August 23


How I Solved my Mid Life Love Crisis Story

By KingPerv

August 23, 2021

Surviving a Mid Life Love Crisis, My name is Chris and I live in Texas with my wife and two kids. My Wife Kate looks like a 90s super model. She is tall, has wavy golden hair, athletic body and bosom that you can’t ignore. 


mid life love crisis

Whenever we go out for shopping or any social event, people first notice her then me. I can see the jealousy in their eyes. Anyway I am content with my married life. She is devoted; children are good; life is set. Except for one thing i.e. Sex  Yes, this was a serious mid life crisis for our love life.

Sex is seriously gone from our life. We have gotten so busy in our daily life that Mid Life love (regular sex after some years of marriage that Doctor also recommend for happy married life) hasn’t even taken place. I thought this work from home environment will bring us together, but it has made us even hard to breathe.  We wake up in the morning doing house chores and fell to bed like straight at night leaving married couple sports activities aside.

The Mid Life Love Miracle

But one day my sister arrived. She took the children to her house. Maybe her instinct told her what’s missing between us. Anyway, we got some free time for some days. Life was relaxed; just like a newly married couple. And soon by God grace mid life love happened 

It so happened that we went grocery shopping one night. She was wearing a brown shirt with black denim pants.  She came close to me to discuss the grocery bill. Suddenly, I don’t know what came over me, I embraced her tight and gave a passionate kiss on the lips.  She got stunned before she could say anything, I kissed her again, this time it was a long deep passionate kiss. My god, her lips felt so luscious after such a long time. 

She too got involved in pleasure and stroked my hair with her long hands. I lifted her in my arms and went straight to the bedroom. I put her down gently, started unbuttoning her shirt to see her precious gems. It has been so long that I don’t remember what they look like.  I removed her bra and her mountains were exposed. I ran my fingers gently around her nipples. She moaned softly, approving my love method. Getting yes from her, I fasten my lips on her bosom. I kissed, played with them like a child gets his favorite toy. In between, I also kissed her lips and neck to stimulate more of her passion.  I kept on doing this for an hour. Both of us knew that this night was a rarity.

The Rapture

I moved further when I was done with bosom. I kissed her beautiful navel, ran my fingers over it and she closed her eyes with excitement. Her lips parted like rose petals; I sealed them again with a kiss. While kissing, she unbuttoned my buckle and pulled my pants down. Her hands went straight to my organ and she played with it. Soon my dick got erect, now it was time for main action. I took a break, put on a condom and came back again on her like a wild animal.  Fondling her bosom gently, I removed her jeans and soon undone panties. Now she was completely naked like a flower waiting for a bee to pluck her. I fondled her hair, kissed her feverishly while my dick worked like magic inside her body. I kept on worshipping her with kisses till I ejaculated inside her body. At one moment, I thought of impregnating her but soon realized that 3RD one would be hard to bring up.

With a heavy sigh, I was content with our precious mid life love.

Our four nights were blessed with mid life love. One night we planned a romantic dinner, another one was a hot shower experience and so on. All these love activities brought us even together. Now kids are back again and we are doing our job with more passion. What I like is kids seeing us being more together.  Hope to have this love session more in life.

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