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Best of E621.Net: Top 5 Posts

By KingPerv

April 28, 2020

Hey Fellow Pervs,  Welcome to our Best of E621 picks.  While reviewing the posts of any hentai porn site, one has to be ready to witness some of the weirdest stuff.  Basically, the genres of porn content will remain the same.  For instance, if you love gang bang or group sex or BDSM, then you will find it in a hentai porn website. 


But, you can rest assured the experience you will have will be totally different from what you will find in a generic porn website.  Now, when it comes to the posts of e621.net, the posts can get really weird.  Sometimes, the things you will see can make you feel uneasy. 

However, there is one thing that will make you amazed and this is the artistic imagination of the artists creating porn sketches and clips on this website.  If you are visiting e621, then you should get ready to stretch your imagination to a whole new level. 

The contents of this website will challenge your basic concepts of porn. So, when I bumped into this website, I found some of the weirdest stuff that I could not have imagined even in my wildest of dreams.  Some of them have truly mesmerized me. 


So, in this Best Of E621 post, I have accumulated some of the posts from e621 that are truly magnificent in terms of the thought process behind the post and the artistic skills showcased to bring that thought process into the sketch.  Therefore, let’s check out some of the Best Of E621 posts on e621.net.

Before I proceed, I would like to point out that some of the Best Of E621 posts I will mention here may not go with your taste of porn.  Therefore, you totally have the right to disagree with me on these posts.  Also, the posts on e621 do not have any name and because of that, I will give those posts names of my own. 

So, enough of e621 background and now, let’s get started. 

Best of E621 : The Seductive Dragon

This is one of my favorite posts on e621.  The artist’s imagination in this post has gone to a whole new level.  Basically, I couldn’t have ever imagined a dragon that can look such beautifully ugly. If you check out the body of the dragon, you will see that it is a feminine body. 

e621.net top 5

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The figure drawn by the artist is truly mesmerizing.  Anyone would die to fuck a female body like that.  The shape of the breasts is so naturally big that one would want to squeeze them and suck them madly.  Furthermore, the curve in the body is something that will make your heart pound. 

If you ever imagine a sex goddess-type figure, then you will imagine a figure like this. Also, the lustful eyes piercing through the mirror is something really fascinating to see.  All in all, this post is something that can take your imagination of sexuality to a whole new level.  So, I am placing this post as one of the Best Of E621 posts I have seen in e621.net.

  • The E621.net Artist: honovy
  • E621 Species Shown in the Post: Dragon

Things I Liked about the E621 Post

  • Large, round, and firm breasts that are very tempting
  • The curve in the body is excellent to witness
  • The lustful eyes calling to break the mirror and devour into its sexuality

Best of E621 : The Busty Reptile

Link : The Busty Reptile

When I got my eyes on this sketch, I was really impressed.  I mean who would not be impressed by a woman’s body that has got large breasts.  She is the ideal BBW that you would want to have in your bed.  Her white body is something that would make one smacking the lips. 

e621 review

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Her eyes are also quite tempting. She is showing off her features in the most seductive way possible.  She has a clean-shaven pussy which looks delicious.  Also, her large thighs enhance her body’s sex appeal.  By the way, don’t forget about her tummy which is as sexy as you can imagine. 

But the best part which I enjoyed seeing on the body of this busty reptile is the color of her nipples which is pink.  Her nipples will draw the attention of any man who watches her in such a seductive pose.  Also, the artist showed brilliant creativity to even imagine portraying a reptile in that manner.  I have to say that I really enjoyed this Best Of E621 post a lot. 

  • The E621.net Artist: harnny
  • E621 Species Shown in the Post: Reptile, Snake

Things I Liked about the E621 Post

  • Large white breasts will make anyone want to squeeze it
  • Clean-shaven pussy which is really tempting
  • Pink nipples look really sexy in her white body
  • Seductive eyes and the pose in which she lays down

Best of E621 : The Horny Canine

Link: The Horny Canine

Many of you might have their favorite sex position as doggy style.  However, have you ever imagined what it would be like to see a more human version of dog sexuality?  This is what makes this post from lazysnout, the artist of this sketch, so special. 

e621.net review

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When you visit e621, you will witness such posts quite a few times.  However, I liked this one over all the other posts that I have witnessed.  If you see her face, you will understand two things.  First, she is very innocent, and second, she is horny, the two things that take this post to a whole new level. 

Apart from that, she has features to die for. Her firm and white breasts with reddish nipples are an appealing combination. Also, she has got a sexy ass that anyone would want to eat. Her pinkish pussy is wet and seducing the viewers to get inside her. 

I truly loved this post simply because the character is sketched in a brilliant way. She has a pretty face with nice assets and innocence.  It is unique creativity to bring such a human aspect into canine sexuality.  So, it is one of the Best Of E621 posts I found in e621.net.

  • The E621.net Artist: lazysnout
  • E621 Species Shown in the Post: Canine, Dog

Things I Liked about the E621 Post

  • Innocent eyes of the canine with pretty face and horny look
  • A nice pair of tits with beautiful and reddish nipples
  • Wet pussy with a pinkish shade and the round ass

Best of E621 : Humanoids In Action

Link : Humanoids In Action

Well, this one is an interesting post that you must see in e621. You will find these types of posts a lot in e621.net.  But, what the artist, coma, did in this post is truly amazing.  I enjoyed the entire sketch. It is a sketch when you see two animal humanoids in action. 

e621 review

e621.net - Click Me - e621.net

The male humanoid with red hair is sitting on the sofa naked with his dick up and the female humanoid with grey hair is playing with his dick by getting on all fours.  You see by the expression that the male humanoid is having great pleasure with what the female counterpart is doing. 

Through the sketch, you will only get a glimpse of the female humanoid’s breasts but it looks sexy. Her ass also has a great sex appeal.  The entire setting of the Best Of E621 post is quite amazing and I loved it.  The presentation of animal humanoid sexuality is really creative and excellent. 

  • The e621.net Artist: coma
  • E621 Species Shown in the Post: Animal Humanoids

Things I Liked about the Best Of E621 Post

  • The creative presentation of humanoid sexuality
  • Brilliant expressions of the humanoids
  • The figure of the female humanoid is very much tempting

Best Of E621 : The Feline Bondage

Link: The Feline Bondage

Now, it is one such post that will tempt the ones who love BDSM. In this sketch, you will see a cat that has got a human body.  Her hands are tied behind her back and she is on her knees.  The cat looks damn sexy and her tanned skin tone enhances her appearance. 

e621 furry

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She has a hot figure.  Her breasts look firm and round and big. She has got pink nipples which will tempt you to take them in your mouth.  She also has a pink pussy and by looking at her curve, it is quite evident that her ass will be big and round.  Her large thighs along with a flat tummy enhance her sexuality to great extent.

So, anyone who loves BDSM would want to have this feline as his submissive.  Also, if you love vanilla sex, having her on your bed will truly mean ecstasy.  Overall, I really liked this post because of the way the artist showcased a combination of feline and human sexuality.

  • The E621 Artist: zelripheth
  • E621 Species Shown in the Post: Domestic Cat

Things I Liked about the Best Of E621 Post

  • Large breasts with pink nipples that are poking at you to take it in the mouth
  • Sexy figure of the creature that anyone would love to fuck
  • Clean and pink pussy with a flat tummy and large things
  • A wonderfully portrayed sexual appearance

My Top e621 Pick

Choosing the top Best Of E621 pick among all the 5 E621 posts mentioned above was a tough one.  All of them were excellent as far as artistic brilliance is concerned.  But, as I have to pick one, I will have to go with e621.net  ‘The Busty Reptile’.

The figure of the creature shown in the picture attracted me a lot.  Others were good too, but this one was special because of the structure of the body.  So, if you like to see such awesome hentai art porn images, then paying a visit to e621 will be quite an amazing experience. 

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