May 18


Is The #1 Free Image FAP Site? A Review

By KingPerv

May 18, 2020

What was my experience like to review Imagefap another image-based porn site?  Do you want to know that?  Then read this review, till the end, because I was in for a big surprise which I did not expect at all. 


When you think about the name image fap for a website, what will be the first thing that comes to your mind?  For me, I was thinking of a website where I would only see pictures to choke the chicken on.  But, only watching porn pictures to empty my nuts isn't really a think for me these days.  Now, that we have high speed internet everywhere.  I don’t have to wait for hours to watch a thick chick getting banged by a rock hard dick. Also, I can hear the moans of that chick when the cock penetrates.  It’s something that really turns me on. 

But, if I only watch image-based porn, I will not hear the moans and screams of the horny sluts I love!  So, I prefer not to pay attention to these websites which are only serving porn images in this age of high-speed internet.  That is why when I saw the name imagefap, I was really disappointed.  I thought it will be a very boring thing to review a site that will only provide me with images.  So, with semi-excitement, I opened my browser and logged onto this website

Homepage of Imagefap.Com

Imagefap Homepage


The homepage of this site did not attract me at all.  When opened it, I did not think that the page was worth looking for something spicy and sexy that I usually get at a porn site.  But, as I was reviewing it, I scrolled down and found ‘Today's featured member profiles’.  I thought holy shit; their members post pictures of themselves? 

So, I opened one profile. The name of the profile was SolMar and my god she looked sexy.  Her round ass elevated my excitement level quite a notch.  I would have her any day.  After checking quite a few pics, I was ready to explore this site because I thought the site may not be as bland as its homepage looks. 

So, when I scrolled down a little further, I saw the profile of Ivy Aura.  She is a cute chick but what amazed me was her pussy hole.  Now, I wasn’t feeling that bad by coming to this website because I saw two chicks that did not disappoint.  Further, I searched and found some great chicks with awesome assets on this website. 

So, I went back to the top of the homepage and saw the options in the header section. Those options increased my curiosity about the site more. 

Categories Page of Imagefap.Com

Imagefap categories


A page for categories is something that I usually expect to see on a porn website.  So, this page did not provide me with excitement that much. 

There were so many image fap categories such as:

  • Anal
  • Amateur
  • Black
  • Blonde
  • BDSM
  • Celebrities
  • Captions
  • Gothic 
  • Gangbang
  • And much more!

Each category had tons of galleries. Some of them were really good.  Overall, the category section was not that disappointing either for me. 

The Galleries at Imagefap.Com

Imagefap galleries


The next page I visited was the ‘Galleries’. I have to tell you that I enjoyed a lot. My disappointment level was doing down and the excitement level was going up with each page I open. Also, I checked the pics of the bitch I saw sometimes back, Ivy Aura. That time, her pussy whole amazed and now, I was shocked how wide her asshole is. She can take 3 cocks there easily. I also found some galleries of cartoon porn which was fucking enjoyable too. 

The Videos at Imagefap.Com

Imagefap videos


Now, when I laid my eyes on videos, my first reaction was fucking shit.  I was really surprised because I didn’t think that a porn image site can have a video section as well.  So, I quickly opened the site and check out some fucking hot action.  I have to say that the videos here did not disappoint.  I really enjoyed a lot watching chicks getting fucked.  Also, I watched 3 to 4 solo videos of chicks and now I was feeling happy.  I felt it wasn’t that bad to pay a visit to The site has something to offer for everyone who loved different kinds of stuff. 

Other Pages at Imagefap.Com

So, now let’s take a look at some of the other pages that I found on imagefap. The random page is where you will find random porn images. I checked the page sometimes. It wasn’t that bad, and if you want to check out random bitches without any context, you can check this page. 

Next up was the image fap blog site which was really different. I wasn’t expecting a blog page at an image porn site. I read a post and it was nice actually. Then I checked Members, Clubs, and Forums and all these pages were good. These pages are really a great place for sex lovers to chat and exchange views or even meet up for a round of banging. 

Live Sex at Imagefap.Com

Now, this was something really unexpected for me.  I was hesitant to click on this link.  I thought it would take me to another site where I would have to pay to watch horny sluts get off.  But, I was wrong.  When I clicked it, I went to which is the cam sex site of imagefap. Well, it was absolutely thrilling to see live chicks at this image fap website. 

I saw two streams, one from MIAMORTEZ and the other was from hot_deborah.  Well, the way they were cumming made me smack my lips.  I loved the structure of the pussy of these two whores.  It was hot, very, very hot.  I would visit that page now over and over again because there are some hot chicks I would want to see live in action. 

The Biggest Positives of Imagefap.Com

  • Image Gallery: Well, watching images and stroking your dick may not be your thing. But, let me tell you, the image gallery of image fap will impress you. These images are really good. 
  • A Large Category Options: If you look at the category options at Imagefap.Com, you will feel impressed because they have covered almost everything. 
  • Cartoon Porn Image: I also found a good collection of cartoon porn images at image fap so, if you like it, then you can check it out. 
  • A Large Video Gallery: It came as a surprise for me but the video gallery at Imagefap.Com is large and they keep on updating time and time again. 
  • A Place to Connect with Others: Image fap has members, clubs, blogs, and forum sections which provides an ample scope to connect with others which is a great thing. 
  • Live Sex: How can I not include that? It was really an amazing experience for me to watch live sex on a website where I expected to see only images. 

Problems in Imagefap.Com

  • The Design: I think the homepage design of such a wonderful website can be much, much better. Thus, the image fap homepage did not impress me at all. 
  • Lack of Content Filtering: I wouldn’t say all the posts in image fap are good. So, there has to be a content filter which will allow you to see the best posts like the content score or the number of likes. It is something that this website needs badly.

The Review in a Nutshell


  • Great collection of images
  • An excellent video gallery
  • One can watch live sex
  • Easy to connect with others


  • The homepage design needs improvement
  • Cannot filter good contents from the poor ones

The Final Verdict

Finally, my overall experience of exploring was absolutely stunning. The collection of images was good. I was surprised (pleasantly of course) to see videos and live sex on this website.

So, I have to say, I went into the website with zero expectations, and what I found there really overwhelmed me  So, if you want to visit Imagefap.Com with an expectation of watching only porn images, then you will be in for a very pleasant surprise! 

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