New #1 Hottest Eye Rolling Orgasm: She Goes Blank

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Mar 12
Eye Rolling Orgasm
Hey Pervs, An Eye Rolling Orgasm also known as an ‘Eye Roll Orgasm’ are some of the most intense scenes in Porn today. These Eye Rolling Orgasm sex scenes are almost always some of the more intense sex scenes. 


The eye rolls tell a story that the performer is really getting off.  It’s definitely a treat to see the performer enjoying herself to the point that she goes blank and can’t take it anymore.  Some may enjoy seeing the control the dominant sexual partner has over the submissive to push them to the eye rolling extreme.  It can definitively be a hot story seeing the submissive pushed to new limits.


Eye Rolling Orgasms are definitely a fetish.  Many people would consider watching an Eye Rolling Orgasm an extreme niche fetish.  This type of eye roll orgasm fetish may not be for everyone. Seeing a girl pushed to these limits of extreme pleasure may be taking it a little too far for some people.  But maybe, just maybe I can bring some of you onto the Eye Rolling Orgasm train.



Look if I’m watching porn to get off, I want my partner in this virtual sex session to be getting off too.  As men are visual creatures and seeing a performer have an Eye Rolling Orgasm is definitely visual feedback that she’s having a good time.  As the saying goes, seeing is believing. 
Whether it’s squirting, moaning or eye rolling I want to see the girl get off, and hopefully she’s getting off for real!  I challenge you to find scenes where the performer is having sex so intense that she’s having eye rolling orgasms and the scenes are faked.
Another intense modern sex niche is squirting. If you haven’t read the blog post on squirting, check it out here -> SQUIRTING

So give me those eye rolls and orgasm contractions.  As men were visual creatures, the more contractions and eye rolls the better!


In case you're new to this niche, Eye Rolls, are when the girls eyes roll up in a pleasure tsunami.  Usually accompanied with an “Oh god” and a grin from ear to ear.  It’s a feedback signal to us guys that she’s having a good time and likely getting off in a good way.
Not sure what I’m talking about, check out the two Eye Roll cut scenes:
EYE ROLL Scene 1: <click here>
EYE ROLL Scene 2: <click here>
KING PERV NEW TUMBL <click here>

Look when you see a girl's eyes roll and curl up into her head, you know you’ve hit the right spot!

There’s no denying that whatever you are doing is working.

When I see an eye roll in a video like this, I’m pretty sure she’s into it!


Eye Roll Orgasm

One of the most extreme eye roll videos out there is of Daisy Summers.  This is eye rolling eye candy!  I haven’t seen the whole scene, but if it continues like this it’s gotta be hot.  

Eye Roll Orgasm

So yea, it can be a little extreme in some of these videos.  But since we're visual creatures eye rolls sure work well for getting us off!
Whether it’s at home with your girl or on a video, eye rolling can be an instant turn on.
It’s definitely a fetish that isn’t going to be for everyone.  If you're new to this fetish I hope you explore it and know if your girls eyes are rolling back, you're doing something right!

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