Best of Shadbase: Top 5 Posts by Shadman

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Apr 25
Best of Shadbase

Hey Pervs,  In this Best of Shadbase post we take a look at one of the most talented and controversial porn cartoon artists.  Shadbase.Com is one of the most controversial porn comic websites.  The creator of this website,  Shadman is a controversial character himself.   Many of his posts have been deemed totally outrageous.  


Shadman follows what he calls Rule 34.  In general terms Rule 34 states that you can make porn out of anything.   He follows this rule 34  to a great degree and  makes sure his wicked brain makes porn out of everything.  Well, most of his controversies were related to art depicting young characters in sexual positions.  

This type of depiction known as lolicon is actually banned in many countries.  Shadman is infamous for creating this type of art.  He not only created lolicon art but he also created sketches of popular social media kids with sexual connotations bringing him so much hate. 

However, Shadman also has a large following and people support his work as well.  So, he has a kind of a dual personality.  All in all, whether you like it or not, there's no denying Shadman is a talented artist.  You can criticize his thought process, his thinking, and approach to making comic pornography but, you have to admire the skill this person has. 

Shadman Hard To Digest

For over a decade, Shadman has created some outstanding works. Some of them are worthy of praising and some of them are controversial and hard to digest.  Shad Base is the website where you can visit and check out all his collections. 

So, in this post, we will review some of the best posts Shadman has done in ShadBase.  Also, at the end of this post, we will choose our top pick among these posts.  Apart from that, you will find out about a couple of social posts of Shadman which really became controversial. Also, you will see a post that Shadman had to take down from his website due to controversy. 

Enough of this and let’s begin the Best of Shadbase.

Best Of Shadbase Pick One The Holy Trinity

Here is a controversial post The Holy Trinity from Shadman.  The Holy Trinity post is about three young girls looking hot as ever.  All three girls have very large boobs and they look sexy.  Any man would want to fuck these three bitches.


Hey, there is more to this post than just three sexy bitches when you look at this post closely.  When you scroll down, you will be in for a big surprise. All these bitches have dicks.  These are she-males and Shadman is famous for doing this kind of stuff. 

However, when I analyzed it closely, I found that he put the names of these bitches on top of the image along with the gender sign and level. The first character had the name as NEEKOMEGALUL LVL 25♀.  So, going by the gender she is female.  The name resembles the popular social media starlet Neekolul.  Shadman has this tendency of drawing real-life inspirations into his sketches which I really like.  Unfortunately this leads to an abundance of controversies.

Uncanny Resemblances?

The second character in the image is BELLEND DOLPHINE LVL 19♀.  So, she is also a female character and resembles Belle Delphine, the social media star. The third character is NYANTRAPCROSSPLAY LVL 18♂.  The character resembles Kat who runs the handle Nyannyancosplay, another social media star. 

So, it's quite clear that he is parroting some social media stars through this post.  Many people think that Nyannyancosplay is male.  So, Shadman projected that very early in his post.  After that, the wicked Shadman comes to the fore.  All in all, the post has drawn many comments and most of them are positive.  So, it is surely one of his best posts for sure as Shadman is known for creating She-males out of nowhere. 

Reasons for Liking the Best Of Shadbase Post

  • The artwork of Shadman is stunning
  • The message he wanted to give was quite evident
  • The way he took real-life inspiration and created his sketch was                stunning

  • Best Of Shadbase Pick Two

    Teen and Parent

    This ones for all you perverted big ass lovers. 

    Once you see this post Teen and Parent you will want to crank one out. The simple reason for this is being the asses drawn in the picture.  Now, every man would love to have some fun with these round and sexy asses.



    When I opened this post for the first time, I was shocked to see the size of these two asses.  These asses are meaty and need a good ramming!

    In this post, Shadman is portraying one of his more popular teen characters Raven.  She is introducing her meaty mom

    Muscular Bodies and Meaty Asses

    Raven has a muscular body.  Her butt is something that stands out from the rest of her body.  Shadman is more focused on her ass than the front in this picture.  By the way, Raven is a very popular character.  While portraying her mom, Shadman was in a dilemma. 

    He confessed that he wasn’t sure who would be more muscular, Raven or her mom.  In the end, the result is in front of you and you will have to judge it.  It is basically what a true artist would do, leave the judgment to the audience.  As far as my opinion goes, the asses were very enjoyable. 

    Another good thing about this post is the color shading.  It makes the post more attractive than ever.  You can certainly shoot your nuts by looking at Raven and her mom.  Also, if you check the comment section, you will get to know a lot of Raven fans who are dying to explore more of her sexuality. 


    Overall, the post is very good and Shadman showed his true artistic abilities through this post.  The sexuality portrayed in this post is truly amazing to witness.  That is why this post deserves to be one of the Best of Shadbase.

    Reasons For Liking The Best Of Shadbase Post

  • Asses of Raven and her mom are very attractive
  • The muscular body of the bitches which challenges your                    imagination
  • The color combination selected by Shadman is excellent

  • Best Of Shadbase Pick Three

    Happy Meal

    Looking at the name of the post -> Happy Meal , you will already guess where Shadman is going.  The term “Happy Meal’ is very popular and you know why.  However, Shadman is portraying the entire scenario in a most hilarious way


    An annoying customer is getting his happy meal served.  First, a girl tries to serve it but to the customer’s surprise, she has nuts.  So, she is actually a Shemale.  The way the customer replies, “I am allergic to nuts!” is quite hilarious and funny. 

    After that, the manager tries to serve the happy meal with her round and meaty ass.  But, the customer was not happy because he found hair in his food and demanded a new ass.  So, he gets a male ass this time.  

    Really, the post is hilarious and I enjoyed it a lot. 

    Reasons For Liking The Best Of Shadbase Post

  • A hilarious side of Shadman showing his versatility
  • Excellent artwork which one can expect from an artist like                  Shadman
  • The post has all three sexuality, Male, Female, and Transgender

  • Best Of Shadbase Pick Four

    We are Number One

    But Shadbase Gets Ddosed

    When you look at this post -> Shadbase Gets DDOSED , some of you may get offended and some of you may somehow enjoy it. The post is about a gang-bang of a young looking girl.  This type of lolicon art may be banned in some countries. 

    Shadman is never short of controversy.  Mostly, his controversies emerge from his portrayal of young women.  If you see this image, you will see a young looking girl surrounded by 4 big dicks.  One is rubbing the cock on her pussy.  But, he inserts the dick in her asshole.

    The girl is trying to stop the man but when he enters her ass, she likes it.  This post has everything to offend some people.  Well, Shadman is not someone who is always looking to please you.  He showcases his art.  Whether you like it or not, it is up to you.  It is one of the most controversial posts from Shadman. 

    Reasons For The Post Being Controversial

  • Shadman’s artwork and his portrayal of the image
  • Lolicon art along with the portrayal of sexual abuse
  • Anal sex with a young girl and also the image of a young                    looking girl getting gang-banged

  • Bonus Posts From Social Media


    Here's a Twitter Post --> Twitter Post that Shadman made on his Twitter account.  It was a picture of a little girl along with 4 black men who were babysitting her.   Actually, the post had sexual connotations which eventually suspended his account after SJWs mass reported the post.



    However, his account is active now.  I have to admit Shadman was looking for a reaction.  He even said so in his post that this one may be pushing it!  

    Anyhow thankfully there’s no explicit sexual activity in this one.  

    hmm, Just a little tea party.


    Another controversial post --> FUNNY JUNK  of Shadman was the sketch of popular celebrity Keemstar’s daughter which drew lots of hate for Shadman.  He is used to this kind of hate by the way.


    Even Colossal confronted Shadman on --> YouTube and asked him to take the post down. It was a big controversy.  But, it did not stop Shadman from doing what he does best and that is Rule 34 to take real-life inspiration and make it into a porn image

    Our Top Pick

    Finally, here comes my pick and that is ‘The Holy Trinity’.  I am choosing this post simply not because I like Shemale posts in Shad Base, but, I like the satire in the post.  He mocked three popular social media stars in the best way only Shadman can.  Also, other posts were very good too.  So, if you pervs like to watch hentai porn, then ShadBase is a great website to visit.

    But, beware; some Rule 34 posts might offend you as well.

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    Is Shadman a madman or a genius?