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How Exceptionally Good is Free 8Muses.com? A Review

By Guest Perv

April 1, 2020

Hey Pervs,  Finding a good adult comic website is very tough.  Most of the sites you find will not have contents worth jerking off to.  You want the website to have contents that are erotic and sensual with exquisite storytelling that will compel you to open up your zip and literally start the ‘five knuckle shuffle’. 


However, 8muses.com is a terrific place to find hot and steamy porn comics that will make your little friend stand up instantly. This website has an excellent collection of adult comics that can make your nuts empty.  Now, you will be wondering how good is 8muses?  Should you pay a visit and spend your precious time on this site?  

So, let’s dig deep and review 8muses comprehensively. 

Homepage of 8Muses

While reviewing an adult website, it is important to begin from the homepage because it is where you will land first after entering the web address.  So, let’s have a detailed analysis of the homepage of 8muses.  When you come to the website for the first time, you will see its collection straightaway without wasting your time. 

8muses homepage


It has got a plethora of adult comics in which you can devour and satisfy your thirst.  The primary navigation tool for 8muses is categories.  Here is an interesting thing that you should know about 8muses and that is, the contents are categorized as per the publishers of the adult comics.  There are many publishers that you can select such as (FAKKU, SHADBASE, MILFTOON, EXPANSIONFAN, REDEROTICA, MCC), and much more. 

So, to explore the publisher’s contents, you just have to click on the thumbnail and you will see plenty of content appearing on your screen.  For a holistic review, let’s pick the MILFTOON category and dig deep to check how good is 8muses comics.  So, what will you see after clicking on the category? 

It is time to move into the library of 8muses. 

A Quick Trip to 

the Erotic Library of 8Muses

The MILFTOON category has a range of publications.  When you click a category, you will find a list of publications from the publisher.  Let’s pick the “After Party” series because the sight of a matured woman with big tits, sitting on the dick of a young boy in reverse cowgirl position with another man watching them in action is something that will charge your cock up. 

When you click on the “Issue 1”, you will reach a page in which you will see all the images of that publication.  You can click on the image you want to read and the image will open and you can start reading the comic.  The story-lines of each of the comics are so juicy and erotic that you just can’t but take your dick out and empty your nuts instantly. 

One of the striking things about 8 muses is that all of the adult comics of this website are locally hosted.  When you visit most of the websites for porn comics, you will be directed to a third-party website where the comics will be hosted or you will get a torrent file that you need to download to read the porn comic.  Well, it is a frustrating thing to do for sure. 

But, you will not have to do that to read comics in 8mueses.  Their library of adult comics is terrific and it is highly recommended that you go through the series “After Party” because you will love the size of the tits of the MILF and the story-line is also very sensual enough to drain your nuts. 

A Look at 

the Other Options at 8Muses

One of the common things about most of the adult comics websites is the links to other websites . However, you will not find this problem with 8Muses because, on this website, there are very few links that will direct you to another website.  It is something that will make you very happy.  Apart from this, here are some of the striking additional sections of 8muse to enhance your porn comics reading experience. 

Recently Updated

The “Recently Updated” section of 8muses is something that enhances your experience. You don’t have to go through all the categories in the websites to find new publications.  If you are looking to find newer 8muses comics to jerk off, then you can click on this option. You will be able to find the recent publications on this website. (Note: At the time of reviewing the website, there was no new content on the website for the last 7 days.)

More Content

Another useful section of this website is “More Content”.  

8 muses - CLICK ME A PICTURE FOR MORE - 8 muses

Here, you will find more adult comics which are a good option to have. 

 Some of the categories you will find in this section:

  • Various Authors
  • Fakku
  • Hentai in English
  • And much more!

You can surely pay a visit and explore the wide range of collection of porn comics 8 muses have on this section. It will be an erotic experience for sure if you are a hentai fan.


You will be surprised when you visit the “Forum” section of 8muses because this section is very active. The thing that will make you happy is that you don’t have to sign up to check out the forum although it is free of cost to sign up.  So, you will not be giving away any information while lurking in the forum section.  The popular section of this forum is ‘Western Art and Comics’.  Also, you can find “Hentai and Manga” as well. 

Content Sorting Options at 8Muses

You can also sort contents at 8muse.com.  You get various options through which you will be able to find contents on this website. 

These options are:

  • Views: You will be able to view contents with most views with this sorting option.
  • Likes: You can find the most popular and liked porn comics by other readers.
  • Date: You can check out the latest porn comics on 8muses with this option.
  • A-Z: You can sort the contents alphabetically with this option.

Problems Some Visitors Might Face while Browsing 8Muse

Now, 8muses.com is a wonderful website for reading porn comics and emptying your balls.  However, if you like to download porn comics and save it on your device, then you will find disappointment because there is no such option.  Of course, you can save the image, but you will not get a zip file which is a convenient way to get the entire comic in one place. 

Meanwhile, many readers will not see it as a problem because they would not want to store porn comics on their system.  Another problem is that the search option of this website is very, very limited and it is something that 8muses will have to pay attention to enhance user experience. 

Review in a Nutshell


  • Porn comics are free
  • A large 8muses giantess collection
  • A nice collection of 8muses mcc comics
  • Easy to navigate interface


  • No recent uploads (At the time of writing the review)
  • Limited searching features
  • Ads placements hampering user experience

The Bottom Line

After reviewing 8muses.com, it is fair to say that the website has some flaws but they are negligible.  The overall experience of exploring porn comics on this website is phenomenal.  You will get an erection not only because of the pictures in the comics but also because of the storylines.  

Therefore, 8muses.com is a website that you can visit to empty to your nuts by reading adult comics whenever you feel horny.

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