April 22


How Good is AdultSearch.Com for Finding a Perfect 10 Escort?

By KingPerv

April 22, 2020

Hey Pervs, Got Blue Balls?  I may have a solution.  It's fair to say that Finding Escorts near your place instantly is a difficult job unless you have her number.  Most of us will not have the contact number of an escort handy.  So when you need one desperately what will you do?  You can visit a website like adultsearch.com.


Reviewing an escort listing website like this can be a tough job haha, not that tough,  because you don’t really know from where to start.  However, we are up for the challenge and will review adultsearch.com comprehensively.  After reading this adult search review, you pervs will know whether you should book an escort from here or not. 

Overview of AdultSearch.Com

Before we start the review, let’s give you an overview of the adult search site.  First of all, it is important to understand that if you are hiring an escort; it does not mean that she will provide you with sexual services although many escorts would.  There are places around the world where such sexual services are deemed illegal.  But, lucky for us pervs in many countries, hiring escorts for sexual pleasures is legal.

This adult search site works as a link between the people who are looking for escorts and escorts who are looking for clients.  It is basically a listing site for escorts where you have plenty of options for finding the right one for you.  However, before you jump into this site with a thought of banging a hot babe from the listings of adult search, make sure that it is legal in your area. 

The Homepage of AdultSearch.Com

Adult Search Homepage


When you log into AdultSearch.Com, the first page you will see is the homepage.  If you are expecting a hot babe with big ass and large tits to welcome you, then you will be in for a surprise because there is nothing like it.  The first appearance might shock you because there is no sign of any hot babe except the word escort which indicates that you will find escorts from this adult search site. 

Just above the logo of the adult search website in the header section, you will find two links, one for shemale escorts and the other for camgirls.  Both the links will take you to another website.  So, let’s not get into that.  On the top-left part of the header, you will find options for sign up, member login, and escort advertising.  So, if you are an escort, then you can click it to get your listing done. 


After that, you will see the list of cities from where adult search escorts are listed. Your mind may go bonkers when you see the number of cities listed there.  If you think you will find escorts from only the United States, then you are in for a big surprise because they have cities from all over the world.  From the US to Canada, to Australia, to the Philippines, they have cities from most of the countries.  Their listings are covering all the continents around the world.  However, when we are reviewing this, we did not find Russia on the list which is sad because you know Russian girls are sexy and a treat to have in bed. 

Let’s move on from this disappointment and focus on the site in hand.  If you are someone who loves to travel and want to fuck girls from the country where you are travelling, then this adult search site can help you.  You will find escorts from the city where you are staying.  You just have to contact and book the service and you are all set for a banging session.

So, it is a very handy website.

Another beautiful thing about this site is they have options like “Report Trafficking” in the footer section which is a great option to stop illegal matters.  Moreover, they follow RCA which is a very good thing.  All in all, from the homepage point of view, this adult search website is excellent. 

Find Escorts with Ease at AdultSearch.Com

Now, let’s see what happens when you click on a location presented on the homepage.  We clicked California. 

adult search


What we found out after visiting the page of the city was very much surprising.  We thought we might get a huge collection of escorts listed for the location of California. 

However, what we found was more than that.

First of all, we found a link that will take us to a list of escorts in California.  However, after clicking it, we found that it was a page where you will be able to find escort according to the areas in California which are quite cool.  You will find escorts for almost all the areas in California.  It is same for all the places listed on the homepage. 

Apart from the escorts, we found a listing for TS Escorts, Body Rubs, and M4M Escorts.  So, you are getting an escort according to your preference.  Also, you will find information regarding the Erotic Massage Parlor, Strip Clubs, Sex Shops, Sex Clubs, Nudist Colonies, and much more.  In fact, they have sex forums for every region and that is a great thing.  You get to know many people from these forums. 

Escorts Listed at AdultSearch.Com

Now, you will be interested to know about the escorts listed in the adultsearch.  We opened many profiles and we must admit all of the escorts we found are very impressive.  Many profiles have a picture of the body of the escort and the face is blurred which is very understandable because of the safety of these ladies.  But, many escorts are not afraid to show their faces and they are very pretty. 

If you see the amazing figures of these escorts, you will for sure not struggle to get an erection!  



adult search


These girls are hot and I'm sure you horny pervs would be eager to have them in your bed.  Also, if you read their bio, it is written in a naughty and slutty language.  It is the same for most of the escorts and it will allure you to contact them.  Also, you can filter your search according to their ethnicity, language, hair color, eye color, type of their services, and much more.  It will definitely help you to find the right escort for you to fulfill your fetish. 

Now, listing in this website for escorts is not free.  You will have to pay a small fee if you want to get listed as an escort in adult search. However, the free adult search is available for those who are looking to find escorts here.  So, it is a nice thing if you are looking for a gorgeous woman to fuck. 

Positive Points about AdultSearch.Com

Worldwide Escorts

The best thing according to us about this website is the availability of escorts worldwide.  So, wherever you are in the world, you might find escorts in your area.  Well, the number of escorts available might vary a bit, but, you will at least find a sexy babe to spend some kinky times with. 

More Than Just Finding Escorts

This website is more than just finding escorts for sure.  You are getting information about various places and things you can do for sexual adventure.  So, it is a handy site to bookmark in your device if you are looking for a sexual adventure near you. 

Easy to Find Escorts

If you use this site to find escorts, you will find the right one quite easily. That is what you would want from a site for searching escorts.  It is definitely among the top sites for finding escorts from our experience. 

Fast Fuck Finder

Look there's nothing worse than having a hard on you want to find some lovin for and you hit a website that performs like it's 1987.   You won't find that here at AdultSeach.com.  The site is extremely fast and satisfying.

Some Problems with AdultSearch.Com

Some Cities Don’t Have Escorts

You will find that some cities don’t have any escort listed.  It is a problem because if you belong to those cities, then you will find it disappointing.  Also, if you see the chicks listed here in other cities, you will feel demoralized not to have one to fuck. 

The Homepage is Too Simple

The homepage of the website will not give you any indication that it is a site to find escorts because there is no picture of a hot babe.  However, it can be a blessing in disguise for many. 

Our Review in a Nutshell


  • Escorts from all over the world
  • Can find many other things than just escorts
  • Easy to search for escorts
  • Vast filter options available for the exact search of escorts


  • Some cities don’t even have escorts listed
  • The homepage is too simple without any picture of a hot babe

The Final Verdict

Finally, we have to admit that adultsearch.com is a great site to search for escorts. It gives you plenty of options for escorts according to your region. However, in some cities, you may not find any escorts listed unfortunately.

It will not take anything away from the overall experience we had on this website. So, if you are looking for an escort to satisfy your sexual desires, the adult search is definitely a site where you can visit to schedule some fun times.

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