#1 Sex Advice: Unlock the Little Sex Devil Inside

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Apr 29
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Sex Advice,  Our secret little sex devil talks to us in our heads.  He talks to us through our inner sexual voice, thoughts we really can't say out loud in public.  Our inner monologue, a river of sexual energy and depravity, spoken only to us in our minds. 


"Little Sex Devil", that mischievous voice that keeps us company.  

You may tell others you don't have those thoughts, but I know you do!  We all do, but we never talk about it.  KingPerv is the site where we can discuss things that are normally off the table.  Now we have an outlet!  

Understand we're all more alike than different, we just haven't had anywhere to trade notes.  At KingPerv we try to be open to different views and discussing them in the open.

But now we do!  

Take the polls at the end to share your views with our other users.  There's power in numbers, your not as different as you may think.


For me this inner little devil is a machine gun that gets it's ammunition from all the beautiful women that surround us. Lucky for us the world full of ammunition.  Our clips should never run out.   

The gym is one of those enchanted places, where my ammunition clip is loaded to the tilt.  I personally think some of the equipment at the gym was designed to tease our little devils to no end.  

Where each of our guns get loaded will be different, but I'm sure we share some common ones (school, malls, beaches, shopping).

Sex Advice: NO SHAME

Should we have these thoughts?  

Have you ever heard "You shouldn't think those things", "don't have dirty thoughts", well as much as society may try shame us into a lobotomized trance.  

I  think it's healthy for all of us to let our little sex devils out of their cage.  Not out loud mind you, no let him play in our heads.  We can use his creative imagination to help stimulate our sexual creativity.  


On a side note, if we ever get that Elon Musk neuro-link off the ground, it’s going to be interesting to hear what all of my other male friends are also thinking! Then again maybe not.

Yes it's normal, and it's healthy, to have an active imagination, don't be ashamed.

It’s perfectly normal to have this inner monologue and we should not be ashamed or embarrassed by it.  We shouldn’t fight these thoughts, we should embrace them and use them to imaginatively spice up our sex life.

Don’t lock up your perverted little sex devil, let him sing in your head and give you new ideas and inspiration.  Your imagination is boundless, use it to your advantage!


Even if I can’t take that Brunette bombshell to bed working in my office, I surely can in my head, and when I get home to my girl I can use it as inspiration to get creative in the bedroom.

Take those creative ideas and save them for a later time, remember bringing new things and thoughts into your sex life will keep it lively and fun.  So put you little sex devil to work, he needs to earn his keep!

Hope you enjoyed this Sex Advice post on unlocking your inner little devil!

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