April 13


How Insane Is #1 Crazyshit.Com? A Review

By KingPerv

April 13, 2020

Hey Fellow Pervs,  We've all been there.  You feel horny, you open a porn website to jerk off.  You open the site up with an expectation of watching some big tits and juicy asses getting drilled.  But, what you get just makes you go bonkers.  How will you feel?


Well, you can have the same kind of experience when you open crazyshit.com without knowing what to expect.  Yes, the crazy shit website literally has some crazy stuff that will compel you to say ‘crazy shit’.  If you think that this site is all about porn, then you are making a big mistake. 

The content of this crazy shit website is a culmination of bizarre, wild, disturbing, disgusting, and erotic videos.  Be prepared as the videos you open can be a bit unpredictable.  It can be hot and sexy, or it can be funny, or it can be absolutely crazy and fucked up.  



Whatever it is, you can rest assured you will enjoy it.  So, should you be visiting crazyshit?  Will it satisfy your thirst for hardcore porn content? Well, let’s have a comprehensive review of this site and see whether it is worth it to give it a go or not. 

The Homepage of Crazyshit.Com

You may have heard the saying that says never judge a book by its cover.  However, it is always better to judge a website through its homepage.  It will show you what the website is offering and should you stick with it for some time or not. 

crazy shit


When you first look at the homepage of crazyshit com, you will see videos based on daily uploads, recent videos, and trending videos. This website is very much dedicated to video content. So, you need to have a stable internet connection if you want to enjoy streaming the videos here. 

When you take a look at the top of the crazy shit homepage, you will find several links across the top.   Now, those links will direct you to a different website which is kind of bizarre because you would want such links to direct you to important pages of the website. 

If you check out the ‘TOP CATEGORIES’ section, you will see plenty of other sub-categories such as CRAZYSHIT PRODUCTIONS, Extreme Content, Slutty, Fights, WTF, and many others.  These categories are great to help you in finding the right content you want on this website. 


crazy shit


The CrazyShit Productions category has videos where the crazyshit team has added their own crazy STAMP of approval on them.  They give your their perverted and crazy takes on the content.  It's a funny and definitely entertaining addition.  You get to watch the videos with the crazyshit team and see there take on them.

Apart from this, there are other tools such as user uploads, series, videos, and a search option.  So, these tools really make the crazyshit.com website cool.  You get exactly the type of content you want to watch without wasting your time on unnecessary ones. 

Also, there is a section just after the search bar where you can create your account on the crazy shit website. In this section, you will be able to upload your own content.  If you have any extreme video or image that you would want to share with the audience, you can do that. 

Also, you can comment on videos of other users.  By the way, you will not get paid anything for uploading contents on this crazy shit website. Still, it is quite astonishing to see the number of users using this platform.  Crazy shit com is a large community of people who loves to create and upload crazy and explicit contents. 

The Contents of Crazyshit.Com

crazy shit


What ultimately matters in a website are its contents.  After all, you are browsing the website to find good content.  Now, let’s get this straight, crazy shit is not about porn only.  There are many other types of contents available such as death, gore, mutilation, and such other crazy things. 

The crazyshit.com website is not at all swaying away from sharing contents that will disturb and disgust any normal human being. There are many videos where you can see people getting caught in fire, succumbing to death, and girls doing bizarre stuff that really make you feel uneasy. 

If you are not a psycho, you will feel disturbed by seeing such shitty things.  Well, you can say ‘what can you expect when the name of the website is crazy shit itself?’  Well, there are a lot more things than these weird kinds of stuff available on this crazy shit website. 

However, when you visit the website CrazyShit, you might end up opening a video or two where you might find such videos where people are dying. It can make your psyche disturbed.  If you don’t want your horny mood to get ruined by such insane things, it is better not to browse this website. 

The Experience of Watching 

Videos on Crazyshit.Com

Even though the content on this site made making this review tough at times, there were some videos that we watched in the crazy shit website that were ok and of course some not so ok,  so here's our experience. 

So, here it goes;

Video #1

In this video, there was an old man who was presented with a new girlfriend by some young dudes. Everyone was saying that the girl will not fuck that old man but after a few seconds, that girl started to blow that old man’s dick.  It is an out and out porn video for sure and it is the kind of content one would require for a porn site review. 

Video #2

Our luck favored us again and we once again opened another porn video. This one was a bit weird because it was a solo video of a girl having orgasms. The expression that girl was giving would make your nuts empty instantly. The moaning was sumptuous and delightful, enjoyed it a lot. 

Video #3

The third video is where we found out why the name of this website is crazy shit. It was some random girls blowing their face on fire. The thumbnail was so sexy that it became necessary to open it.  But, what the video showed was horrific. So, be careful about what you open. We couldn’t watch the entire video and had to close it. 

The Positive Sides of Crazyshit.Com

Well, there were many positives that emerged from the exploration of crazyshit com.

1. Porn Content

Yes, the website has a good amount of porn content. So, if you are visiting the website to watch porn, then you may not feel that disappointed. The porn content is actually very good and you will have porn videos uploading regularly on this crazyshit.com website. 

2. Extreme Porn

Extreme porn is a genre that many people love to watch. If you have any such fetish, then you can visit this crazy shit website. There is a separate sub-category for extreme porn which you might enjoy exploring all along. 

3. Tags

Now, tags are a good thing to have on a website because it allows you to view similar types of contents that you want to watch. When you open a video on crazyshit, you will see that, underneath the video, there are plenty of tags directing you to a selection video that is related to the current video you are watching which is a cool thing. 

Some Problems With Crazyshit.Com

1. Not for All

If you are someone who really gets offended or disturbed by watching death videos and such bizarre and disgusting things, then this crazy shit website is probably not for you. They have a large number of such contents and so, you could accidentally bump into one of them that can really piss you off.  So, if this bothers you, then it is better to stay away from this website. 

2. Some Horrific Content

Let’s get this straight; most people will come to this crazyshit.com website with an expectation of watching some shit porn videos. Instead of getting what they want, if they find such weird videos, it will piss them off. It happens to many people. So, such horrific contents are certainly a problem for this website. 

But, if you are a crazy person, you might love them too.

3. Unnecessary Ads

The website is designed well and so you cannot say that the ad placement will not disturb your viewing experience. Unfortunately ads continually pop up from here and there, and hamper your overall viewing crazy shit viewing experience. 

The Review in a Nutshell


  • Regular uploads of videos
  • A large community
  • Good porn content


  • The length of the videos is too short at times
  • Unnecessary ad placements
  • Some outrageous and bizarre contents

The Final Verdict

Finally, crazyshit.com is an insane website where you can pass your time by watching some good porn content. But, you just cannot count out the weird videos that the website has to offer. That is why the website is true to its name.

Overall, if such bizarre contents offend you, then don’t visit this website. But, if you can wither that early storm, then you can delve into some intriguing porn videos on this website

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Is CrazyShit.com Too Insane?

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