May 29


My Forbidden 1’st Stepsisters Seduction

By KingPerv

May 29, 2020

Stepsisters Seduction: Last year was horrible for Lucas Campbell and his son Mason. Tatiana, Lucas’s wife, and Mason’s mother died in a car accident. The whole family broke down in shock.  Mason was 18 when his mother died.  It was a horrible situation for both father and son to handle.


Everyone around Lucas was trying to convince him to get married once again.  After a lot of consideration and thinking about Mason and his upbringing, Lucas decided to take the oath another time.  So, he met Jennifer who was in her 40s.  Lucas and Jennifer were of similar age. 

Both of them liked each other from their first date.  Jennifer had a daughter, Patricia, who was also 18 like Lucas’s son.  The day when Patricia met Mason, she felt a different sort of feeling towards her new stepbrother which was definitely not a brotherly feeling

Patricia had a voluptuous figure Watch The Best Perfect 10 Coeds Cum - It's Freethat could attract any horny man on this planet.  Even at the age of 18, she was a bit of nympho and had slept with over 20 men.  She was a cock-hungry nymph who could not resist a sturdily built male.  Because of his regular gym workout, Mason was a true hunk. 

Stepsisters Seduction: The Urges and Cravings

On that night when Patricia met Mason for the first time, she could not resist some hot masturbating with the thought of Mason fucking the shit out of her.  She was a kind of girl who craved a rough fuck! So, when everyone had gone to the bed in the Campbell’s house, Patricia tip-toed towards the room of Mason.  Excitedly she saw him jerking off to a porn video. 

He was lying naked with his rock hard cock.  Patricia thought that his cock was huge, and it would stretch her pussy and ass the way she always wanted.  Mason’s muscular body and hard cock made Patricia’s panties wet.  When she saw Mason splattering his hot cum all over the bed, she could not control herself.  She rushed back to her room and got naked. 

Patricia started stroking her extra wet cunt vigorously.  She was imagining her stepbrother fucking the shit out of her.  She licked her fingers while imagining she was sucking the hard and big cock of Mason.  Patricia inserted two fingers into her asshole while thinking of Mason fucking it.  She also, put three fingers inside her little fuck hole while imagining that Mason was ramming it with his dick. 

The way she groaned while having the orgasm that night, she never felt anything like that before.  Patricia was someone who squirted easily.  So, when she had the best dripping orgasm of her life, she was now eager to taste Mason more than ever.  She needed Mason’s big cock desperately and, Patricia was ready to put everything on the line to be in bed with Mason. 

Stepsisters Seduction: The Opportunity Arrives

After that night, Patricia was always in search of an opportunity where she would get Mason alone seduce him to bed her with his big cock.  But, Mason was not paying attention.  She used to wear revealing and sexy dresses in front of Mason for which her mother Jennifer reprimanded her several times.  Patricia knew that she had to be careful because did not want her mother to know about her hidden stepbrother desire. 

Patricia had large boobs and she used to wear tight tees to make her boobs more visible to her stepbrother.  One day while serving food, she also served him her breast while leaning forward.  No matter how hard she was trying, Mason was in no mood to respond.  Patricia was feeling down and out thinking that Mason had no interest in her.  But, the opportunity came, and Patricia knew that she couldn’t let it go with a thirst to taste her stepbrother’s forbidden cock. 

Lucas and Jennifer were going out on a trip with their friends and Patricia and Mason had to stay alone in the house.  It was the best opportunity to get fucked by her stepbrother for Patricia and she was not ready to let it go by.  She helped her mom and stepdad pack and when she and Mason bid them good-bye, Patricia knew that the opportunity had arrived. 

Mason was sitting on the couch when Patricia went there and sat with him.  She had prepared a chopped bacon and avocado salad and she wanted Mason to taste it.  She handed the plate to Mason which he accepted with a smiling face. He took a bite and said, “Oh! You did a really good job, it’s delicious!”  Patricia smiled and replied, “You have something which I would love to taste and I know it’s delicious too.” 

Stepsisters Seduction: Filling That GAP 

Mason was taken aback because Patricia’s hands were moving towards the zipper of his pants.  Mason said, “Do you want me to fuck you?”  Patricia replied, “I didn’t think that you would take that long to realize how hungry I was for your cock.”  Mason said, “Yes I know, I saw you showing me your cleavage, serving me your tits at the dinner table, and sneaking into my bedroom while I was watching porn.  I also did the same when you were rubbing your pussy while thinking about my big dick.” 

Patricia was now a bit surprised.  She said, “You knew everything?  Then why didn’t you fuck me?”  Mason replied, “I wanted you to crave me and I was waiting for the right time to pounce on my hot stepsister.  Now, let’s see what it’s like to fuck my naughty stepsister.”

Mason grabbed Patricia by her neck and opened his pants with the other hand to bring his cock out and then, put it in her mouth. In no time, Mason’s cock was rock hard and he was fucking his stepsister’s mouth like a wild animal.  He was making Patricia gag so badly.  She was gasping for air but she loved the taste of her stepbrother’s rock hard dick. 

Patricia took her stepbrother’s balls in her mouth and said, “I am having a ball with my stepbrother’s balls.”  She continued sucking Mason’s cock and balls for some time.  After that, Mason grabbed her T-shirt and tore it apart to expose her large tits. He said, “Look at those melons. Oh! They are so damn perky!  I want to do bad things with your tits.”  By saying that, he started squeezing, sucking, and slapping Patricia’s tits.  She was in seventh heaven!

Stepsisters Seduction: The Best Fuck of Her Life

After playing with his stepsister’s tits, Mason went down to suck her already wet pussy.  While sucking on her clit, he was also squeezing her breasts.  Patricia was dripping wet at that time.  So, Mason did not wait long and within a thrust, he got his entire large dick inside Patricia’s pussy with her laying on her back. Patricia’s eyeballs were coming out because she never ever in her life had taken such a big dick in her tight pussy. 

Mason grabbed her hair and started ramming his dick deep inside her pussy.  Patricia was screaming, “Please stepbro, don’t stop, keep fucking your bitch stepsis.  Oh my god, it feels so good.  Oh!  I am cumming, Oh shit!  I am cumming.” Mason took his cock out and Patricia shivered while her hot cum oozed out of her pussy.  Then Mason got her on all fours and went behind. Without giving any prior notice, he rammed his dick inside Patricia’s ass.  She screamed at the top of her voice. 

But, Mason was in no mood to show her mercy.  He was fucking Patricia as hard as he had ever fucked any girl in his life.  He was slapping Patricia’s butt hard and was making her white bootie red.  After fucking her ass for 15 minutes, he took his dick out and inserted it in her mouth.  Mason was saying, “Taste your ass, my whore stepsis.”  Patricia was replied, “Oh, yes!  I love the taste of my ass.  But, now I want your cum.  Please give it to me.” After a few strokes, Mason came in Patricia’s mouth.  She swallowed everything.  She even circled around and licked up the cum that fell on the floor. 

While licking her fingers drenched with cum from her face, Patricia said, “Thanks bro, this was the best fuck of my life!” Patricia's stepsisters seduction was all she had hoped for.

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