Bonga Cams #1, The Hot and Sexy Russians Are Taking Over

By KingPerv | Live Site Review

Jun 20

Bonga Cams and the Russian invasion.  WTF, were not talking about WWIII.  This week we take a look at BongaCams which appears to be the same site as BazingaCams as the same hot chicks are on both.  So Join me as I take a look at a few hotties you need to check out and see what the Russian Girls are up to!


Welcome to Cam Weekly 6:  Where we hit a hot CAM site weeky for a quick FAP and dash!   

So guys don't come to Bonga Cams for the site design, they come for the hot babes.   I've seen this BongaCams layout on more than one cam site.   Really who comes for the site design anyways?  

Bonga Cams


"Guys, let me give you a pro tip, instead of signing up right away, you'll be able to get 100 tokens instead of 10 for signing up if you just loiter around the front page for a few minutes!"

Not me, I'm coming to see some hot live sex with horny chicks getting off.  The real question isn't whether BongaCams looks nice.  The real question you want answered is if there are hot and horny chicks willing to do what you want to get off!  Also you want a fare price for the tokens.  Well BongaCams has both of those options covered in their live sex offerings.  Bonga Cams is 8 years old so they must be doing something right?

live sex


One thing I like about the livesex BongaCams site is their willingness to give promo's out to the regular fans that spend money on their site.  It's a small gesture, but hey we wall want our money to go farther in tips!


Landing on the BongaCams live sex homepage, I needed to decide where I was  going to find my livesex FAP fun?  

One of the nicer features on Bonga Cams are the sort by options for the talent on the site. Sorting by Camscore in the top right corner is selected by default.  This lets you zero in on the top livesex performers who go out of their way to perform for their fans and appears to be the default.  I found the next option down though to be a lot better. When you visit select the "Most Popular rooms" to get the rooms with the best livesex action currently going on.  Using this feature I happened to notice the live sex Russian girls were looking nice tonight.

watch cam girls

Visit Russia's Finest

So after searching around for awhile I decided use the Bonga Cams Quick Search function and sort by Region to watch cam girls.   This is where the content started to look promising!  I guess I'm a sucker for the Russian girls.   It seems that almost everyone of the live sex girls that came up were plenty hot for my taste!

Sooo, lets take a look at some of this hot Russian live sex Glasnot.



First up at Bonga Cams is lovely "elfiiyka", I found her massaging her wet pussy with a lovesense in her hot oven.  Not only is she hot, she has extra large lips on her wet pussy that really get your attention.  I have to say she really knows how to work it.  Check her out!



Next I found the cute as fuck "Bonni-Blondi"  , this nubile blond can really get ones juices going. Bonni was wired up with a vibrator in her ass and pussy.

This angels little smirks when those vibrators are turned on will really get your pecker to stand up for some fun. Her long and slender body really is quite amazing!  Her moaning and ass spanking certainly add to her hot performances! Definitely a winner in my book, wherever the fuck she is, you definitely wouldn't mind visiting!



This BongaCams 20 year old model from Russia, although not the dirtiest girl on the site.  She is one of the hottest with a killer body!  Her wish list isn't all that ridiculous either.  If you want to buy some special fun from her.  I would definitely recommend checking if she's only and you want see a hot Russian babe get naked for you.



Wholly Shit, as you can see from the picture. There's no playing around in Milla's BongaCams room!  She's into getting off and getting off hard! If you want to FAP with someone going for it then come to Milla's room!  Your tokens aren't going to be wasted with her.  I think I might have found my FAP angel for tonight!



Ok, it's cliche to say I saved the best for last, but what the fuck! You have to come over to Bonga Cams and check out BCgoldddd. This fricken beautiful girl goes at it with a sex machine and a 12 inch dildo. Instead of BC gold, I suggest we rename her channel GoldenFAP! Her clean wet and lubed up pussy will get the job done!  I'm not saying I imagined my self there pumping her but,,,, You know I did!  When that tipping action comes her machine goes wild.  This is one incredible babe and live sex show!  This is crazy, there's nothing like seeing a James Bond level sexy starlet get off!

That wraps up our quick Bonga Cams tour.  You'll definitely want to stop by if you want to spend your live sex  tokens on hot chicks and a site that offers premium upgrades for regular clientele.

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