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Lana Rhoades Best Movies (#1 Pornstar on Pornhub): 3 Best Movies to Check Out

By KingPerv

December 19, 2020

Hey Porn Lovers, Look at those eyes!  WOW!  When you look at a Pornstar, the first thing you will notice is her tits and ass. However, some pornstars can give you an instant erection with their exquisite looks. Lana Rhoades is one such Pornstar who is ruling over the hearts of millions of her fans.  In this post we highlight three of Lana Rhoades Best Movies.


As a result, Lana Rhoades has been the numero uno pornstar on for a very long time. So, if you are a fan of Lana Rhoades and love to get off by watching some of her mesmerizing scenes, then you will be in for a treat because in this article I will look at some of the best movies of Lana Rhoades.

Lana Rhoades Best Movies / Lana Rhoades Best Movies / Lana Rhoades Best Movies

pornstar lana rhoades

lana rhoades porn - CLICK ON HER JUICY ASS FOR SOME ACTION - lana rhoades porn

Also, I will delve deep to figure out why Lana Rhoades is so popular or what contributed to her meteoric rise in the porn industry. I must say that there are plenty of talented porn stars in the industry. But, in my eyes, Lana is a special one.

Let’s figure out what is so special about her.

Hint Those Eyes, Or Maybe it's Her Fierce Attitude, but that ass is killer....

Why Porn Scenes of Lana Rhoades are So Intriguing to Watch?

I have been watching Lana Rhoades in action for quite some time now and I must say, she has mesmerized me in every sense of the word.

lana rhoades best scenes

She is just amazing to watch on the screen and I am not exaggerating her impact on my mind and dick. So, after analyzing, here is what I felt why Lana Rhoades is such a brilliant pornstar. 

Her Eyes

You know what, whenever I watch a pornstar, I see her tits and ass before moving to her face.

Lana Rhoades Best Movies / Lana Rhoades Best Movies / Lana Rhoades Best Movies

lana rhoades best movies

But, it’s for the first time that I gazed at the beautiful face of a pornstar and not at her asset, and at that time, I was watching Lana Rhoades for the first time.

She's A True Porn Princess!

Well, the same thing happened when I watched Alexis Texas for the first time, but, my god her ass took away all my attention from her face.

But, for Lana, it was different. I truly admire her pretty face and her intoxicating eyes are beyond description for me. I believe she looks more beautiful because of her mesmerizing eyes. 

Her Performance

When it comes to performance, Lana is probably among the best in the entire industry. She knows exactly the reactions she needs to give at a particular time in the scene.

lana rhoades best movies

For example, if James Deen is finger-fucking her to make her cum, she knows how to make that scene more attractive and erotic. She brings a fierce attitude to her scenes, where the men are her sales, there to pleasure her!

I don’t know why but she has an uncanny ability to make any scene more erotic. Also, because of her performances, even if you think she is a shit whore who had fucked multiple dicks, it will be hard for you to believe it.

lana rhoades best movies

That is how good Lana Rhoades’ performances are. I just so love watching her! 

Her Adaptability

I believe, if a pornstar has to find her feet in the porn industry and become successful, she needs to be adaptable to various types of scenes.

Lana Rhoades Best Movies / Lana Rhoades Best Movies / Lana Rhoades Best Movies

lana rhoades best movies

You will see many sluts trying their luck in the porn industry and only a few succeeding. That is because some are more adaptable than others. 

Take the example of Lana Rhoades. She will perform a gangbang and then, in the next scene, you will see her in a lesbian act.

Now, you will struggle to relate the Lana Rhoades you saw in the gangbang to the Lana Rhoades in the lesbian scene. That is how good she is as far as adaptability goes and that has contributed a lot to her success in this industry. 

The Best 3 Porn Scenes of Lana Rhoades on Pornhub.Com

Lana Rhoades First Gangbang- Fucked Hard in All Holes

This scene from HardX is a special one because it is the first gangbang of Lana Rhoades. Well, while watching the scene, I never thought that it was her first ever to be honest.

She looked like a pro in this scene! 


In this video, you will see Jean Val Jean and Mick Blue fucking Lana Rhoades in both of her holes. I can tell you one thing; you will love watching this scene from the word go.

Build-up, the story, and everything about this scene is just perfect. 

BLACKED Brunette Lana Rhoades First Big Black Cock

Flash Brown has one of the larger dicks in the porn industry and Lana gets his dick as her "first" BBC scene. Well, she handles that dick like a pure whore. I enjoyed this scene thoroughly.

You will also enjoy this fuck along with its storyline. 

Interesting Facts About Lana Rhoades

Does Lana Rhoades’ Family Know that She is a Porn Star?

To be honest, it is very hard to tell for me. But, from some of the sources, I read that her family is very religious and because of this, they may have no idea that Lana is a pornstar.  But really, if your the biggest pornstar in the world, I think they must have an idea.

It is hard for me to believe that her family knows nothing about her slutty deeds. 

When Did Lana Rhoades Join Adult Film Industry?

At the age of 14, Lana decided that she would become an adult star. She finally joined the industry when she was 18. The year was 2014 and by 2017, she has already become a huge star in the porn industry. 

Why Lana Rhoades Joined the Adult Film Industry?

In an interview with Logan Paul, she told us that she knew she would be an adult star one day and she never thought she would fail. She was 110% sure that she would be a successful Pornstar. Now, that is what I call the confidence of a bonafide slut princess.

Who is Lana Rhoades’ Lucky Ass Boyfriend?

Although Lana was married to a guy named Jon when she was 18, after 5 years, they got divorced. Now, her boyfriend is currently Mike Majlak who is a popular YouTube personality and an author. 

The Bottom Line

Finally, Lana Rhoades is one of those very rare pornstars who I love watching time and time again. Well, she is one of my favorites.

The scenes I shared of Lana Rhoades in this article are all exciting to watch.

It will give your dick some nice energy just like it did for me. So, what are you waiting for? Get your lube out and start watching those Lana Rhoades specials right away!  

She's a guaranteed FAP SPECIAL FEATURE!

lana rhoades best movies / lana rhoades best movies / lana rhoades best movies

lana rhoades best movies

lana rhoades best moves - CLICK ON HER SENSUAL EYES - lana rhoades best movies

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