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Erotic Stories – A #1 Very Special and Sexy Birthday Present

By KingPerv

May 15, 2020

An Erotic Stories Sexy Birthday.  Birthdays are very special.  No matter how old you get, you still crave for that special day to come back.  Why?  Because, you want to feel special, and on that very day, your loved ones treat you in a more special way than others.  That is what makes birthdays so special.  Also, how you treat the birthday boy or girl and what you get him or her makes the birthday that much more memorable. 


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That is why Olivia wanted to make her husband’s birthday so very special.  Her husband Lucas Smith was a Marketing and Sales Manager at a very renowned company in America.  Olivia and Lucas have been married for 7 years.  They have two kids Liam and Noah.  After the birth of Noah, their sex life became very monotonous.  Olivia just didn’t feel that same spark when she was in bed with Lucas. 

So, that lack of spark has had a terrible impact on their relationship.  It's gotten so bad that they didn’t even talk much in the house.  For the last 4 months, they had not gone out for a nice dinner together.  They didn’t spend their ‘we time’ at all. In the past they were quite adventurous in bed at times.  Even they tried bondage once or twice.  But, that was past and yet, they did not work out how they would solve these unspoken differences with each other. 

Erotic Stories: The Sexy Birthday Plan

Olivia and Lucas used to love watching porn together and try to recreate the scenes in their bedroom.  But, after they stopped talking to each other, Olivia started watching porn alone.  Olivia also started reading steamy Erotic Stories to get her thorugh this rough patch. Unfortunately the erotic stories just made Olivai all that much hornier.  She was starving for a hot round of sex and so, she used to open her laptop and start playing with herself until she had a wet leg quivering orgasm.  She wanted in the worst way for Lucas to fuck her the way he used to, like a bitch. 

Olivia got wet with the reminiscence of their rough fucking sessions of the past.  So, she opened her laptop and started searching for rough porn videos.  She found a video of some rough threesome sex.  There was a man who was fucking two girls while the girls were also enjoying each other.  It made Olivia hotter and she started to stroke her fun button even faster. 

After she came a second time, her eyes went to the date on her laptop.  It was the 14th of April.  Lucas’s 29th birthday was on the 21st of April.  She always made her husband’s birthday special. So, Olivia told herself that this year will not be an exception.  She knew what she wanted to do on Lucas's birthday.  She told herself, “Lucas will never ever forget his 29th birthday.” 

Erotic Stories: Meeting Samantha

Olivia knew what she wanted to do but she was struggling to figure out with whom she would talk to.  She remembered her friend Samantha.  She met her on Facebook.  They used to chat a lot and Samantha used to share her experiences with her clients to Olivia.  Samantha was an escort and she had been fucking clients all over the US. 

She used to send Olivia pictures of her sucking dicks or getting drenched in cum or getting fuck in all three of her holes.  Olivia knew that Samantha Miler was a bona fide whore.  Olivia didn’t know why but she also had a liking to the clean shaved pink cunt of Samantha.  She always wanted to suck on it.  So, seeing her online, she texted Samantha on Facebook. 

Erotic Stories: THE SETUP

“Hey Sam, How are you?”  After a couple of minutes, the reply came, “Look who is here, that vanilla bitch.  I am doing great, what about you?”  Olivia said, “I am great. I just wanted a favor from you, Sam.  Please don’t say no to me.” Samantha said with a concerned tone, “What happened?”  Olivia said, “Me and my husband are going through a rough phase in our relationship. We haven't had any sex for a month now.  So, his birthday is next week and I wanted to arrange a threesome for him.  I thought it would be me, him, and you.”

Samantha replied, “Oh that’s great, you are going to get naked and suck your husband’s dick while your husband licks my pussy, oh baby! I am in, bitch.  But, make sure it’s a surprise for him.  Otherwise, it wouldn’t reignite your sex life, remember that.” Olivia told Samantha, “Yeah I know.  I will keep it as a surprise. You just come to my house on night of the 20th.”

Erotic Stories: Ignoring Lucas

Olivia was really very excited about the plan.  She knew it was something that Lucas and her had discussed before but never had the guts to go through with it.  She was desperate to keep it as a surprise and so, she started ignoring Lucas even more.  Olivia would not talk to her at all unless it was absolutely necessary.  Lucas was a bit surprised by this sudden change of attitude in his wife. 

So, on the breakfast table just the day before his birthday, Lucas confronted Olivia, “What’s the matter with you?  Why aren’t you talking to me?”  But, Olivia didn’t reply. She wanted him to get mad at her.  She wanted Lucas to be so mad that he would come home late that night.  Olivia planned everything according to that. 

Lucas just couldn’t bear his wife’s cold behavior towards him.  So, after the office, he went to the bar to have a drink with his colleagues.  He did not want to go back home.  He knew that he would not be happy there.  But, he knew he had to. 

Erotic Stories: Execution of the Plan

Lucas came back to his house late at night.  He was not happy because he thought at 12, he would receive a message from his wife wishing him well on his birthday but he did'nt receive anything.  So, with a broken heart, he went back to his house and opened the door with his spare key, and saw no one in the house.  He didn’t even find his kids in the house. 

Lucas was now feeling absolutely dejected.  He thought, “That bitch could have at least allowed my kids to be with me on my birthday.”  So, he went to his bedroom.  When he opened the door, he was shocked.  He saw a sexy lady wearing a pink bra and panties sitting on his bed.  The lady spoke, “Welcome handsome, let’s enjoy your birthday.”  Lucas exclaimed in astonishment, “Who are you and what the fuck you are doing in my bedroom?” 

The lady said, “I am your bitch tonight darling, make me your whore.  Oh, wait!  There is another bitch that wants to be your whore tonight.  Come out, darling!”  By saying that, the lady clapped her hands.  It was a shocking experience for Lucas.

Erotic Stories: The Dream Night

Lucas saw Olivia emerging wearing a white bikini and looking like a temptress  She said, “Happy birthday baby, let’s make your birthday special.”  By saying that, she went down on her knees to open the zipper of Lucas’ pants and took out his cock and started to suck it.  Lucas was in no place to say anything.  He was shocked and having immense pleasure at the same time because he loved the way Olivia sucked his cock. 

Now, he realized there is another woman in the room.  Samantha came behind to take off his pants completely and licked his ass and said, “Hi, I am Samantha, Olivia’s friend”.  Lucas was in no position to listen to anything as he was in seventh heaven.  Then, all of them took their clothes off and now, they were all naked. Lucas went down to suck Samantha’s pink pussy and Olivia was giving a blowjob to him.  After that, Samantha and Olivia exchanged positions and Lucas thought to himself that Samantha was also good at giving blowjob jobs. 


Olivia wanted to suck Samantha’s pussy and so, she told Lucas to fuck her ass as she would suck Samantha's pussy now.   Lucas started fucking his wife’s ass like a mad man.  Olivia made Samantha cum with her fingers.  After that, Lucas started fucking Samantha as she was licking his wife's cunt.

It was the hottest sexual experience the couple had ever had and after some time, Lucas came into the mouth of Olivia.  She shared her husband’s load with Samantha who not only swallowed it but came forward to clean Lucas’ dick with her mouth.  Lucas lay down in bed with two sexy women by his side and he thought, “What a sexy birthday present!”

SEXY BIRTHDAY: Reigniting the Spark

The sexy birthday present from Olivia changed Lucas and her relationship forever.  The lost spark in their relationship was back. They were enjoying each other’s company even more now.  That night perhaps saved their marriage. 

After that night, Lucas and Olivia were more adventurous with their sex life.  At times, they used to call Samantha up for a threesome. Samantha also enjoyed fucking with the couple. Truly, it was a pleasant and sexy birthday present that made Olivia and Lucas’ sex life more fulfilling.  Olivia was able to make her own Erotic Stories now with Lucas!

End of Erotic Stories #1 Special Birthday!

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