February 25


Is Marijuana and Sex, a Proven #1 Combination – What’s The Truth?

By KingPerv

February 25, 2020


Marijuana and Sex | Let's Make Sense of the B.S.


King Perv here,
Look team this site is about sexual truths and talking about things other sites won’t touch. Marijuana and Sex or Pot and Sex being one of them. 


Marijuana and Sex

pot and sex - CLICK ME - pot and sex

Marijuana legalization is racing across the world. 
What was off limits, is suddenly becoming available legally for millions of us.
So unfortunately, there is so much BULLSHIT about Marijuana and Sex on both sides of the aisle, that anyone could be confused on what the sexual effects of Marijuana are and whether you should consider adding Marijuana into your sex life.
Whether adding any drug into your sex life is a good idea or not, is not for this blog to say.  
Educate yourself and make informed decisions!  
Enough said.
Read on if your curious!
So do the pros outweigh the cons?



pot and sex - CLICK ME - pot and sex

POT and Sex, The Real Truth is that Marijuana can be an Aphrodisiac, a damn good one.
Yes, Aphrodisiacs are real!
I don’t care what the pundits say,



pot and sex - CLICK ME - pot and sex

Cannabis and Sex can be great together.
So can sex and solo play be enhanced by Marijuana?  Yes it can be.
Cannabis and Sex can also be a train-wreck (no I'm not talking about that strain! haha ) depending on the strain and how you react.  It’s absolutely no fun to be couch locked when trying to have some sexual fun.  Take it from me, trying to have sex, when you can hardly walk across the room isn’t nirvana.


So what are some of the main benefits of Marijuana sexually?
In my opinion they are:
  1. Marijuana’s main aphrodisiac benefits come from enhancement of your tactile senses, not only your penis or vagina, but also your skin to your hair. Touching anywhere can feel quite good.
  2. Another effect is how you experience time.
    You can be more in the moment with your loved one and feel more connected.
  3.  Effects on neuro-transmitters (Dopamine the pleasure one being one of them).


Remember, I’m not a scientist or a doctor and I know this is not an exhaustive list. I’m sure you all have many other pros and cons, so educate us and leave your comments below the post.
In my opinion, I do feel these are the main benefits of Marijuana and Sex and these effects can lead to wonderful experiences.

But whether Marijuana will be helpful to your sex life is a complicated question.
Look It just depends on may things:
  • Your Setting and How you respond
  • The Strain You Have
  • On Your Goals



sex and drugs - CLICK ME - sex and drugs

Anyone telling you that Marijuana is going to be 100% great all the time is full of shit.

You can have a bad trip, you can get couch locked.
So what are the common side effects not helpful for sex?
  • Couch Lock
  • Heart or Mind Racing
  • Erection issues
  • Panic Attacks
  • Feeling Like Crap The Next Day
Not everyone will have these side effects all the time.
The good news is that these negative side effects usually pass in 2 - 6 hours depending on dosage.  This is not a comprehensive list of all negative effects, do your research.  These are in my opinion the main negatives of Marijuana and Sex.
Am I down on using Marijuana?  Not at all.
Should you bring Marijuana into your bedroom?  Only you can answer that,  I'm providing you the truths as I see them.




pot and sex - CLICK ME - pot and sex

So, if you are in one of the states where it’s legal or about to be.

My advice If you want to add Marijuana into your sex life, is to take it slow with a plan that looks something like this.
  • Get Strains that are known for enhancing sex (Sativa hint hint...)
  • Plan a night when you have little to no responsibilities, and try it early 5 or 6 pm so you can recover if things don’t go right.  Having your mind racing all night high on a Super Sativa losing sleep isn’t great.  I’ve been there more than my fare share.
  • Take it slow, a small puff or two and see how you feel in 15 or 20 minutes.  Obviously do the above where Marijuana is legal and your job and family will not be put in jeopardy. Yea that’s a disclaimer,  Partake where it’s legal.  My 2 Downer Cents.
Marijuana, when used with a plan and and moderation, can be like adding fine wine to a good dinner.  It’s already good, but it can take it to GREAT!

So I can hear some of you already, yes the ones who have tons of experience with Marijuana and Sex. I know there are those reading this that can smoke an ounce of the finest dank and never have a negative consequence and already know all of this. 

This post isn’t for you, this post is for the people out there wondering if they should try adding Marijuana to their bedroom, what can go wrong, and how they should go about it.

In Conclusion, if you Feel Strongly one way or the other about Marijuana and Sex, leave a comment and take the poll below!  


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Do you use Marijuana in your bedroom?
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