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Sex Advice: Massively Good Male Orgasms Unhooked, eBook #1 Review

By KingPerv

April 29, 2020

eBook Review, Orgasms

King Perv Here,  In this article Sex Advice: Male Orgasms unhooked we bring you fresh information you won't find anywhere else on how to have Male Multiple Orgasms. 


The new eBook Male Orgasms Unlocked describes a step by step method to unlock male multiple orgasms using modern sex machines.

The main sections are: (Orgasms, Possibilities, Health, Relationships, Technique).

The book explores:

  • What are multiple orgasms?
  • How this Pandora's box of pleasure can impact your relationships


I was very skeptical that men could have multiple orgasms.

Can men really experience the extreme pleasures of multiple orgasms (so called multiples) like some of our women can?

Wow, think about that!

I want in if we can.

Certainly most of us would do anything to experience that.

This is cutting edge stuff.

Further we are talking about men having 5, 10, 20 orgasms in succession.  That sounds awfully too good to be true!  Is this another one of those tantric methods where you have to pretend to be a monk?  I don't know about you, but I want to simply get off, and not reach some high spiritual plane... 

That is to say Orgasm after Orgasm.


Most importantly I’ve been taught a man must always have a refractory period.

As a result all us men get is our one shot, no extra innings, without a timeout.

Therefore if we didn't need a refractory period that would be freaking amazing.

I know I want to experience this.

I read Dopamine's eBook and he makes a compelling case that it is possible.


The Tremor Sex Machine

Above all the eBooks premise is that modern Sex Machines like The Tremor have more power now than we were designed to handle.

Using this brute force method you can push your dopamine system into overdrive.

Once in overdrive you can achieve multiple orgasms.

This is a Solo technique that you can use with your partner.

With the controls in their hand they can push you into overdrive.


According to the book, once the Pandora's box of pleasure is opened your relationships could be affected in unexpected ways.

After you land the technique for male multiple orgasms, can you look at your partner the same knowing they could never deliver the same pleasure?  


This technique could make one a "SEX Deviant hermit locked in their room with a SEX MACHINE".

Ok, well,,, maybe for a short while! 

You may become addicted to all these orgasms! 


This method isn’t for the non adventurous male. 

Pushing your body this hard can be tough so approach it with appropriate care and caution.

Know your limits!


In conclusion, this new eBook Male Orgasms Unlocked professes to push the frontiers of Male sexuality forward 5, 10 or more orgasms at a time. 

In an upcoming blog I will test and report back.

Finally check out this review of The Tremor if you are interested in what a modern sex machine can do.  The Tremor pushes the limits of what a saddle vibrator can bring in power and flexibility.

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