Female Ejaculation or Squirting – Take Cover!

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Mar 02
Fountain Squirting

King Perv here:  Female Ejaculation or Squirting ; Some would call this the ultimate female orgasm!  Have you seen this or experienced it in your love life?


If you've never heard of this, then check Wikipedia out for a detailed scientific description: Female Ejaculation

I’m telling you there needs to be some scientific studies on the arousal this causes for us men.  

Because for me and every man I know it’s a super turn on. 

While this used to be a rare act, amazingly you can now see this now in real life!  

Female Ejaculation or Squirting – Take Cover!

Just check out our live CAM girl feeds here and look for squirter in a performers description.

There’s nothing like seeing a girl squirt to get the arousal level to 100+

How about you?


Based on the number of views of this --> NSFW VIDEO 
I feel that I have pretty good company.   It seems that every good squirter video racks up millions of hits.  
This seems to prove that us men are hypnotized by the act of a girl squirting.
As a man I think there’s an animalistic attraction to seeing a girl squirt.  
Female Ejaculation or Squirting – Take Cover!
In my opinion when we see a girl squirt our minds subliminally associate that act with the extreme pleasure we feel when we cum.
It’s gotta feel the same for them right?


When Female Ejaculation or Squirting started to get popularized in porn, I had my doubts it was real, honestly I didn’t believe it. The literature at the time, said this wasn’t possible, they were simply uh how do I say it "just peeing".

There were some blatant/ridiculous movies made of this female act.
If you ever saw one with them squirting out MILK or something that looks just like it, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

But the others, the others, hmm it wasn’t clear they were faking it.

Female Ejaculation or Squirting – Take Cover!


Female Ejaculation or Squirting – Take Cover!


After watching more than my fair share, probably hundreds of scenes. 

Lets just say I got a Squirt addiction

Man the literature must be wrong, this sure looks real.

At first I have to say it kinda made normal orgasms second class citizens and brought some additional pressure.  

What pressure?

Not only do I need to make her cum, now I need to make her squirt!

I need to bring her the ultimate squirting orgasm, at least that’s what I first thought in my mind.

A ridiculous idea, but hey, it sure looked like fun!

Unfortunately I soon learned that not every woman wants to be a squirter or even try it for that matter.

Obviously they didn’t know what they were missing.

Female Ejaculation or Squirting – Take Cover!

It was my job as male to teach them.

Well I must not be a good teacher, as I got some WTF looks and responses.  Even with the girls that were into trying to squirt, I just didn't have any success.  


Woman with a flower in her mouth


That is,,,,

Until I met a girl who was a natural squirter.
Not only could this girl squirt, it was easy for her.

Finally after watching all of those scenes, I had my verification, this is real, and some girls just seem to be naturals.

So the answer to my question above, “Is This Real”, yes it is, but not every girl is a squirter.
Today things are different you can find a ton of toys designed to help you find that ultimate female orgasm.   Tools like these shaped to help you find the spot that helps her explode.  
Female Ejaculation or Squirting – Take Cover!


Maybe if I had toys like these I would have been more successful in my early endeavors.
Female Ejaculation or Squirting – Take Cover!


Today I now know that being close to your lover is more important than the visual act of squirting, not every girl, or every relationship needs to have squirting in it,,,, but it is a hell of a lot of FUN!

Female Ejaculation or Squirting – Take Cover!

Have you found yourself a squirter?

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