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How To Start An Adult Clone Website

By KingPerv

March 11, 2021

Not many ears on this planet have heard of adult clone websites, or clone(d) websites in particular. That is however not all that surprising.


Now, an adult clone website is that which copies the look and feel of an existing website, while adding unique features. These unique features help show that is not the same as the original website that it almost copied in toto.

Cloning a website, whether adult or otherwise is quite popular and advantageous. Such cloning saves time, effort and money. It is also legal, so long as no IP, trademarks, patents and copyrights of existing businesses are being violated. 

Take a peek at clones of Pornhub. Ain’t that a sight for sore eyes and itchy members!

The Cloned Wars Cometh

So, why exactly should you start your own cloned adult website? There are many persuasive reasons why you should go that route. Getting a cloned adult site lets you set up your adult website faster than would otherwise be possible. It also lets you get your grubby hands on some of the $97 billion yearly revenues attributed to the worldwide porn industry. All you have to do is find a Pornhub clone script and you’re good to go. 

And lest we forget, owning an adult website is bound to feel all shades of rad. You get to relax in your pad thinking about the myriads of horny folks who search through your site and manhandle their organs in ways too savage to think about for long! What could be better than that!

Keys To Making It In The Adult World

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So, now that you have successfully cloned your adult website what’s the next step? You have no idea? Don’t worry your pretty brain, we will list and detail these for you.

The steps are as follows:

  • Find a niche
  • Select a truly rad domain name
  • Pick an adult web hosting service provider
  • Get a Content Management System
  • Set up your pride and joy
  • Monetize your pride and joy

Finding a Niche: searching for and finding the right niche that your adult website intends to focus on is of the utmost importance. As of now, most of the popular niches are too available everywhere. This means that if your site offers content that caters to these niches, getting regular visitors might be a problem.

The most popular niches include stepmoms, ebony, MILF, lesbian and others. What you have to do is to offer keywords that point to the unique niche your website caters to. Examples might take the form of: African big cocks, Asian big tit teen, lesbian stepmom and others like it.

Once you think up a niche you are sure will be as popular as sin, search out the relevant content and add it to your site. Then wait for the moolah to start rolling in!

Selecting A Truly Rad Domain Name: your domain name must be related in some way to the niche that your website caters to. The name must be simple. It should also be memorable, so that it can stick to the brains of folks like a burr. Examples of truly rad domain names we just made up for the fun of it are as follows:

AfricanSweetCunt: for African-related porn

Thaiteenplow: for Thai teen-related porn

WackoWankvr: for VR porn

Now, the above are just samples. Don’t use them when setting up your site without asking for permission or else!

Picking An Adult Web Hosting Service Provider: your adult website needs an adult website hosting service provider. A normal hosting service provider simply won’t do. Such service providers might after a while get offended at the orgasmic services your site offers and shut it down with nary an explanation.

That is precisely why your site needs an adult website hosting service provider. Such providers host sites that offer or support goods and services meant for folks of legal age. Once you start looking for an adult hosting provider, you’ll see there are plenty of options to choose from. Luckily, you can always read some good reviews on the best porn hosting providers to help you make the right decision.

hot to start an adult clone site

And oh, while it might be tempting to use a free web hosting service, that could be a mighty mistake. For starters, they will be able to run ads on your site for free, paying you nada. Additionally, their support tends to be lackluster and they can shut down your site on a moment’s notice.

Getting A Content Management System: a content management system is essential for the proper management of all that your site has to offer. We recommend Joomla and WordPress. Both do a good job, are free and can be used even by those who don’t know anything about how they function. Plus both have loads of active communities that will help resolve any issues that dare crop up.

Set Up Your Pride And Joy: a simple Google search is all that is required to discover the myriads of online tutorials out there that will teach you all that is needed to set up your beloved adult site. 

Plenty of plugins and themes are also available. Most of these are free, though paid ones are usually better. Signing up for paid themes also ensures regular updates and SEO optimization for your site.

Do remember that your site requires an adult theme. This will enable you to utilize extant plugins and scripts. Check out the tube themes available at WordPress

Keep in mind the exact type of site you are creating and what will be featured there. Webcam sites, tube sites and other adult sites all require different themes.

Monetize Your Pride And Joy: now, we are sure you are not setting up your adult website just because you are a fan of Karmen Bella! Instead, we are prepared to bet our inheritance that your goal of setting up your adult website is to make a lot of money from it.

how to start an adult clone site

Making loads of money from your adult website does not take much effort. It can be done via affiliate programs, pop-up ads and banners, revenue shares, merchandise sales, CPA and membership programs. These will be detailed in turn:

  • Affiliate Programs: you and your site make money via affiliate programs when you send your site visitors to another website.
  • Pop-up Ads And Banners: here, ads show up on your platform. You get a small payment for each ad that your site visitors click on.
  • Revenue Shares: here, you refer folks to another website. The more your referrals spend on the site you referred to, the more you earn.
  • Merchandise Sales: this is pretty much self explanatory. You can choose to sell merchandise like XXX toys, books, branded shirts, mugs, caps and the like, and pretty much everything else bar the kitchen sink!
  • CPA: Cost Per Acquisition: Here, advertisers pay to advertise on your platform. For this, you can apply to join sites like CrakRevenue.
  • Membership Programs: most adult sites have some sort of membership program. There’s no reason why your site should be different. Your membership program should offer increasingly exclusive content and be pretty much irresistible.


Starting an adult clone website can be a thing of great orgasmic joy, both for you and the others! Given the immense array of adult websites out there, you need to exert yourself before you can start counting the moolah. 

It would help if you could find a way to make your website immediately successful. This might take the form of paying a very popular film or adult star to recommend your site on social media. You can as well opt to pay for promos, make available the most exclusive content, and generally move heaven and earth to make your site a success. 

Once it is, be sure to call us so we can help you count the money!

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