will hit home for any horny male at one time or another.

So how did this scene go viral to #2?

Was it the hot stepmom? Well Maybe

Wait is the best sex ever? Definitely Not

Was it the good Acting?  Thumbs Up

When you watch this scene you'll find that the dialogue is hilarious and on point, if this ever was to happen you'd expect the step mom to have all of these devilish thoughts and hope she would be saying all of these things!

I say this movie went viral because of the believability of the dialogue and the acting.  It was definitely an enjoyable watch, now would I want to spank one out to it?  Not sure on that front.

What do you guys think?  Leave a comment below or take the poll at the bottom of this post. Maybe you were one of the horny 161 million who watched this one and made it go viral!

move viewed pornhub movies / most viewed pornhub movies / most viewed pornhub movies

So what scene steals the #1 spot and becomes the most viewed Pornhub movie of all time?

Drumroll Please..... 

Most Viewed Pornhub Movies

#1 Playing a Game With Hot Step Sister

So the number one movie with  141+ million Views and the highest rating is "Playing a Game With Hot Step Sister". starring Anastasia Knight.   In this movie you catch innocent Anastasia and her step brother bored and trying to figure out what to do. Anastasia brings up some porn she's been watching and that leads to the #1 rated sex scene on Pornhub!

I watched this movie with great interest, trying to see if I could crack the puzzle and understand why it went viral.  I'd have to say Anastasia with her cute smile, braces and talk steals the show.  

Although it's a hot video, its hard for me to see why this one made it to number one.    

Is it the most exciting fuck scene ever:  IMOP NO

Is she the hottest Pornstar ever: IMOP NO

Is she one of the cutest/nubile girls on Pornhub?  Maybe?

Perhaps it was a leader in the step sister/step brother porn genre?

Looking at comments, I think I'm in the minority as I'd rate it a 6  or 7 on  a scale of 1-10. Maybe I don't see it, because I never had a hot step sister?

A recent review from "PornCritic24" : 6 months ago  "This Gem of a video has stuck with me. It was my first ever porn video I fapped to. 10/10 will fap ANYTIME"

So PornCritic25 gives it a 10 out of 10?

What do you guys think, is this the best video on Pornhub to bust a nut to?  Take the poll below and give us your vote!

Leave a comment below, tell me why I've got this totally wrong!

In Summary

As your can see our porn likes and wants changes over time, what was hot at one time isn't necessarily what's hot now. Amazingly the step son / step sister genre has taken the top spot for Most Viewed Pornhub Video of all time!   

No, it's not a BBC destroying a tight pussy, a gonzo gangbang or a scene with a Porn legend.  Nope, it's the fantasy that you can fuck your step sister without Mom or Dad catching you!   

Go Figure!  I would have for sure lost a bet on the outcome of this top list.  As for my favorite out of these 5, my pick is "Kimmy Granger Likes it Rough".  

Seems there's a lot of horny step brothers out there!

Don't let Pornhub be the last say, take the poll down below and pick your favorite.

Stay tuned for the top 6-10, one of these up and comers may just take the top crown.

Which Movie Would You Crown King and Put in First Place?
best pornhub movies

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