April 17


#1 Erotic Story, An Amazing Pleasant Sacrifice

By KingPerv

April 17, 2020

In this Erotic Story Robert is very excited tonight and a bit nervous too. He is calling his girlfriend, Rebecca, tonight to his apartment.  He has a surprise planned for her.  But, he does not know how she will react.  He just can’t afford to lose her. 


But, the global crisis has created a major threat to his job.  He has to do something to save his job. His bosses have given him an ultimatum a couple of days back.  From there on, he was contemplating constantly how to save his job. 

Finally, he got an idea but he needs Rebecca’s support to save his job.  If they successfully execute Robert’s idea, then his job will not only get saved but he may also get a promotion.  But, Rebecca has no clue about the plans Robert has for her tonight. 

The bell of the apartment rings.  Robert knows that it is Rebecca.  His heart starts beating faster.  He doesn’t know how Rebecca will react after hearing Robert’s plans for the night.  Robert stutters but manages to reach the front door and open it. 

“Hey, babe how is it going?” Rebecca said while hugging Robert. 

He replied, “I was just waiting to see your beautiful smile.”

“But you look disturbed, what’s the matter?” Rebecca countered. 

Robert loved this habit of Rebecca; she knew when he is disturbed or happy. Robert said, “Look, babe, I need your help.” Rebecca said, “I am all yours just tell me what to do.” 


Robert said, “Can you promise that you will do what I will tell you to do?”

“Are you going to tell me to murder someone?” by saying this, Rebecca burst out in laughter. 

“No, I won’t tell you to do something like you know, but you have to do me a favor babe!”

“Okay! I trust you, babe, tell me what I have to do?”



After hearing this, Robert gathered some courage to explain everything that was on his mind. “Look, my job is in danger and you know how important this job is for us to start our family.” Rebecca nodded.  Robert continued, “Look, my bosses have given me an ultimatum.  I have to do something or I am fired.”  Rebecca replied inquisitively, “What are you planning to do?” Robert said, “I have a plan but you have to help me.” 

“I will help you in every possible way because it is not only your problem, it is our problem,” Rebecca said.

“Thank you, babe, I knew you won’t let me down!” Robert said with a delightful voice. 

“So what do I have to do?”

“I have invited my bosses tonight here; I want you to make them happy.” 

Rebecca was shocked to hear this. She said, “How can I make them happy?  Do you want me to have sex with them?”  Robert said, “That is the only way for us to get out this tangle babe, you have to help me out. It is for us, you have just said.”



Rebecca nodded and said, “How many are they?” Robert said, “Five!” She said, “Okay!” Rebecca was having a mixed feeling about the whole scenario.  The idea of getting fucked by five guys was making her horny.  She did not want Robert to know that because she didn’t want him to think that she is a slut.  So, the excitement inside Rebecca was building like a volcano about to erupt. 


Suddenly the door rings and Robert scampers to open the door.  He greets all his bosses. One of his bosses asked, “Where is the party?” Robert said, “Waiting for your arrival!”  By saying this, he winked at his bosses and they got excited.  They entered the hall room and glanced at Rebecca standing there perplexed without knowing what to do. Robert introduced all his bosses, John, Stuart, David, Mike, and Paul to Rebecca and she shook hands with every one of them.  She was wearing a chocolate-colored sequin dress that made her look like a hot lava cake.

Mike, one of Robert’s bosses said, “I saw you last year at our annual function.  From that day, I wanted to fuck you.” David said, “Yes Mike, this bitch is hot, Robert, you are a lucky man.”  Paul said, “But, tonight, we will be lucky!”  John said, “Let’s make this bitch our slut tonight.” Stuart said, “I just can’t wait to get started.”  Hearing this Rob nodded. 

This was the sign these five men were looking for. They were onto Rebecca like hounds. Mike grabbed her by the throat and slapped her hard and kissed her. John went behind her and started to smack her ass. Rebecca’s ass is very tight and round. Any man would find it hard to resist such a butt. 


Stuart tore her dress away totally and made her naked. Rebecca got embarrassed but she was actually enjoying it. Paul went down and touched her pussy and said, “Look, this bitch is enjoying herself, she is already wet, she is a true whore!” Robert came over and whispered in her ear, “Oh babe! You are enjoying it.  Make them happy in a way that our fortune changes forever.” Rebecca whispered back, “I will just wait and watch!”

All the men got naked and Rebecca was sucking their cocks like a pro. She was giving  blowjobs like those men never ever had.  Paul said, “Guys we fucked many whores together, none sucked our cock like this!”  By saying this, Paul started to pound Rebecca’s mouth. They got her on all fours and Mike sucked her asshole and then inserted his dick on it. Rebecca screamed. 

Mike said, “Take it, bitch, you will never forget this night.” Rebecca was screaming vigorously. Robert was watching it and he couldn’t control it anymore. So, he brought out his cock and started stroking it. Watching the love of his life getting fucked like a whore in front of his eyes was an experience and he loved it. 

EROTIC STORY - Rebecca Stroked

David went down to insert his dick inside Rebecca’s pussy. Now, all the holes of Robert’s girlfriend were getting fuck by his bosses. John and Stuart gave their cock for Rebecca to stroke while getting fucked in all her holes.  After fucking for some time and making Rebecca cum twice, John and Stuart started fucking Rebecca’s pussy and ass hole respectively.

Now, Rebecca saw Robert stroking his dick so she ordered him to come to the playground and fuck her mouth. Robert came over and put his dick in Rebecca’s mouth. They were fucking like mad. Robert made Rebecca gag. He slapped her face and large tits. It was a new Robert she discovered. She loved it. She always wanted Robert to be rough but he never slapped her or pulled her hair. But, tonight he is pulling her hair and fucking her mouth. 

Robert took Rebecca inside the shower.  Rebecca said, “Did you fuck me in my pussy or ass?” Robert replied, “No.” Rebecca said, “Do it now!” Robert was shocked. He said, “Babe! You just had a gang-bang!” Rebecca replied, “So what? Your bosses said I am whore to which you agreed. So, now make me your bitch!” Robert got excited and fucked Rebecca the way he never did. It was the roughest sex the couple ever had. After Robert and Rebecca both exploded together, they took a shower. 

After a couple of more rounds of exchanging positions, they all exploded in her mouth and Rebecca asked Robert to bring her a wine glass. She put all their loads in the glass and then cleaned their cock with her mouth. After that, she took the glass and started playing with cum.  Finally, after playing for 5 minutes, she swallowed it. 

All 6 men had the best time of their lives. After that, Robert’s bosses took his and Rebecca’s leave. But, they said they want to have this experience again unanimously to which Rebecca winked in appreciation. Mike said, “This time will be in my farmhouse.” By saying this, they all left. 


As soon as both came out of the shower, Rob’s phone rang. After hanging up the call, he kissed Rebecca like there is no tomorrow. He said, “Thank you, darling! I am now the senior sales manager, I have got the promotion.” Rebecca said, “Congrats babe! I am so happy for you.” Robert said, “I am feeling bad that you had to sacrifice so much tonight for me.”  Rebecca replied cheekily, “Babe! Don’t worry, it was a pleasant sacrifice!” By saying this she winked and both of them laughed and then hugged and kissed. It was the best day of their life.

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