Question #1, How Good is Free Shadbase.Com? A Review

By KingPerv | Adult Site Review

Apr 10

Hey Fellow Pervs,  When you feel horny and have your dick in your hands, you want something great to unload your balls with.  Watching porn at times can get monotonous. Sometimes, you want to change your taste.   None of us want to eat the same food for the entire week. So, why should you make your nuts eat the same food to get empty?


Reading porn comics and watching porn cartoons can be exciting too.  Especially, if you see fine asses and inviting role-play,  Your imagination will have you putting your dick inside those buttholes fucking madly.  When it comes to taking porn comics and cartoons to the very next level, is a website that is pioneering it. 

It is a controversial website that can challenge your concept of porn at every level and take porn cartoons and comics to an unimaginable height.  If you have never read porn comics or cartoons, then this website can make you a fan of it. 

So, here is a comprehensive review of shadbase.

Shadman: The Artist and Creator

So, let’s begin the review with the creator of shadbase.  His name is Shaddai Prejean, a Swedish guy with lots of fame and popularity online.  This guy is famous for his drawing and it is quite fair to say that his drawings have no limit as far as porn drawings are concerned. From a hot and sexy shemale with juicy butts to crazy animals, Shadman knows his game well.  You can guess his popularity by looking at the number of followers he has on subreddit. Over 50K people follow shadbase reddit.  It is true to say that when it comes to hentai, he is a master of this craft. However, he also gets criticized a lot for his character choice. 

The Big Taboo About Shadman

In many countries, underage pornography is deemed as illegal. If you belong to such a country, then it is better not to visit this website because some of its content might offend you. It is not a place to argue about the ethics and morality of underage pornographic contents.

However, it is fair to say that Shadman, at times, does cross the line. He has created a name for himself by creating xxx drawings of underage girls that resemble real-life girls which is offensive to many people. However, instead of being judgmental of his works, this review is an attempt to make you aware of why he receives some negative reaction from a section of his audience. 

The Homepage of Shadbase.Com

Shadbase Homepage


Enough of the back story and now, let’s get down to the real deal, the shadman website. First, let’s check the homepage of the website. When you open the website, you will see a disclaimer at the top section of the homepage that will inform you that the characters you see on the website are the creation of Shadman and suitable for people of 18+ years. After that, you will see the most recent content created by Shadman like any normal website.  

Shadman is a crazy dude because he has his Twitch streams embedded to his website. Surprisingly, he is yet to get banned from Twitch because of this.

Header Section of Shadbase.Com

When you move your attention to the header section, you will see many links such as shadman archive, subscription options, videos, non-porn contents, forum, and a shop to buy Shadbase’s merchandise.  When you click on archives, you will see links with images that will take you to pinups, traps, comics, and animation.  Now, Shadman has justified his shenanigans with the ‘traps’ section.  When you click on it, you will see sexy girls with big and meaty butts, perfect thighs, and big titties, but, they have a penis.  However, even the penis of those girls may not stop a horny man from fucking the buttholes of such juicy chicks. 


Back to the exploration again and now, if you can bring your concentration back from the big butts of such sexy girls drawn by Shadman, you will find that the first content in traps archive was uploaded way back in 2011.  You have to give credit to a man who has devoted close to 9 years of his life in creating and uploading porn cartoons.  Shadman is an interesting character who sees no limit when it comes to creating porn characters. 

Rule 34 of Shadman

Rule 34 of Shadman explains one simple thing and that is if anything exists, it is possible to make porn with it.  Well, executing such a rule laid down by Shadman requires skill, dedication, creativity, and a perception of art.  So, credit should go to Shadman for making characters that are adorable and sensual.  He can turn any character into a sexy and meaty babe who can get you shooting balls instantly.

shadbase review

rule 34 - CLICK ME - rule 34

Another notable part of this website is the collection of lesbian comics.  In hentai, it is known as Yuri.  Now, many people may not like lesbian contents but when you are feeling horny and have two sexy lesbian cartoon chicks doing their act, it will be more than enough to get the ball rolling. 

Video Shenanigans of Shadman

One of the smartest things that Shadman has done with this website is the video section. Technically speaking, this section is a part of the website.  However, when you click the link, it will take you to the YouTube channel of Shadbase.  You will be able to see how Shadman creates his cartoons and if you are an aspiring hentai artist, it is a perfect place to learn and improve your craft. 

Some Problems with Shadbase.Com

It is time to discuss the negative aspects of shadbase.  No website is absolutely perfect and if you notice and observe this website properly, you will be able to bring out certain negative things about the website. After going through the entire website, here are some negative aspects of

Controversial Contents

If underage contents offend you, then you may have a hard time visiting this website because there is plenty of it.  Also, the things shown with underage girls may blow your head off.  It may not be a negative thing for some but for those coming from countries where underage porn is banned; it will be a hugely negative aspect of this website. 

Security Issues

When you are browsing a website, you should look at whether the website has an SSL certificate or not.  The absence of an SSL/TLS certificate will mean the site is not encrypted and you should think twice before presenting any sensitive data of yours to the website.  As people view porn as a negative thing, it can be an issue for some. 

Lacks Frequent Updates

If you are expecting to see frequent uploads of shadbase xxx on this website, then you will face disappointment.  You have to understand that Shadman is running the website individually and he is creating artworks.  So, he understandably focuses on the quality of his work rather than quantity.  So, for those who want to see quality contents, it should not be an issue. 

The Review of Shadbase.Com in a Nutshell


  • Commendable artworks
  • Close to 9 years of experience and still running
  • Free hentai
  • Challenges existing concepts of porn


  • SSL/TLS certificate is missing
  • Controversial contents
  • Lacks frequent posts

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you have got a fair idea of what it would be like to spend your time shacking your balls by browsing and reading comics at  The talent of Shadman has to be appreciated because the characters he created are stunning.  His level of imagination and the craft of putting it on paper is something that will astonish you.  He is an incredible manga creator and if you like such stuff, then paying a visit to Shadbase.Com will be worthwhile. 

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