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By KingPerv | Live Site Review

Mar 09
Free Sex Tube

Free Sex Tubes, Welcome to the Digital Porn Revolution!


King Perv Here,  Live sex cams are great, but we are now in a Digital Porn revolution!  First there was the industrial revolution, glad I missed it. Fuck that shit!   Now we're living in the Digital Porn revolution and I’m glad I’m here for it. 

First there was the industrial revolution, glad I missed it.  Fuck that shit!  Now we're living in the Free Sex Tube Digital Porn revolution and I’m glad I’m here for it.  Seems like it’s a horny man’s wet dream come true.  

Look we all need access to a top porn site, to yank one out once in awhile watching the hottest smut on the internet. Time to come clean and wash that lotion off of your hands.  

We all do it on one porn site or another.  The leaders of this digital porn revolution today of the best porn sites are Free Sex Tube Porn sites.  

Come on there is no best porn site or best free porn site!

Hey some of us don’t want to spend one dollar for access to a top porn site and sometimes we want to check out the talent a little first before committing.  That is where free porn tube sites come in and why we're always on the lookout for the best free porn sites on the internet.   

So what is the best porn for you?  

Free Porn of course, that’s an easy answer.  I’m sure some of you would also say it’s Free Porn.  It’s just fucking magical that we now have all of this free porn at our fingertips.  Consequently I cancelled my Fyretv porn subscription as free sex tube sites have made it obsolete.  

With these free sex tube sites I can stream whatever I want whenever I want into my house.  Today there’s definitely nothing like having a free sex tube site at your finger tips ready to stream you free porn in HD with that hot and nasty MILF porn, Asian Porn, XXX MILF, Amateur Porn or whatever your into that day.  

The free porn tubes are definitely the fastest and easiest way to find what you're looking for quickly.   Amazingly there’s over 2,000 of these free porn tube sites on the internet, covering every Kink or Perversion you have.  On top of it all, some of these sites have full length porn movies available.


Undoubtedly we all get off on a variety of different porn.  Some of my favorites are MILF Porn, Asian Porn and Eye Roll Porn.  With hundreds of categories to choose from these top porn sites really bring it.  

Sometimes it’s a little overwhelming, and the content can vary widely from one video to another, that is why the giant tube sites are not always the top porn sites or the best porn sites.  

The generalized tube porn sites like Pornhub.com are good, but if you already know what your looking for, there are niche tube sites also that feature content like cum facials, MILF’s, and anal gaping.  I’ll cover some of them later below in detail!

Porn Tube Kings of the Jungle

The current kings of the tube jungle are sites like PornHub.com, Xvideos and xHamster.  The best porn sites feature almost every kind of porn from (Porn Milf, Squirting, Asian Porn, Incest Scenes, XXX Milf,  Black Out’s, 18+  and secret taboo fantasies).  

These porn tube kings have thousands of these Free Porn videos categorized by niches with all the hot wet pussy you want to see in glorious HD and even 3D.  The king porn tube sites feature amateur porn alongside premium content.  With premium top porn site content from Brazzers, Girls do Porn, MILF.com, Broken Teens and Brutal Clips you're going to find what you're looking for.  

Rest assured if you are into it, they likely have it. Today the best free porn site if you go by visitors alone is PornHub.com. PornHub.com receives over 115 million visitors daily with billions of visitors a year. Talk about serving up some internet smut!  We are definitely a horny bunch.  I certainly recommend checking out the porn tube Porn Hub or one of the other tube kings.  

You're not going to leave disappointed! 


On top of it all,  Pornhub.com has a Premium membership that gives you unlimited access to full length videos not found on their free sex tube porn site.  Pornhub premium has thousands of hours of exclusive video content you get with your membership, you’ll also get rid of those annoying ads that the free sex tube pushes.  

Pornhub has partnered with some of the major studios like Reality Kings, Nubile Films, Kink.com, Digital Playground, Teen Fidelity, Vixen and Team Skeet. Your membership gives you full access to the full length content from these studios.

Features of Pornhub premium are:

  • Faster Streaming - get your porn quicker!
  • New HD Porn Videos added Daily - Fresh Content
  • Over 13 thousand full feature DVD’s
  • Higher Speed Downloads 
  • 24 Hour Customer Support
  • Roku Pornhub App
  • Ability to Cancel at Any time, no long term lock in

All of the above for a reasonable price of 9.99 a month.

Pornhub.com may rule the roost, but there are some great up and cummers pushing the porn free sex tube market forward.


Enough about the Porn tube Kings, let’s talk about some of the Free Sex Tube niche warriors that can get you what you want and get it to you quicker! Yea being the largest free sex tube site, doesn't mean your the best tube site in all cases.

The great thing about these niche sites is that they offer more of what you want quicker.  Sometimes it’s just a pain in the ass to have to search through tons of low quality videos on Pornhub.  A better option is to jump over to a curated niche tube site that has categories already setup for what you want to spank it to, ready and primed for delivery.  

Let’s check out some of these free sex tube warriors,


First up on our Free Sex Tube spank hit list is:  Wankmap.com

free sex tube

free sex tube - CLICK ME - free sex tube

The first thing I noticed when loading up Wankmap.com, besides the hot curated HD content is the killer fast streaming speed.  Wankmap.com appears to have a super fast server stack.  

 I’m not sure how they have accomplished this, but I’m thoroughly impressed.  You see it’s a pet peeve of mine to have to sit around and wait for wank content to buffer.  Who the fuck wants to sit around with their dick in their hands while the video buffers/pauses or freezes! That is just a pop off killer. 

Intelligent Recommendations

After killer speed, Wankmap.com has a really slick and intuitively simple interface with all of their porn organized into over a hundred categories.  With such easy to find smut, you’ll have no problem finding what you want to rip one off quickly.  Wankmap.com also features super categories for Pornstars, Recommended, Best and New.  

free sex tube

free sex tube - CLICK ME - free sex tube

We all have our favorite Pornstars and having some of their best scenes at our fingertips is just fucking great.  Jump over to Wankmap.com and check out “Manu Swan” and see what I’m talking about.  Her big natural TIT’s are just killer and not to be missed.  NEVER MIND that she seems to be an ANAL queen.

I reached out to the team at Wankmap.com for a deeper dive and a lot of their points are in alignment with what I found, so it’s nice to see that they are putting a premium on the interface and speed.

"Wankmap is a new porn tube with millions of free porn videos in every category you can think of. It has a very simple, clean design and loads fast. The search results are pretty good, but the best feature is the related videos. They're really accurate! Also, once you watch a video or two, you'll see recommendations for more videos like the ones you've been watching. It's a nice feature. The only problem with Wankmap is that all the videos are embedded from other sites, so you could find all of these videos if you just went to pornhub. Overall though, it's a pretty solid tube site!

Wankmap.com Team

While you may be able to find all of these videos on Pornhub or other sites, I have to give props to the Wankmap.com team as their site makes it way easier to find that smut you're looking for.


  • Fast Fucking Site
  • Nice Interface
  • Smart Recommendations
  • Video Preview when Highlighted


  • No Original Content
  • Lack of Bells and Whistles, do I really need a social group to whack it?
Wankmap.com scores a Peter Meter reading of Fully Erect!

Check Wankmap.com Out!


Next up is Free Sex Tube: Lets Jerk.is

Ok a name I can get into!  LetsJerk.is is certainly on point, that’s why we're here. No sense hiding it.  When I first pulled up this site it looked very promising.   The front page is loaded with lots of A+ porn scenes and this seems to be their main draw.  

LetsJerk Homepage

free sex tube - CLICK ME - free sex tube

The category drop down is nice and fast and to top it off they have a filter drop down for the major studios like Bang Bros, Brazzers, Blacked, Teem Skeet  and New Sensations. Top shelf content streaming for free,  That ain't half bad.  

Now after looking around some more I’m sure they are not licensed for this content.  These aren’t short clips the top studios put out for promotion.   I’m not here to be the internet policeman.  It’s nice to have somewhere to check out this top quality content before you subscribe. Unfortunately things get a little shaky from there.


free sex tube

best sex tubes - CLICK ME - best sex tubes

If you stop at the front page and don’t look under the covers you may be able to live with letsjerk.is.  The front page has a fair share of great top shelf porn when you pull it up.

Unfortunately for us they have gone to great lengths to monetize the site.  When you click on a video you're forced to watch whatever ad they feel like showing.  I guess for some that may not be a major downer for some, but with my cock in my hand, I don’t want to watch some Anime rabbit fuck a guy hung like a donkey.  

When I clicked the video with the hot chick on it,  I really was not signing up for Anime bestiality video ads.  I don’t mind the ads on the sides of the site or on the bottom,  Hey we all have to make a living, but making me sit through an ad for every video when I’m searching for something stroke worthy is a pain in the ass.  


To top it off, after I wait through the ad, letsjerk.is really fails on my number one pet peeve and that's performance.  The site is slow to stream and buffers like crazy, nothing like being ready to pop one off and get the buffering circle of flaccidity.  

If you don’t like what’s on the first page and go dumpster diving into their catalog, you’ll run into a slew of broken links.  It seems like the first page is where they make their money.   After that it’s a hot mess of a treasure hunt to find what your looking for.

I guess there is a place for sites like free sex tube letsjerk.is, you can get a preview of some top studio content, but it comes at a price, a price I’m not willing to pay.  If your desperate to see some Reality Kings content in HD without paying for it, this site may be your ticket.  

But you better have lots of lotion to get you through all of those pauses from the sites buffering.  Your wife may wonder why your in the bathroom for 2 hours!

Pro’s :  

  • Top Studio Content
  • Well it’s free, and sometimes you get what you pay for


  • Slow, Slow, Buffering hell
  • Broken Links
Unfortunately with the broken links, LetsJerk.is gets a King Perv Peter Meter score of SEMI - FLACCID.

Our Last Free Sex Tube warrior is Pornky.com, well there really not an up and comer, they have been around for a while, but I love their name!  


Pornky’s landing page is clean and efficient, nothing earth shattering, but this site like Wankmap.com is snappy and gets you to the porn you want right away. Not sure if they read my mind or what, but the number one video they bring up is of a girl squirting like no tomorrow, one of my favorites!

Pornky Homepage


Unlike our last free sex tube site, there's no ad train before each video.  I was able to jump right into the video I searched for.   I really appreciate that Pornky.com offers a high number of categories to choose smut from.  Unfortunately not all of the categories on Pornky.com are filtered well.  For instance in the sex toy category they have a mix of fucking and toys.  This is one area the site could improve on.

One of the categories I found interesting was for Russian smut.  It appears Pornky.com has some Russian smut fans behind it.  This category has great quality Russian porn.  

The Russian smut their serving up is HD QUALITY, and definitely worth checking out.  I sure checked out my share.  Looking at the babes behind the iron curtain, I can see why they wanted to keep them all for themselves.

The gang at Pornky.com have gone the extra mile with engaging with their users and attempting to make their site stand out from the free sex tube pack, their site has some decent bells and whistles.

Pros: Nice Touches

  • Thumbs up and thumbs down rating system,
  • Downloading movies in different qualities depending on your need (Nice!)
  • Comments for Registered Users
  • Ability to Save Favorites
  • Send to a Friend (who the fuck uses this?) Sick grandpa’s at the nursing home?
  • Full Featured videos from Major Studios
  • High Quality Video

Cons: Not So Nice 

  • Pornky.com launches ads in the background when you select a video, not the worst kind of ad spam,  but still annoying.  Certainly better than having to watch it before you get into your porn.
  • Weak filtering for categories, kind of a mixed bag.

One of the more interesting features is the ability to change media players.  I tried this feature a few times and although I could not tell a difference in quality when changing players, it stands to reason that this might help if you are in a low bandwidth situation, or are dealing with port blocking at your ISP.

I can’t say for sure, if you have any experience with this leave a comment below, I’m interested in hearing feedback on the change player feature.

Overall Free Sex Tube Pornky.com has a good selection of content, is responsive and not overly pushy with ads.  The only ad I could find are the background launches of ads when you view a video.  A decent ad blocker would take care of this.  

Pornky.com is definitely a stable free sex tube that delivers lots of high quality content quickly and without delay.

Pornky.com gets a fully erect reading on the Peter Meter.

Check Free Sex Tube Pornky.com out!


Each of these three free sex tube sites has something unique to offer.  


I really appreciate the speedy responsiveness of WankMap.com and the curating of their catalog items combined with the intelligence in their recommendation engine, they should call it WANK-AI.   


If you're looking to try out some videos from the major studios on the cheap letsjerk.is may be what you're looking for, if you are of ok with the buffering circle of flaccidity.


Brings the social bells and whistles to the tube community along with a fast streaming experience.  Pornky.com is definitely worth checking out as it's a FAST stable Free Sex Tube, if just for the somewhat rare high quality Russian porn.

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