September 18


Flash Look at Amazing Riley Reid at 19 Yrs Old and Present

By KingPerv

September 18, 2020

Hey Pervs, if you're into hot little spinners like I am, then Ashley Mathews aka Riley Reid may have your number! This hot little minx takes on the big boys and leaves them wanting more.


Riley is one of the most popular porn stars today.  You won't find a tighter small ass in the industry.  She's also a previous Performer of The Year winner.  She knows how to get down and dirty with the top porn-stars today.

Come along as we take a look at Riley past and present.

Riley Reid Introduction

Riley Reid was born in Florida and started out on the wild side by briefly entertaining  a career as a stripper before entering the porn industry.  Who wouldn’t have wanted to be that pole she was riding in that strip club?  Her cute smile and kicking body can give any mans cock fits. She reminds me of a hot cheerleader we all want to bed.  Lucky for us Riley chose a career where we get to experience what it's like taking her  to bed any time of the day.  

Riley's Body

Although Riley Reid's body may be a disappointment if you're a large tit lover, she exceeds expectations though if you're an tight ass lover!  

Her cute ass is just to die for!  

Given the chance any of us would want to spank it!

riley reid sex


Lucky for us, Riley quickly pivoted to the porn industry at the age of 19 using the stage name of “Paige Riley” and took the adult industry by storm.  Riley has won multiple XBIZ and AVN awards.  Last count I have is that she’s been nominated 56 times and has taken home an award 23 times!  So you know she’s giving A+ effort in her sex scenes.  

Riley Reid Sex Preferences

Riley is up for almost anything and can be found doing (Anal, 3 Ways, Lesbian, Straight Hardcore and Gang-bangs).  She can also give one mean blow job!   It’s amazing the pounding that her little spinner body can take! Riley isn’t scared to take on any BWC or BBC.  Watching her take some of these cocks, is a sight to behold.  Riley Reid is still killing it today in hardcore sex scenes.  Her amazing little body is a FAP trap.  Once you start you aren’t going to stop!  

You can find some of her hottest high quality scenes here: Riley Reid 19 Years Old

Lucky for us pervs I have some hot clips from when she just got into the business and some of her latest A+ material.  So let’s roll back the clock and start with a visit to some of her early 19 year old teen fucking machine material.

From what I can see Riley has aged like fine wine through the years and she still get’s my cock rock hard these days.

Riley’s official Instagram channel is here :

Riley Reid Scenes

Early Work:

It’s So Fucking Hot”, 2011, 19 years old

In this video we are treated to a just off the fuck bus 19 year old Riley Reid.  One thing you’ll notice right away is the dirty blond hair!   Her sleek auburn hair hasn’t arrived yet. Lucky for us her cute ass and smile are there.  

Take a look at the screenshot below and tell me you wouldn’t want to eat that little thing up!

Click Her Ass For More

Are you horny pervs ready to dive in? Then take a look at that fine 19 year old shaved pink pussy staring back at you saying come and get me big boy!  

Let me be your fuck toy!

riley reid porn

CLICK her Sweet Pink Honey Hole for More Riley Reid

Here’s another screen shot and I think Riley just looks so fucking hot here. 

Definitely a little devil!

riley reid

Click Those Perky Tits For More

I know we have MILF, maybe we need a new term for girls like Riley “SPILF” - Spinners I’d like to Fuck! Haha  Hell I know I want to spill my nut juice all over her!

Enjoy the screenshots and clips below from her early work and click on then if you want more hot Riley Reid action.


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Latest Works:

“Riley Reid Dresses Up Like an Elf Who Loves to Fuck and Squirt”, 2020

Nine years later we find Riley with a more mature but still kicking spinner body.  If anything she’s just as hot or hotter than back in 2011 when she got into the business.  Now with some experience under her belt she knows how to WORK a COCK instead of getting WORKED by a COCK.

She can drain any mans nut juice like a pro!   

The plot of this scene isn’t very deep, basically Riley is cos playing and Erik Everhard decides he’s going to get into the XMAS spirit also and give this little ELF the gift of his hard cock to play with.


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I hope you enjoyed this flashback and flash forward of our little dynamite spinner Riley Reid.  She still has the goods and that fine ass and cute smile any spinner lover would fall for.  Her petite body type isn’t for everyone, but if your into her type she definitely has what your looking for.

Check some of the hottest scenes and flash back here for $1 Dollar, it’ll be the best dollar you ever spent!  I guarantee you that. Click Here to Spend A Dollar On Riley Reid Teen Porn.

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