Is Chaturbate the #1 Best Live Cam Sex Site? A Review

By KingPerv | Live Site Review

Jun 04

Hey Fellow Pervs, watching chicks finger their pussies or guys jerking their dicks or, even better, couples fucking live is something that will excite any horny perv.  Yes, live cam sex is a popular thing for those who love to watch live sex.  Now, you don’t have to go to creepy alleys or parks to watch live sex.  The internet age is truly upon us!


With a good live cam sex site, you can sit back in your bedroom in front of your preferred device and start jerking off to live sex.  For all those porn lovers who got bored with scripted porn scenes, good live cam sex is just what you need!

So, when it comes to the live cam sex sites, chaturbate is probably one of the most popular ones.  The user base of chaturbate is huge!  That is why if you are one of those who are looking to witness hot sexy women fondling their breasts and playing with their pussies, then chaturbate can be a great place for that.  Or is it? 

Let’s find that out on this review of chaturbate live sex site.

The Homepage of Chaturbate.Com



When I first opened Chaturbate.Com, I felt like it’s a tube site and not a live cam sex site.  Then I clicked on one of the thumbnails and my reaction was like, ‘holy fucking shit!’  I was watching live sex. Yes, it was live and the performers were also interacting with fans messaging in the chatbox below. 

I thought after a minute, the show would stop for me but it continued and that’s when I realized, I was in for a treat.  So, I went back to the chatur bate homepage to survey what was happening there.  I must say I liked the white background of the site. 

Well, the site will not make you go wow with its design, but its simple design is fucking beautiful!  Apart from that, the layout is easy to navigate.  I feel that is not a complicated live cam sex site where you will feel lost after entering. 

Rather, it is a live cam sex site that you will enjoy navigating and let me tell you, it is hard to cover all those fucking chat rooms that are out there presenting live sex.  It's easy to FAP one out when visiting Chaturbate.Com, the hard part is picking which sexy slut to get off to with so may rooms to choose from.

The Categories of Chaturbate.Com

After exploring the homepage, I decided let’s go to some of the other sections to check out this free live cam sex site deeply.  I found that you can also pick the live sex shows according to categories which I really liked.  So, I quickly clicked on all the categories and here is my experience of visiting each of them;

Female Live Sex Cams

When I entered the female cam section, I found exactly what I was expecting.  I saw sexy chicks playing with their pussies. Yes, if you love to watch girls play with themselves, then you should click on this one to find such shows.

Frankly, the girls were fucking hot!

Male Live Sex Cams

Next, I clicked on the Male Cams section. I saw the thumbnails of the shows that were going live at that time.  It was guys playing their dicks.  Also, some had gay action as well.  So, for gay people, this is where you can find your enjoyment.  Also, girls can get a good view of the rock and hard cocks of guys which might make their pussies wet! 

Couple Live Sex Cams

I was interested to see this section and when I clicked on it, I was really very impressed.  There were other live free live cam sex sites that I saw in the past that did not provide me with hot couple live sex.  Well, Chaturbate.Com did not disappoint me at all. Watching chicks getting fucked hard on their ass and pussy was something that I really enjoyed. 

Trans Live Sex Cams

To tell the truth I wasn’t very keen on clicking on this one but I have to take one for the team and review the site in full, so I had to go through this one as well.  Well, I saw shemales playing with themselves.  If you like to watch shemales in action, you should view this section then. 

The Live Sex Performers of Chaturbate.Com

After going through the categories, I was now excited to watch some action finally.  So, I went back to the live cam sex homepage and I started scrolling the shows.  The first live sex show I clicked to watch was from “dream_on_clan”.  I saw 4 men fucking a blonde chick from behind.  The man in front was fucking that bitch’s mouth and the moaning was really sexy. I loved it. 

The next live sex show I clicked to watch was from ‘best_partxxx’.  It was another gangbang and the chick in that live gangbang was very cute and beautiful.  Any man would want to fuck such a cute and sexy chick.  Her boobs were heavy and looked delicious. 

After that, I decided to check out some solo stuff and so, I opened “sweet_ammy”.   We reviewed ammy before in one of our CAM weekly reviews, if you haven't seen it check it out! Ammy as always was very sexy and her pussy was clean with an ass to die for.  Also, I opened the show of “wife_layla”, a sexy MILF spreading her legs to let me watch her clean and pink pussy get toyed with. 

All the solo female performers have the LOVENSE Lush activated and so, if you tip, you get to control the vibration.  I feel this makes the interaction much more exciting.  The final live sex show I watched was from “lana_sky”.  After watching the girl, I thought I had saved the best for the last.  She is truly a beautiful chick.  I must say I felt a bit jealous for the man who would fuck her in the live cam sex shows.  

All in all, I was fucking happy after exploring some of the hottest live cam sex shows I ever watched!

The Whole System of Chaturbate.Com

Now, while watching the live cam sex shows, I was thinking why the hell are these chicks are performing naked in front of me without getting anything in return?  Then I remembered what the token system is all about.  I had to present tokens as appreciation for their acts! 

To present tokens and give them tips, I had to sign up.  The process is really easy.  Also, after signing up, you will have to purchase tokens.  The more you purchase, the less the price will become.  Apart from that, those who will upgrade their account will get 200 free tokens

Well, in my opinion, these performers are trying as hard as possible to satisfy your desire of watching live sex.  So, it is better to give them something to show your appreciation.  That is why giving them tips is a great thing to do.  I believe if you are watching the shows, you should tip them.  (WARNING)  But, don’t run after the token hacks.  Most of these are viruses!

The Most Impressive Things about Chaturbate.Com

Free Live Cam Sex

Many people don’t want to pay for watching live sex.  But, I think they should.  However, my opinion doesn’t matter, it’s their choice.  But, chaturbate is absolutely free and they can watch the shows here.  But, to watch private shows, you have to pay. 

Excellent Performers

While watching the shows at charturbate, I thought that the performers really know their shit.  They are actually fucking excellent at entertaining their audience. I loved the shows I entered.

Simple Design

I feel Chaturbate.Com is one of the very few websites for free cam live sex where you can easily watch the shows.  You don’t have to bear any trouble to find shows.  This is because of the simple design which I really like. 

What Chaturbate.Com Can Improve?

Well, chatterbait cam site has some flaws as well.  First of all, for those who are watching the show free, you would have to upgrade their account to watch the private shows.  Now, a performer could turn a show private any time.  So, that could be a bit frustrating for the freeloaders!

Apparently, the cost of joining Chaturbate.Com might seem trivial but, over time, it can add up if you get carried away. Although I must say it is much cheaper than most of live cam sex sites. 

The Review in a Nutshell


  • Tons of live cam sex for free for you to jerk off
  • Cute and beautiful girls showing off their assets live
  • Performers actually interact with the audience wonderfully


  • Watching private shows can be costly
  • Tipping system and buying tokens can add up to your cost staggeringly
  • Sometimes you have to pay for PMs 

The Final Verdict

Overall, my time at Chaturbate.Com was excellent.  I enjoyed watching the performers doing their acts.  I really loved the design of the website and the whole system of tokens to show appreciation.  So, if someone is looking for a fucking great live cam sex site, then Chaturbate.Com is the ideal place to visit and enjoy some sexy live cam shows. 

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