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Learn in 5 Easy Minutes, How To Start A Money Making Adult Blog!

By KingPerv

June 11, 2020

Hey Fellow Sex Lovers, So your interested in how to start an adult blog yourself?  Well your in the right place, this post is all about what I have learned so far on this sex blog journey,  what tools are worth investing in, what I'm still learning and where things stand.  I'll be updating this post as I have new information to share... 

DISCLAIMER:  Let's get this out of the way, in case you do not know, some of the links on the KingPerv sex blog, pay an affiliate commission when you click on them and sign up for the referred service. Take care though that I only recommend services in this blog post that I have used.

Update 2/22/2021: Although TMD Hosting was great to get started affordably.  Our blog has grown to the point of needing a VPS.  We have moved to a new hosting vendor Tier.net for their more affordable and better spec'd VPS systems.  We have used Tier.net for several ones now and there service has been extremely responsive and they have went out of their way to help us when needed.  They will also migrate you off of TMD Hosting when you grow bigger.   Give them a shot!

Update 2/19/2021: Where to get content CHEAP/FREE?  You have a new site and you want fresh content to attract users.  One way to do this is by signing up to a pay site.  When you do this you'll get access to their libraries and sample videos you can use to attract users.  Most sites will give you links to videos you can embed on your site.  By using their hosted videos you avoid running up your bandwidth COSTS!  The pay sites foot the bill in hopes of converting your users, it's a win win situation.  You get free videos, they get free promotion and you both win if a visitor signs up!   This frees you from getting a DMCA notice for stolen web content also.  Keeping you in Google's good graces!

Here's two Content Producers I recommend that offer hosted videos and gallery's: PaperStreet  and Nubiles Network

Once you have signed up you can begin embedding their videos on your site.

Update 2/18/2021:  TIP: If you create a sex/porn  blog make sure you leave a way for advertisers to contact you in the about section.  If you have an attractive blog with adult content, you will receive offers for guest posts on your blog.  If the content is relevant to your niche and brings value to your visitors, you can make money charging for guest blog posts on your blog.  This can help pay the bills until your affiliate marketing takes off.  I didn't do this at first and missed out on a lot of revenue that I could have used.

Update 2/17/2021:  Keep your Clicks or Sell Them?  If you creating a real destination site, that you put a lot of work into and not a cookie cutter site.  Should you keep your users clicks for your affiliate marketing or sell them to an advertising network? This is something you need to seriously think about.  Should you give someone like Juicy Ads or Plug Rush your potential affiliate customer?  Personally I have found that having a mix of both is beneficial.  For instance your could keep the banner clicks to your self but sell desktop and mobile push ad space.  In my mind I believe I can make more money sending my users clicks to my affiliate promotions than selling them to an advertiser in the adult space.  This is a gamble though vs getting stable advertising revenue.  No risk no reward!


So the title of this portends with "The Wrong Way",  I say that because if you do additional research on starting a adult blog yourself, most of the pundits recommend finding a really really specific niche and stick to it.   The going advice today is to pick a specific adult niche such as MILF's or any of a million niche's and concentrate all your content in that one area to build up an audience or community around that niche.  

Now at KINGPERV we have decided for better or worse to ignore that advice and focus on an adult generalist blog.  So this according to all pundits is really "The Wrong Way".   Are the pundits and experts right?  Is a really specific niche the only way to go today with so much competition for your time?

How To Start A Money Making Adult Blog


Personally if I was just in this for making money, focusing on a adult niche area would make sense.  The idea to start an adult blog though was built out of the idea that us men and hell i'm sure women too are pigeonholed into our sex beliefs by society. Shamed into a puritanical corner.  I have not found many sites catering to men, except ones pushing Fleshlights or perhaps theChive!  So that is why we have launched the adult blog KingPerv.

I feel that if we could just share our knowledge among ourselves we would realize that we all have the same questions and doubts.  The polls at the end of our sex blog posts are for crowd sourcing feedback that we can then share in follow up posts. So take the polls when you can!  Just making a site that specialized in a niche all day long, wouldn't provide much opportunity to reach the above mission/idea.

How To Start A Money Making Adult Blog


The biggest question to ask yourself before diving in is what are you truly passionate about?  If it's a specialized niche such as asses and you like them in all shapes and sizes, and never get tired of them, then that could be your niche.  I'm sure an economics professor would tell to research and pick an area that has a large market, this isn't bad advice, but I think it's the second thing you should do. 

The first and more important item is blogging about something your truly passionate about.   

Blogging multiple times a week in an area you do not truly enjoy will get old really fast, and your likely to quit before you get any success.  However you define success (Viewers, Money) you will not get any if you quit because you hate your adult blog subject.


For market research I recommend using  Spyfu or another similar tool.  There are other free tools out there, but this company rocks and their easy to work with.  You can look up the keywords of your potential competitors, keywords you are interested in and get an idea of how many click/views an area gets etc.  Did I mention that I started "The Wrong Way", so I of course had to learn about this the hard way.  Take my advice and do some research once you have an area or two you are passionate about.

So if your interested in starting a sex blog you need to decide if you want to pick a niche (Recommended by the pundits, and probably a good idea if you want to profit quickly) or be contrary and follow me down "The Wrong Way"  

The tool I recommend for keywrod research is "Keywords Everywhere" a Chrome Plugin.  You can buy 100k searches for an affordable price.

How To Start A Money Making Adult Blog:



I would be amiss at not mentioning that you can also start a tube site that purloins all of the video content from the TUBE KINGS such as Pornhub, xHamster and Youporn.   Using this software you can launch your own private label Tube-site.  The idea here is to draw viewers in with your free porn that hopefully adds something like a custom channel to the site, and hope the viewer sees an ad their interested in while visiting your free porn site.   I have reviewed a few of these like Wankmap and Pornky's.   It's a pretty slick solution, but your once again faced with being a TUBE niche or a TUBE generalist.  

I definitely think this concept has merit versus making an adult blog where you have to bring new content to the site yourself.   The nice thing about these tube sites is that the content in general is created by other people or sites, you just have to focus on bringing viewers.  Which one is better?  Time will Tell, I personally like the custom feeling of a blog.   I said I'm choosing "The Wrong Way" according to the pundits, but hey you may make a lot more money with a tube site with a niche. 

One of the leaders in the Tube Site arena is Adent.  Check out their XStreamer tube and XAggregate solutions out.  Tell them KingPerv sent you if you sign up!  If you go for this option let's exchange back-links once your up and running!  A tube site requires more server strength than an adult blog, so you'll need a dedicated server or a VPS server.  I recommend TMD HOSTING for your Streaming server needs.  Their support is top notch!

Start A Money Making Adult Blog


If your going to start a money making adult blog, then you need a platform to carry your message on that you can control!  Don't take this message lightly!  You and your friends may be very liberal but let me tell you that the landscape is pitted with resistance.  Of course you do not want to get started on a platform, invest thousands of hours and then have it shutdown because of some puritan "Karen" out there that doesn't like your message.  In this post I'm recommending you use WordPress, it will give you the flexibility needed to stand out.  Luckily for us there are a few hosting companies out there that are fine with adult content.

My number one hosting recommendation for adult WordPress hosting is TMD HOSTING the sales and support team are top notch.  Especially the support team.  They will go out of their way to help you get going and also with any issues/questions.    I recommend their WordPress Enterprise hosting plan, but their WordPress Business plan will also get the job done.  Another reason to use TMD HOSTING rather than other providers is that they provide FREE SSL certs for your WordPress site!  Yes - Free - No Strings Attached.  In the adult space you want your audience to have confidence that no one is snooping in on them. 

I don't recommend using any free hosting options out there.  TMD Hosting has plans that will fit almost any budget. Picking Hosting providers can be a fickle subject, everyone has their favorite, but I'm recommending what I know works.

Start A Money Making Adult Blog


How are users going to identify your site?  I wholly recommend getting a .com address.  I've been lured by the 1 dollar .xyz domain also.  But for your first entry I wholly suggest using a .com.  Even though it's a bit harder these days to find a winner, if you give it some time you can still come up with something clever.   

My number one recommendation for domain names is NameCheap.  All of their domains come with lifetime privacy protection.  Which you will want if you are starting an adult blog or tube site.  Once you find your winning domain and purchase it, you will point it at your WordPress site at TMD HOSTING for your initial setup.   The tech guys at TMD HOSTING can walk you through this.

LIFESAVING TIP:  Don't do things the wrong way like I have, before you start building content for your rocking new site, pick your blog color schemes out ahead of time and stick to them! Find a Background color, Settle on a Font, Decide on a highlight color, Pick a font size, Identify your sentence spacing, ideally your theme will allow you to set these globally.  If you can also figure out your ad placement strategy ahead of time, you can plan on how to monetize ahead of time instead of having to go back and edit all of your posts. 

One of the worst things to have to do is to go back and edit all of your posts months later because you didn't decide at the beginning and all of your posts are different!  Look I of course did not do that and had to go and edit everything again!  LOL and boy did that suck!  I'm still recovering from that fun....

Start A Money Making Adult Blog

Here are the WordPress plugins I suggest you use

  • #1 Recommendation for an Adult Blog to help with content creation and page layouts is Thrive Themes / Thrive Architect, this content creation tool will allow you or your team to continually update and build a site that fits your personal style/message.  I understand if you can't afford the investment, but I really suggest saving up to give you the flexibility you'll need to stand out. This is one area you may have to bite the bullet on.
  • Akismet - Spam Control
  • AdRotate - Site Monetization 
  • Age Gate - Keep the Kiddos Out, if your really hardcore.
  • Classic Editor - Use with Thrive Themes
  • Easy WP SMTP - Send Emails Out
  • GA Google Analytics
  • Jetpack - Get the free level subscription so you have Stats on who's visiting.  You have to scroll down to see the free level when activating.
  • ThirstyAffiliates or Prettylinks for your affiliate link tracking.
  • Yoast SEO - You want google to like you! Just Pick Yoast or Rank Math, do not use two SEO plugins!
  • Rank Math - Is another option for SEO that works well.  It's a free option that helps you rank for multiple keywords.  I now recomend it over the free version of Yoast.
  • Short Pixel Image Optimizer : You'll want to serve up next get images and compress them as much as possible to lower your page load times.
  • #2 Recommendation - Wordfence Security - Keep the BAD GUYS OUT!, IT'S AMAZING HOW MANY PEOPLE TRY TO GUESS MY PASSWORD : 123pass.
  • Webcraftic Clearfy - WordPress Optimization
  • WP Fastest Cache
  • Updraft Plus - Free Site Backup Solution
  • Under Construction - Hide your site will you perfect it!

Start A Money Making Adult Blog


Only invest time in the advanced items below once you have your site up and running and are ready to just add content.

Post Marketing #1: You've written a great post and you want the world to know about it.  To get things going in the right direction I suggest you subscribe to Pingler.  The team at Pingler will take all of your blog posts and let all of the major search engines know about it as soon as you click publish.  Just subscribe to their affordable service and download the WordPress plugin.  

Post Marketing #2: I'm currently experimenting with a service from Blog Pros , the team at Blog Pros is easy to work with.  They have an affordable service and if your in a hurry they can help you get some social sharing on the relatively cheap.  This is an experiment in progress I'll post an update later, but we do get some traffic from them daily.  If your site is really XXX hardcore, have them turnoff Facebook promotion so your domain doesn't get banned!

Start A Money Making Adult Blog


CDN: "Content Delivery Network" Once you have your site up and running and stable.  You will want to integrate your TMD HOSTED server with a CDN like Cloudflare.  Cloudflare offers a free tier and you can work with the techs at TMD to get your site pointed at the right DNS servers from NameCheap to TMD.  You'll see that most of your sex blog content is static and doesn't change very often.

Using a CDN like Cloudflare will speed up your site tremendously and make Google Happy!  Over 90% of KingPerv's content is served by the CDN, this takes a load off your server and speeds up your site!   Another tip is that the caching plugin I recommend "WP FASTEST CACHE" integrates directly with Cloudflare and multiple other CDN's.

If you can afford a few dollars a month, I recommend checking out BunnyCDN found here ->> BunnyCDN.  Their cheap CDN is caching in the high 95% range!  This takes a load off your server allowing you to purchase a cheaper hosting package and reduces the amount of bandwidth your using from your Hosting provider.  The fast performance they provide will also help with your SEO scores with Google.

Optimize and Test Your Adult Blog:  You can speed test your site at gtmetrix.com, Try to get A's and B's on the site rankings.

How To Start A Money Making Adult Blog


Ok I built this great tube site or adult blog, how the hell do I get traffic!

Unfortunately the answer to that question will vary for every sex blog depending on your target audience.  So our traffic at KingPerv is slowly rising we have come from zero to well not quite a hero yet.  But maybe someday?  Google is still learning to like us, right how Google looks at us like a mangy mutt!  

Nobody wants to hear this, but you likely need to have a 12 - 24 month plan to get your site established with Google and build a following.  If this seems reasonable to you then follow the suggestions below.  Feel free to reach out or leave comments below.  



Here's my ten tips on "HOW TO START A MONEY MAKING ADULT BLOG" in order of priority.

#1 Todo Item Build Sex Blog Content: 

This is the #1 thing you need to do.  If you do not have any content nobody is going to spend much time on your site.  Build great adult content and review it with the SEO plugin so you have all green lights.  Your evergreen money machine is going to be getting ranked on Google.   I do not profess to be an SEO expert, but I can guarantee you need good content to ever get ranked.  

Although I did things the "WRONG WAY" according to the pundits, by being a generalist adult blog, I now realize/believe you need to strive to be the top dog in some type of content area on your adult blog or tube site.  

Start An Adult Blog: Content Warchest

We suggest you strive to build up a war chest of content in an area to bring in a returning audience. So whatever site you decide to launch, try and build up a war chest of content on specific area, even if the rest of your sex blog is not niche specific.

If your launching an adult blog you should be striving for 10-15 blog posts a month.   There should be a mix of S, M and Large posts in there.

#2 Sex Blog Analytics:

Register your site with Google Analytics so your can start tracking who is visiting your site and register your sex blog with Google Search Console, so you can track your keyword ranking.

#3 Learn Adult Blog SEO:

Get Somewhat Proficient in SEO:  There's lots of material that you can find on google and you-tube.  Read over Yoast's free articles. I'm still learning here myself.  SEO is a never ending struggle with Google updating their algorithms continuously.  Your going to want to grow Organic search traffic that you do not have to pay for.  This is how you start.

#4. Adult Blog Advertising: 

This is probably controversial for some purists.  The decision to advertise will be different for everyone.  In a hurry, consider putting text ad's on other porn directories. How?  Well you can subscribe to Juicy Ad's and buy text ad's at relatively affordable rates.  Like 4-5 dollars for 30 days of advertising.  This will get you some traffic to work off of.  I have vetted this service and it's affordable and it works.  

I would be careful about doing any large ad spends in the beginning.  The text ad's are cheap and help you get some traffic while you figure things out. You can also trade back links with friendly porn site listings. This is hit or miss, but there's a lot of people willing to give you a hand if you ask nicely.  I personally am not interested in paying Google or Pinterest for traffic, but those are options if you are inclined.  

#5 Sex Blog Content:

Ok why am I listing Content again?  As this is key to grow a sex blog or any site.  Content is king, but if you do not have enough time, you can look into hiring free lancers that can write about the subjects you are interested in and write in your style.   Fiverr is a good option to find content writers to help you out if your short on time.  You can also consider guest posts on your sex blog to help build up interesting content.   

#6 Pinterest:

Build Pins and promote your site on Pinterest.  You'll need to build clever pins in the adult space or you'll get booted.  But this can be an evergreen way for you to get traffic and it's my #1 recommendation when your just getting started and want to get some visitors free and cheap!

#7 Build Sex Blog Back-links / Network:

Back-links are basically links to your site from other web sites. The more established web sites you have back-links on the better it is for your Google cred.  Spyfu has tools to help you build back-links to sites that make sense for your keywords.   I will consider exchanging back-links with anyone starting a new blog as long as the area's are complementary.  Our site believes in community and we all need to help each other out!  I suck at back link building personally, but it is important. 

A great resource to find backlinks for free or for purchase for your sex blog is GoFuckYourself.com (GFY).  Obviously be careful and check the domain ranks of any backlinks you buy or negotiate an exchange for.   Once you purchase links you'll want to make sure they stay up, consider using a service like https://www.linkspun.com/ to keep track of your backlinks.

#8 Buy Sex Blog Test Traffic:

You can purchase web traffic on Fiverr to test out your site and even purchase social shares on the cheap for Facebook and Twitter.  Be careful though on buying straight web traffic, I don't care what any of the sellers say, it's mostly bot traffic or domain redirects. This can be fun and useful for stress testing your sex blog, but keep your expectations really really low!  

BOTS BOT BOTS: Beware of buying sex blog traffic.  The bad guys have extremely sophisticated tools to simulate real traffic. When used in a productive manner these tools can help you stress test your site and perhaps make your stats look better.  But unfortunately there are a ton of traffic scammers out there that will use this tool to rip you off!   I believe it's best to be educated on what tools your adversaries have, take a look at this site:  https://www.babylontraffic.com/  You will see that it's very easy for scam artists to simulate traffic to your site that mimicks the real traffic that you are looking to purchase.

#9 Monetize Sex Blog:

After 6-8 months of building content and working on your traffic, it's time to monetize your site.  Don't even bother with Amazon or those type of ad networks if your sex blog content is at all controversial! Of course your time range will be specific to you and how much effort you have put in on the above steps.   Wouldn't it be nice to cover the hosting costs, content costs, art work costs, and get something back for all that hard work you put in making content yourself?  

Well hell yea!  My advice is to keep it simple.  Instead of chasing every possible ad network out there focus on a just a few and get things working with them.  Use your time wisely and perfect working with two complimentary networks.

To that end I recommend you sign up with Juicy Ad's for banner revenue, CrakRevenue for Dating, CAMS and Porn.

Here's the signup link for Juicy: Juicy Ads Signup

Here's the signup link for CrakRevenue: CrakRevenue Signup 

Feel free to mention KingPerv sent you for these!  



Tip #1 Mark Your Link Properly:  One important thing to remember your affiliate links should have the rel="no follow" tag on all of them to let the search engines know the type of link it is and they do not need to crawl it.   Don't make the mistake I did and put your links in without this and have to go back and fix them!  : (

Here is an example:

<a href="https://affiliatedomain.com/pmb6rg8hc0?url_id=0&aff_id=122878&offer_id=5573" rel="nofollow"><img src="%asset%" /></a>

Tip #2: Use An Affiliate Link Manager From The Start:  Don't make this mistake like I did.   Yes, it may not seem like a big deal to just update your links as needed when you first start out.  

You want to have a growing adult blog, when you get over 20 sex blog posts, having to go back and edit them can be a tedious job when your affiliate partner tells you the link is going down and you need to change it.  What Page is it on, how many pages have it?   

So get one of these link manager plugins or one similar to them and use it from the beginning: Thirsty Affiliates or Pretty Links. Take your time and evaluate the options but pick one of them. The hours you save in the end will make it well worth the setup time!


KISS Method : Keep It Simple Stupid

Both of these ad networks offer smart links which will analyze your audience and send them to the highest performing ad's for their GEO Location.  Juicy also offers pop-unders. These two sites will have you covered for whatever adult or adult supplement promotion your looking for! (CAM GIRLS, DATING, SURVEYS, TUBE SITES, BANNERS....)  

10: This is open

I want to hear from you!  Leave a comment below and I'll put in the best suggestion here.


Four Month Scorecard

Do the above tips work?   

Well I've used all of the above tips the last 90 days and as you can see Alexa now has us ranked the 223k most popular site world wide as of June 1'st 2020 on the internet, we have improved over 600k spots in the last 90 days.  Sounds good, but we have a lot farther to go!   I will be updating this aduly blog post quarterly and we can see if we go up or down : (   Maybe being a generalist isn't so bad after all?

Share your tips down below in the comments, I'd love to learn from others out there going through the same struggles or have some tips to share.  

I hope this helps any of you thinking about starting an adult blog, the above is just my opinion.  I know others may have differing opinions one way or another, if so share below in the comments.  

If you go down this road, keep your chin up, as it's not a business that gives immediate feedback, you will have weeks with no progress,  you have to believe in yourself and your goals!

BTW: I will be continually updating this post as I have new tips and tricks, so check back!

King Perv Traffic Ranking at 4 months


MISC Tools

I recommend the below tools to save a startup $, once your killing it you can upgrade.

For Email Subscriber lists: Purchase Sendy here.  It's a one time fee and you'll save a ton of money versus using MailChimp or similar services.

Use Sendybay to host your subscriber list database:  

Use Picresize to optimize your images.

Consider: Affinity Tools if you have any artistic talent.

Remove Background: https://www.remove.bg/













GT METRIX  Test Your Sites Page Load Speed



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