September 25


Live Free Cams Launches to Fill Gap in Entertainment During Covid-19

By KingPerv

September 25, 2020

A new website has emerged to help out all of the thrill seekers that just can’t get enough adult entertainment due to the global pandemic called COVID-19.  The pandemic has clearly impacted life as we know it, but perhaps most affected is the entertainment industry. Entertainment is a broad word and covers a wide range of items such as shows, concerts, live performances, and of course, adult entertainment.


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Gentlemen’s clubs have widely been shut down across the world, and even the ones that have managed to open up in some capacity aren’t the same due to restrictions and mask requirements.  Couple that with customers and exotic dancers who may have concerns about contracting the virus, and you have a watered down experience.

Many people from all walks of life ether secretly or not so secretly seek out the action and adrenaline rush that strip clubs provide.  The encounters, the affection, and the chance to be with someone who may have a certain trait that they haven’t experienced before is all part of the experience.  

Live Free Cams is a place where people can access this sort of entertainment in the form of free webcam models.  They can do this from anywhere they have an Internet connection and leave their fears of contracting the virus behind them.  When you access, you have the ability to choose from 100’s of beautiful women across the world that will chat with you privately and act out any fetish or sexual act that you desire. 

live free cams

live free cams - Click Her To Visit LFC - live free cams

The website was set up to help porn aficionados who are sick and tired of watching low quality videos that are recorded and mass marketed on sites like XHamster and PornHub.  The site is also free of ads and pop-ups as they chose to remove the spammy experience that most people hate.  

What you are promised to find at this website is an opportunity to watch live free sex shows where you can develop connections with models that span many different characteristics.  You can hover over their main category menu and choose women from any type of background you wish, whether it be BBW, Latina, Transgender, Asian, or other, they offer 21 different types that you can select from or peruse at your own leisure.  

Once you are done browsing through all of the options and you find that perfect webcam model that you want to interact with, the website promises an experience like no other site.  The difference in this website is that they focus on quality interactions and a long term experience with the models.  This is a well funded website that has a lot of hot talent from around the world, and they know that the best way to keep the website full of visitors is to provide quality experiences.  

This is their major difference from the rest of the live web cam industry. They pride themselves on customer engagement and the fact that these sites aren’t always about “hot talent,” but more than anything they want their visitors to feel a connection to the models.  When a long-term connection is made to a model, this is the end all, be all, experience. 

live free cams

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If you are new to the webcam model experience, don’t be afraid, here are five tips to have a great experience that will also be respectful to the models.

#1:  Know What You Want

Knowing what you exactly want out of the experience is the main thing you should be concerned with. It is some sort of sexual release, or an experience of a connection with someone you never thought would give you the time of day?  There is no right or wrong answer, but knowing what you desire is something that should be ironed out well in advance of joining a webcam session.

#2:  Read and Digest Their Profile

Know the rules they will entertain by and make sure to respect them.  Most cam models have an etiquette blurb within their profile so make sure to read that.

#3:  User Manners

Be respectful to what service they provide and make sure to show that with a tip.  If you don’t, you may not be let in a private show from time to time.  Don’t take offense to that, but rather learn from it.

#4:  Don’t Be Cheap

As alluded to in the above point, show that you are watching and appreciative by adding a tip.  It’s no different than being at a strip club and getting a private dance.  Nothing in the entertainment business is free, but you will get more mileage out of your investment when you tip well and be courteous.  

#5:  Avoid Public Awkwardness

Suppose you live in a city like Miami or Las Vegas that has many adult entertainers. It’s possible you’ll see a cam model out and about, doing things in public.  Don’t be that person who makes a big scene of it and starts bringing up her private work life.  Cam models are real humans and have lives outside of work, just like everyone else.  

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