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Jewelz Blu: 2020 Best New Starlet Nominee

By KingPerv

January 14, 2021

Jewelz Blu is a hot babe from Germany.  Although Jewelz had dabbled in CAM performances in the past, she became a breakout pornstar in 2019 and 2020.   Her killer perky tits, round ass and trademark blue EYES and HAIR make her a can't miss performer.  


Even though Jewelz Blu is relatively new in the porn industry, she has made stunning progress in her burgeoning porn career.  She made her first big splash at the 2019 AVN Talent Night. Even at this early stage in her career you can clearly see she has the body assets needed to be a top performer.

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From her first scenes in 2019 to a busy 2020, Jewelz has put in the work in front of the camera and behind to get a well-deserved nomination for the best new starlet in the 2021 AVN awards.  Jewelz considers herself soft alt.  Since she can have a soft goth look, without tattoos some artists have.

jewelz blu porn

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Besides porn Jewelz is also a master at the flow / fire arts.  You can catch her performing for AVN here: Jewelz Blu Fire.  She's already hot, now watching her play with fire just gets us to next level intrigue. 

Check our her killer stats:  

  • Height: 5-foot-5, 
  • Weight: 110 pounds
  • Measurements: 32-25-35

Her tits are perky, large and firm.  But hey, maybe I just have a thing for big German Titties, but they are definitely spectacular, no? Her curvy ass is just something any of us would love to dive into! When you watch her scenes you can't stop watching!  She really knows her way around a hard cock!  

Jewelz Blu has all the potential to be one of the top porn stars in the industry. That is why we decided to check out some of her scenes and suggest some of the scenes of her that you must watch. You can rest assured your dick will find complete entertainment while fapping to Jewelz Blu porn videos. 

Jewelz Blu Bio

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Born on the 21'st of September in 1994, Jewelz Blu.  Not one to live a boring life, Jewelz is a master Fire Dancer.  Performing at raves and music festivals.  Her favorite festival is Burning Man.  Her foray into porn began in 2019, and she has quickly picked up a large fan base.  She's a social media butterfly and you'll want to check her out of this world Instagram feed here.  You can also find her on twitter where she posts some amazing pics. 

jewelz blu avn awards

jewelz blu bio - CLICK FOR MORE JEWELZ PORN - jewelz blu bio

As mentioned on AVN.COM:  "When California girl Jewelz Blu came to AVN’s monthly talent night in 2019, she sported mermaid-blue hair and seafoam-green lingerie. And her looks fit her free-spirit personality: “I am a fire dancer—that is my main hobby. But I enjoy so many things, festivals, raves, traveling, hiking, camping, cooking, creating art and modeling. I love it all.” Blu says, “I have always been fascinated by the adult industry. I have dabbled in content creation and camming—and I love it. I decided getting in.."

Jewelz really loves it when she can time her orgasm with the orgasm of her co-star.  She feels this is a special synergy she tries to shoot for.  Jewelz is comfortable with dicks or a clit in her mouth and doesn't discriminate between genders.  Loving the beauty of her co-stars.

jewelz blu bio

jewelz blu avn starlet - CLICK FOR MORE HOT JEWELZ PORN - jewelz blu avn starlet

With her emergence, in the porn industry, we found another great talent for happy FAP marathons.   She is represented by "Motley Models" one of the porn talent agency's. This has allowed her to perform for some of the most reputed porn production houses. Like Team Skeet,  and Nubiles Porn.  She's so hot right now, she's on Team Skeet starring in over 20 movies you won't find anywhere else.

In fact, Jewelz Blu is excellent whether she is in a solo scene or with multiple dicks. Well, she can handle everything thrown into her and that voluptuous ass of hers.  Her artistic porn performances were so fantastic that she has a nomination for best new starlet in the 2021 AVN awards. Jewelz Blu deserves every bit of success she has up till now. 

 Three Must Watch Jewelz Blu Videos

jewelz blu porn

jewelz blu porn  - CLICK FOR MORE JEWELZ PORN - jewelz blu porn

Although it's only been a couple of years since Jewelz Blu started her career in the porn industry. She has performed in some hot scenes that you must watch at least once.  If you love Jewelz like us you should watch 3 of those scenes below.

So, let’s begin. 

  • All

Pocket Rocket Pussy Challenge

Blue haired starlet Jewelz Blu has a dirty mind. So today, she wants to do the pocket rocket challenge where she sticks a vibrator in her pussy and her stepbrother uses a remote control to pleasure her in public!

She walks around outside, feeling the incredible vibrations and trying to hold the moan. Somehow, she manages to cum and not get caught! The challenge gets her so turned on that she heads back home and gobbles her stepbrothers cock for good measure. 

Then, she goes all out and tells her bro she wants to do the fuck your sibling challenge! She sits her pink pussy on the lucky guys dick and takes an orgasmic ride. Then, she shows off her pulsing asshole to seal the deal. Jewels is one horny cock lover.

It is one of those solo scenes that was enjoyable to watch because, in the end, we saw the chick squirting like she has opened her flood gates. Now, this is one of the best solo acts of Vina which you will enjoy as we did. She is too adorable in this clip. 

Covered In Cum 

In this scene Jewelz shows us her many cock sucking talents, she ends up one hell of glaze face in the end.  Don't miss it!

Beautiful Jewelz Blu is horny and ready to play with a fat cock as her pussy gets wet in her cute blue bikini. She has been dreaming about having a thick cock between her lips for a while, and now she gets to show off her incredible dick sucking skills for the whole world to see.

She meets up with our stud and bats her gorgeous blue eyes before getting on her knees and wrapping her fingers around his girthy shaft. Then, she gets into what she does best, sucking fat dick. She opens her mouth wide and sticks her tongue out, getting our studs member soaking wet as she slides it in and out of her hungry mouth. Jewelz even whips out some extra special techniques to show that she is not your average cocksucker.

She takes both hands off our studs prick and bobs her head up and down like she is expecting apples. Then, she curls her legs up while laying on her stomach and grabs her heels, choking on our studs cock for the throat fuck of the century. She looks super cute as her face gets completely drenched in spit.

Jewelz talks a big game about her dicksucking prowess, but so far, she has more than proven her abilities. Its amazing that our stud has been able to hold his load this long! Finally, Jewelz gets down on her knees and prepares herself for the grand finale. She uses both hands to bring our stud close to a sexual eruption.

Then, she pouts her lips and runs them along his shaft until the cum is boiling in his balls. Finally, he blows a massive load all over her pretty face, covering her in a sheen of sticky jizz. Looks like this sexy blowjob queen got exactly the finish she has been craving.

She is awesome!

The Ultimate Combination x Mr Lucky Pov

In this video you'll find Jewelz sharing a large cock with her horny friend.  Watch her deep throat this BBW to the limit!

Tyler D gets a double treat as gorgeous babes Jewelz Blu and Leda Elizabeth tend first hand to his naughty cravings. These babes are the ultimate combination for any lucky guy that crosses their path.

As you can see Jewelz is one hell of a pro at sucking cock!  I'm sure we'd all like to reload her mouth!

The Bottom Line

After watching these scenes, you will have to admit that the AVN nomination of Jewelz Blu for the best new starlet is deserved. This German Goddess is stunning in her scenes and really catches your attention.  When you watch her scenes you can't help to imagine what it would be like to fuck her curvy ass!

I know I wish it was my cock she was sucking in her scenes!  

She is a true star in the making!

jewelz blu porn  - CLICK FOR MORE JEWELZ CONTENT - jewelz blu porn

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