February 13


Beautiful Emily Willis 2021 AVN Award for Female Performer of the Year

By KingPerv

February 13, 2021

Like you pervs, I also love watching porn videos of different models. About a year ago, I came across a video of Emily Willis. From that moment, I knew this girl has something special in her and she will achieve great heights in this industry. 


So, look, my prediction worked and this sexy and hot star is now “Female Performer of the Year” which she won at the AVN awards 2021. You can say this was the year of Emily Willis because she won so many awards. 

emily willis avn award winner

Now, you will be wondering why she won so many awards this year. What makes her so special? I will tell you what makes her so special (my opinion) and also, give you three of her fantastic videos from PornHub which you should watch.

So, let’s dig deep and analyze how Emily Willis won so many AVN awards in 2021

emily willis ass

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AVN Awards Won by Emily Willis in 2021

Before we start, let me give a list of the AVN awards that Emily Willis won in 2021:

  • Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene
  • Best Directing – Non-Narrative Production
  • Best Blowbang Scene
  • Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene
  • Best Double-Penetration Sex Scene
  • Best Star Showcase
  • Best POV Sex Scene
  • Female Performer of the Year
  • Mainstream Venture of the Year
  • Best Three-Way Sex Scene
Emily Willis 2021 AVN Award for Female Performer of the Year

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What Makes Emily Willis So Special?

I have seen Emily Willis before she won the AVN awards. But, after she won so many awards this year, I started following some of her scenes closely to analyze what made her such a special pornstar. From my observation (which you know is very good), here are some of the things I found very special about Emily Willis;

A Beautiful Face

I guess no one will oppose that Emily Willis has a beautiful face, a face that you would want to watch for hours. When she gives a blowjob, it becomes a treat to watch because this slut knows the tricks to make a blowjob look fascinating. But, what makes her blowjobs more special is her face. She is so beautiful and can take cocks deep down her throat. Anyone would love to fuck that beautiful face. 

Brilliant Expressions

In my opinion, what makes porn videos so exciting it the expressions. Yes, you see naked bodies but still, what makes you horny is the way performers react to the actions. As far as the expressions go, Emily Willis is a queen. She can make even a dull scene sexy and exciting with her fantastic expressions. Whether she is getting manhandled or enjoying a romantic fuck, her expressions will make you bust your nuts. 

Bossing the Scenes

Without any doubt, Emily Willis is such a pornstar who can boss the scene. She is one of the very rare pornstars who can do such a thing. Even if she is getting fucked roughly, she will be controlling the man. The only other star that I can recall doing this is Angela White. And, you know Angela is a legend when it comes to winning AVN awards. So, if someone can boss the scene like that, she will be exciting to watch. 

Nice Assets

Now, I am not a huge fan of girls with small tits. Emily Willis does not have big tits but I won’t complain because the way she uses her tits is fascinating. Also, her ass is excellent to spank and you will see that when you see her rough scenes. Apart from that, she is a squirter. And, I love watching the cunt fountain. So, yes, she deserves the praise and rewards she is getting for her performances. 

emily willis anal

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Three Best Emily Willis Porn Video

EvilAngel - Emily Willis Drenched in Oil & Anally Drilled (Performers: Mick Blue & Emily Willis)

This one is a special scene because Mick Blue is going to fuck Emily Willis. I have to tell you that Emily was looking fantastic in that black lingerie. After oiling her body and a self-play session, Mick appears and Emily gives him her trademark BJ.

Next, Mick fucks her ass in many positions. But, you will see them fuck more in doggy. Also, Emily will squirt in this scene which makes the scene even more interesting. I enjoyed the performances of both Mick Blue and Emily Willis.

Look at her now - Emily Willis Likes to get Choked and Spanked (Performers: Xander Corvus & Emily Willis)

In this video, Emily Willis was showing a property to Xander. You can say that the beginning of the scene was like watching bloopers of this scene. Emily was constantly saying that she was nervous. But, after that, we get down to the business where Emily Willis starts blowing Xander Corvus.

After that, she gets fucked roughly. I think Emily loves to perform in rough scenes because her expressions were so natural that it was amazing to watch. In this video, she was choked, butt slapped and literally manhandled and she took it like a true whore. I loved this video. 

Jules Jordan - Emily Willis has a Squirting Anal Orgasm (Performers: Ramon Nomar & Emily Willis)

I have to say that this is a very hot scene that you would want to watch. Emily Willis was at her best in this scene. Her oily body was fascinating to watch and the way Ramon was fucking her was a treat.

Her expressions were amazing. The way she had squirting anal orgasm was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this scene and I am sure you will enjoy it too because porn videos from Jules Jordan are always special to watch. 

Emily Willis 2021 AVN Award for Female Performer of the Year

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The Bottom Line

Finally, after watching those scenes, I guess you will have no confusion in your head why Emily Willis won so many AVN awards this year. She deservingly won the “Female Performer of the Year” because she is too good to watch on the screen.

So, watch her scenes now that I mentioned and you will also say that it is just the beginning of this amazing model. She will achieve many great things in her career. Also, if you have any suggestion for me to watch an Emily Wills scene, then tell me below in the comments. I will surely watch them and tell you what I felt about those scenes. 

emily willis female performer of the year

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