How I Found A Sexy Perfect 10 Stranger In My Bed?

By KingPerv | Adult Stories

Mar 30
Stranger In My Bed

Stranger In My Bed ; I woke up naked lying there in my bed.  As I turn over, I see a guy who I barely know in my bed.  I tried to recall his name but couldn't!  As I tried to get up with the sheets, he was naked too and I saw his enormous dick!


Well, I wouldn't have minded one more session with that inside me.  Keeping the thought aside, I started getting dressed when he finally woke up.   The stranger in my bed!

Stranger In My Bed, Guess What He Said? 

Hey sexy, you were magical yesterday!  Want to make this morning beautiful?  I was shocked to my core but yet I gathered some words and said - "okay, let's pretend you didn't say that!  Who are you anyways?"  I said that holding my head which was swirling around and aching too much.

Not really what I expected but the gentleman got up and got me a tea. Though, I was drooling over him, I had to know whom I had sex with. Then, he finally says "you must be drunk when you messaged me to come over!".

Stranger In My Bed

Did I Actually Call Him? 

As it turned out, he was the repercussion of a dating app misshaping! Even though I love such random hookups.  I regretted that I didn't even know his name.  While he was cooking us breakfast, being an alluring gentleman, I opened up our chat to know something about him.  Well, he had some steamy hot pictures which must have made me swipe right for him.  Then, the night seemed to be coming back to me.

Stranger In My Bed

Did We Really Fuck? 

As I started recalling the previous night, I remembered myself making out with somebody.  Well, that somebody wasn't the one cooking in my kitchen.  In fact, it was my girl best friend! We were at a party where we got to talking and expressed how we wanted to do some crazy stuff.

That included sex with a girl once in a lifetime.  Well, as we both had the similar wish, we started kissing.  In a minute, she was all over me, caressing my tits and vagina.  For the first time ever, somebody actually knew their way through my body.  It seemed perfect and I wanted to do it again and again.  

As soon as I got on her, we saw somebody making a video. She freaked out and went out of the room.  Though, I wanted to continue ahead, I feared that somebody would leak that video in public. I tried guessing who it might be but couldn't. 

Stranger In My Bed

Did We Get Back Together? 

If only I had a little more time with her to explain and express how perfect it felt with her.  I already had an emotional connection with her which now had sexual attraction as well. Now I never imagined but I was very sure that I might be interested in both males and females.  As this was all crossing my mind, everybody's phone at the party rings altogether as they received a message.  Yes, that message was the video of both of us.  

My girl couldn't take the embarrassment and left for home.  I was shattered too but I had to go behind her.  Consequently, she told me to not follow her and never try to call again. In a moment, I lost a best friend and a potential sex partner.  Oh, my tits and vagina could still feel her mouth around them and doing it all perfectly.  Still I was heartbroken yet turned on.  I drank too much at the party and called that guy to pick me up. I was only done recalling it all and then entered the room with a grin on his face.

Stranger In My Bed

What Happened Next?

He was wearing a t-shirt and boxers which was making him look even sexier.  A muscular guy with a very attractive personality was there in front of me and all I could think about was to grab him into the bed. Well, then I remembered how that actually happened last night.  My stranger tried not having sex but I was all over him.  

He could resist only for so long but then I started undressing him.  The stranger in my bed took my t-shirt off and started kissing me all over . His hands were on my breasts squeezing them hard. I could feel his hard dick next to my vagina and opened his pants up instantly.  

Well, he fucked me hard!  The way that I wanted him to.  That moment, I had forgotten all about her because he was the best sex I ever had.  His dick was just huge and I couldn't help but moan all the time. 

Stranger In My Bed

Did Him And I’d Do Him again! 

As soon as I remembered it all, I moved the breakfast aside and pulled him close to me.  I could see how happy he was and he instantly grabbed me back.  

Yes, we did it again!  

If heartbreaks can turn out this good, I'm glad it happened again with the Stranger In My Bed.  This was an experience I thought about over and over again.