February 16


Liya Silver: 2020 Best New Foreign Starlet

By KingPerv

February 16, 2021

Hey Fellow Porn Lovers, I have seen many beautiful Russian girls coming to the porn industry and marking a mark for themselves. Let me tell you now that I would expect to see beautiful and hot Liya Silver as a showstopper in a fashion show and not in the porn industry fucking mad dicks.


But, I have to say we are fortunate enough to see this mesmerizing beauty showing off her skills in bed in front of the camera as well. I won’t say she is the best in the business right now, but in terms of her meteoric rise to this industry, she is surely on par being one of the best.  

Her tits are definitely something to behold, you have to check them out!

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That is why she won the “Best New Foreign Starlet” and “Best Foreign-Shot Boy/Girl Sex Scene” at the AVN awards for 2020. Her stunning, consistent, and outstanding performances helped her win a couple of AVN awards in 2021 as well. 

The two awards she won this year include “Best Foreign-Shot All-Girl Sex Scene” and “Best Foreign-Shot Boy/Girl Sex Scene” which she won for the second consecutive year. This shows how brilliant she is as a porn star and how she is improving with each year. 

liya silver porn

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Without any doubt, within a few years, she will be a force to reckon with in this porn industry.

So, what led to her meteoric rise?

What are the best scenes to watch of Liya Silver? 

She has shot many incredible scenes and in this article, 

I will give you a few of them which you should check out. 

pornstar liya silver

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Top Three Liya Silver Videos You Must Check Out

Liya Silver has starred in many porn films from some of the most reputed production houses. She also performed with some of the best studs in the business. 

Here are three videos I have picked at PornHub which I think you should watch to figure out how good Liya Silver is.  

Reality Kings - Inked Liya Silver gets anal creampied (Starring: Renato and Liya Silver)

liya silver anal

Like most Reality Kings videos, there is an introduction of Liya and she says she wants to get fucked in the ass. After that, she shows her assets and then, Renato comes into the scene and fucks her in the ass. They kiss for some time before Liya gives a BJ to Renato.

Next, they fuck in cowgirl pose and they move onto missionary where you will see a bit of a rough element. Next, they fuck in doggy position before moving to side fuck. Finally, they move to reverse cowgirl pose when Liya has an orgasm. 

The scene is brilliant to watch. Renato was a bit rough on Liya and adds an unexpected dimension to the scene. I must say Liya’s performance was brilliant because of the way she showcased her slutty-self. All in all, you will surely enjoy watching this video just like me. 

White Boxxx - Busty Teen LIYA SILVER Can't Wait For Her Boyfriends (Starring: Lucky Lutro and Liya Silver)

liya silver porn

The scene starts with Liya and her boyfriend in the room and both are horny and ready to fuck. Lucky Lutro plays the role of Liya’s boyfriend. Liya was already naked from the beginning of the scene. Both of them first kiss each other before Liya goes down on her boyfriend. 

She takes out the large dick of Lucky Lutro and sucks it nicely. After this, they fuck in cowgirl pose and then switch to reverse cowgirl pose. Next, Lucky eats Liya’s pussy and then, fucks her in missionary pose. Finally, you will see them fucking in doggy pose. 

All in all, the scene is quite intriguing to watch because of the passion for the love shown in the video. Both performers performed really well and you will not feel bored while watching this scene. It shows Liya can make any scene steamy with her performances.  

VIXEN She couldn't resist naughty vacation with stranger (Starring: Alberto Blanco and Liya Silver)

pornstar liya silver review

Liya Silver is truly gorgeous and you can sense that by watching this video. What I liked about this video is it shows how versatile Liya Silver is as a pornstar. She can act like a whore in a rough scene and then, carry herself as a sophisticated and sexy girl on a vacation. 

Liya was on a boat feeling horny. So, she took off her bikini to expose her boobs. Another boat was passing by at that time which had Alberto Blanco. He saw Liya’s boobs and jumped into Liya’s boat. After that, they had passionate sex which was incredible to watch. 

The way they were having sex, it felt like they are in a serious relationship. I very much enjoyed the whole scene and both the performers were outstanding. I can assure you that you won’t be skipping this video because it is that good. 

liya silver best new foreign starlet

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Frequently Asked Questions about Liya Silver

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Liya Silver that you should know;

What is the actual name of Liya Silver?

Kristina Shcherbinina is her real name. But, as with other popular porn actresses, she likes to use her stage name “Liya Silver” in public. 

What is the Relationship Status of Liya Silver?

I have to say in these things, Liya Silver is very much private and she doesn’t talk about it. From various searches on Google, I found that she is single which feels dubious for me. However, if it is true, how about giving a try?

Who wouldn’t want to be Liya’s boyfriend!!!!

What is Liya’s Actual Age?

On 25th February 2021, she will be 22 years old. Well, her looks suggest that she is a young and beautiful slut that is ready to rule the porn industry in recent years. 

liya silver

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The Final Verdict

Finally, what I saw of Liya Silver, it made me certain that she is a born star for the porn industry. Her AVN award wins are an indication that she is on the right track. 

Over the next few years, you can expect to watch some stunning porn movies from this fantastic Russian girl.

pornstar liya silver

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