Wild Sex Story: Escape to #1 Thailand

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Jun 16
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Wild Sex Story, Escape to Thailand: The days were going hard for David Parker.  Although he was an influential man in his community and a powerful lawyer in his state of California, his personal life had become a mess.


He recently got divorced from his wife Sylvia who was a knockout.  David married Sylvia 7 years back and their marital life was good for the first 5 years.  But, the last two years changed everything.  Sylvia fell in love with David’s best friend, Jonathan. Today, they got married and David went to attend the ceremony. 

David had loved Sylvia as if she was his life.  So, like a shattered man, he came back to his empty house.  The devastating loneliness and not feeling the presence of Sylvia was chocking him from inside.  He made a drink for himself and sat down to contemplate what he is going to do with his life. 

He told himself, “I need a break.”  So, he called his personal secretary and asked her to book an exotic trip.  David loved beaches because, in front of the serene waters, he felt so alive.  So, his secretary booked a trip for him to Pattaya, Thailand, the exotic beach destination.

wild sex story

Wild Sex Story: Escape to Pattaya

Wild Sex Story: Meeting Achara at the Beach

After reaching Pattaya, David checked-in to his hotel and unpacked his luggage.  He got into his shorts and went out to the beach.  The day was sunny in Pattaya and the blue ocean waves in front of him provided the serene sounds of infinite happiness. 

“Such a wonderful example of life is this ocean.  It takes away all the miseries with one splash on the shores and brings back happiness with each wave.”  David turned after hearing these words and saw a beautiful woman standing behind him wearing a yellow g-string bikini. 

David replied, “Yes, that’s life.  After all the turmoil, when there is a huge clutter in the mind, the sounds of these waves wipe them away to bring back a clear and more focused mind.”  The lady replied, “Oh! That’s why you are here, Mr.?”  David said, “David Parker, yes, kind of.” 

The lady said, “Don’t worry, our ocean will wipe all your sorrows away and you will only have a happy mind when you leave.” David asked with curiosity, “But, who are you and how did you understand I am upset?”  The lady said, “I’m Achara, Achara Saetang.  I run a restaurant on the beach.  I was watching you from my restaurant.  When someone just stands in front of this beautiful beach gazing at it without jumping into it, there has to be something that man is trying to get off his chest.” 

David said, “Well then, you have hit the bulls-eye.”  Achara grabbed David’s hand, “Enough of talk, let’s go and swim.”  By saying this, she pulled David into the water and the water not only cleaned David’s mind, but it gave him something more, something he never ever expected to find here, a beautiful woman and a purpose for living.

Wild Sex Story: Escape To Thailand, The Date Night

David was a straight forward man and so, when Achara asked him to come to her restaurant for the dinner, he also asked her to join him.  “Are you asking me out?” Achara said to which David replied, “Definitely.”  And so, the date was set. 

David brought out his best suit for his date with Achara.  He was only 29 and looking handsome because of his habit of working out at the gym regularly.  His six-pack body would make any girl wet.  After his divorce though, he lost his confidence a bit.

But, he was gaining his confidence back as he was going on the date with Achara.  When David arrived at the restaurant, he saw Achara there already waiting for him.  She was wearing a beautiful white gown and the pearl necklace gave her appearance a stunning glow. 

Achara’s appearance mesmerized David.  He said, “You’re beautiful!”  Achara with a smile said, “You’re looking handsome too.”  They chitchatted and ate dinner. After dinner, Achara said, “Let’s go somewhere quieter.” David said, “Ok, let’s go to my room.”

Wild Sex Story: Making the Most Out of the Vacation

As soon as David and Achara reached the hotel room, Achara just jumped onto David licking his lips like there is no tomorrow. David was a bit surprised and said, “I never thought you would be that fast.”  Achara replied, “When I have a hunk like you in front of me, I don’t want to wait for long.  I have not had sex for the last 6 months.  Make me your fucking whore please!”

She went down and took out David’s cock and started sucking it. David had a big dick and so, it was going deep inside Achara’s mouth.  David started to fuck Achara’s mouth.  He also pressed her nose while his cock was in her mouth making her gasping for air. 

After that, David pulled her up and made her stand with her back facing him.  David then opened the zip of Achara’s gown and found that she was not wearing anything inside.  He said, “You know what, you are a damn sexy whore you know that, right?” Achara said, “I knew you would fuck me hard tonight.  So, I was ready to make it quick for you.  I was already wet at the restaurant!”  David did not waste any time and put his big dick into the tight pussy of Achara. 

He fucked her very hard and Achara’s body was thrashing onto the wall of the hotel with every thrust.  Achara was screaming now as she had the best orgasm in her life.   After David was done also, he said, “Wear this towel, lets go to the beach now!.” Achara said, “Now? It’s almost 1 am.”  David told, “Yes!  That's exactly why we will go.  There will be no one around.”

Wild Sex Story: Escape To Thailand, The Beach Experience

David was wearing his shorts and Achara was naked only in her towel as they were walking on the beach.  Just when they reached a spot in the beach where no one will come, without giving any notice to Achara, David pulled off her towel.  She was naked and staring at David. 

It was a full moon and the glow from the moon made the perky tits of Achara look more tempting.  David wasted no time as he felt the most delicious thing in the world was calling him.  He sucked Achara’s tits and licked it and pressed it hard. 

After that, he opened his shorts and made Achara kneel and suck his rock hard dick like never before.  This time, the mouth-fucking was not gentle; it was rough.  Achara was enjoying it as she spoke, “Now you are making me your whore.”

He pulled her hair and slapped her by saying, “Stop talking and keep sucking!”  Then he made Achara lay down on the beach. David sucked Achara’s pink pussy and fingered her hard.  Once she came, David started to fist her pussy.  Achara was moaning in ecstasy.  

But, no one could hear her moans except the waves which seemed to enjoy the scene with all its splashing sounds.  David had wanted to fist her pussy so he brought lubricant with him. After fisting her cunt, he fucked her mercilessly.  Once David ejaculated, Achara was laying there as if she was senseless. 

Wild Sex Story: The Promise

David was a bit surprised to see the animal inside him coming to the fore in front of a woman he barely knew.  He kissed Achara’s forehead.  Suddenly, Achara said, “David, you know what, this is the best sex I ever had.  Now I won’t be satisfied with any cock other than yours!”

David said, “Don’t worry my darling, it’s just the beginning.  We’ll fuck many more times.  I never felt such satisfaction after sex ever in my life.”  After that, they hugged each other and promised that even after David goes back to California, he or Achara will meet frequently and have the hottest sex.  It was not a mental attraction, but physical lust for which they were happy to admit! Davids escape to Thailand turned out to be just what he needed!

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