December 2


Make Great Money CAM Modeling in 2020

By Betty

December 2, 2020

While 2020 has been removing work positions one by one there is one career that has withstood: cam modeling . Everyone has been forced inside, there is no better time for camming than now.


Better Than Ever Before

People who were once at strip clubs, bars and parties are on their computers at home. The market is wide and open and becoming your own boss is more accessible than ever. 

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If you are considering getting into camming it can be daunting at first, but don’t let that deter you. We have come to help. This article will give you an overview of everything you should think about while preparing to become a cam girl. 

Social Side

First let’s go over some basics. Being a cam girl is much more than just showing off your body. Your audience will want to get to know you, the more they connect with you the more they will want to invest in you.
That is why a good first step is creating social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter. Instagram is where you will want to be sexy but not show too much because of their conservative puritanical rules. 

This can really benefit cam girls because if people see a cute picture of you on Instagram and then find out that you aren’t so modest on other platforms they will rush over to them. Instagram is a good place to show off your makeup, hair, sets and use lots of hashtags.

Twitter is probably the most used in the sex industry because there is no censorship. You can advertise your camming hours and show whatever you want. Posting lingerie you will use, body pics and much more can really excite your customers.

Time To Shine

Next up is making a schedule. Committing to a schedule will help your followers know where and when to find you online. If you are consistent with your schedule and let your customers know that schedule they will be much more likely to make time for you.

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Keep in mind you can always adjust your schedule in the future, but practicing a set schedule in the beginning of your career will help boost your audience. 

Stylized Self

Now let’s focus on your set: where you will actually be camming. Many models will simply film in their room. This makes your audience feel like they are having an intimate experience with you. Set up decorations that will be displayed in the background that suit your personal aesthetic.

For example If you’re super cutesy put some stuffed animals around, If you’re edgy surround yourself with BDSM gear. Making a set reflect your personality will help further immerse your audience. 

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This also applies to your makeup, hair, clothes, sex toys and personality. Becoming an online cam model gives you the chance to create a persona. You can be whoever you want to be. From a farm girl, kawaii kitten, goth girl or the girl next door: it’s whatever you like! Just make sure it is consistent, your audience wants to know what they are paying for. 

When you hear “camming” or “cam modeling” what you picture will almost always be different than someone else does. This is because the field is so versatile. Every cam girl has her own unique outfits, toys, sets and personality. It’s one of the only careers where individuality is truly wanted, because what makes you different is what will make you stand out.


Clients are next up on the list. Your customers are why you are camming, but you also have to keep in mind your own personal boundaries. Make sure to be true to yourself including what makes you comfortable. Sex work is just that: work, and all work places have a code.

Luckily for you, in this case it’s up to you. 

Have clear and honest communication with your clients, never disrespect their kinks or fetishes even if you say you are personally not comfortable enacting in them. Another thing to keep in mind with clients is creating a bond with them.

You want your clients to not just stay for one show, but all of them. Consistent clients should be well known and yes- receive some special treatment. For example always greeting them when they enter the chat, etc. 

Where Now?

All in all camming is safer than most sex work, more customizable to your needs and overall a really fun time. The last thing to consider is where do you want to cam?

Every site has its own special atmosphere. 

Two popular sites are Chaturbate CAM Modeling  and the very discreet boutique SoulCams Modeling 

Check these out and see which one suits you best.

Good luck!


cam modeling

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