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Little Caprice: 2020’s #1 Best Foreign Female Performer of the Year

By KingPerv

March 2, 2021

The Czech Republic is a small country. However, the girls from this country are hot. Wondering why can I say that with so much surety? Just check out Little Caprice, a sexy little porno babe that is making dicks stand with her sexy body and fantastic performances. 


I know you’re confused as to why I am praising this little vixen now. For your information, she won the Foreign Female Performer of the Year in 2020 at AVN awards. And, this year, she once again got the Best Foreign-Shot All-Girl Sex Scene Awards at the AVN awards.

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Now, this will make you interested I know because you all look at those awards to justify whether a pornstar is good or not. But, I am somewhat different and you pervs know that already. Rather than focusing on the awards, I focus on the performance and see what’s best in it.

You can call me the Dave Meltzer (a Pro Wrestling critique) of porn. But, that’s up to you whether you will call me that or not. Nevertheless, moving on, when I found out Little Caprice once again bagged an AVN award, I thought why the hell I haven’t checked her out in the last year?

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Maybe I was hibernating. But, help! I have woken up to check out many Little Caprice videos which left me stunned. She is really a fantastic performer to catch and watch and fap. So, here is a review of Little Caprice that I know you pervs have been waiting for so long from me. 

Why Little Caprice Makes Me Watch Her Again and Again

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Before I give you my top three picks for Little Caprice porn videos, I would like to delve on why I loved watching this slut;

Amazing Body

When I first saw Little Caprice naked, the first thing that came to my mind is what this babe is doing here? She should be in some kind of fashion shows. Her body’s shape is exactly like a supermodel. She is sexy, hot, and mesmerizing to watch because of her amazing body. 

Stunning Performances

To write this review, I have gone through many Little Caprice videos. After that, I have come to the conclusion that she is stunning. The way she takes a big dick inside her is amazing to watch. She makes any normal scene hotter and that is why I feel she is a great performer. 

Brilliant On-Screen Attitude

I believe if you want to differentiate between an average pornstar and a brilliant one, you just have to look at her on-screen attitude. Well, all of them will suck dicks, and fuck big cocks. But, how they do that or how they present that on the screen matters the most. And, I think Little Caprice does this better than many pornstars I have seen. 

pornstar little caprice

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Top 3 Porn Videos of Little Caprice You Have to Watch on PornHub

Now, let’s talk about some of the best scenes of Little Caprice that I saw on PornHub. I know you pervs have been waiting for this one.

What will you get now will surely make you more than happy;

TUSHY European Beauty Gapes For Her Husband's Boss (Starring: Marcello Bravo and Little Caprice)

little caprice anal

This scene from Marcello Bravo and Little Caprice is amazing and you don’t want to miss it. Little Caprice wanted to seduce her husband’s boss Marcello to fuck her.

She gets what she wanted and the scene gets hotter because of her sexy performance. You will enjoy it very much because it is a hardcore anal scene where you will find ass to mouth as well. 

VIXEN Little Caprice Has A Sexy Surprise For Her Man (Starring: Mick Blue and Little Caprice)

little caprice orgasm

I enjoy watching Mick in action very much because I know things will get a bit rougher. So, when I found this video of Mick and Little Caprice, I had to watch it and I am glad I did. It was amazing.

HINT: JUMP TO 8:47, 9:54 to See some incredible ORGASMS!

The build-up of this scene will make you excited and the way Mick fucked Little Caprice, you will want to watch this scene over and over again.

Observed and fucked in the Maldives - little caprice (Starring: Little Caprice)

little caprice masturbation

This is a POV of Little Caprice and where this horny slut is in an exotic beach location, I had to watch the video. The camera follows her.

She invites the cameraman into the bathroom and gets fucked roughly. This video will be a treat to watch for those who enjoy wet fuck and POV. I also loved it. 

Interesting Facts about Little Caprice a Fan Should Know

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Now, if you are a fan of Little Caprice, then you want to a little bit more info than an average admirer, right? So, here are some interesting and fascinating stuff about Little Caprice that you surely don’t want to miss;

  • Your favorite Little Caprice loves to be in bed with men with piercings, muscles, and tattoos. (If any of you pervs have such a body, you have a chance!!!!)
  • When Little Caprice was 18, she had her own website where her videos were uploaded. (She is now 32)
  • Little Caprice loves doing porn because he loves meeting new people, pose for various pictures and upload them on her website, and perform various fetishes she loves. 
  • The favorite food of Little Caprice is Sushi and Mexican food and the calories she gets by eating such foods, she burns it through swimming which she loves as well.
  • Little Caprice is bisexual and thus, she enjoys scenes with girls very much. 
  • The favorite body part of Little Caprice is her clitoris. Now, you can guess why she is a true horny slut.
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The Final Verdict

Finally, Little Caprice is a brilliant pornstar I can say that now because I loved her scenes. I would want to watch more of her scenes. I have shared my favorite Little Caprice porn videos with you now and you also know why I enjoyed watching her.

So, if you know any of Little Caprice porn videos that you want me to watch, then comment below. I will be on the lookout for your suggestions.

little caprice foreign female performer of the year

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