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Sex Emulators are great for exploring all those kinky and perverted ideas that little Sex Devil in your head comes up with!
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If you are new to Sex Emulators know that only your imagination can limit what you can do with these Sex Emulators.  New deviant games are being developed monthly that push the limits of whats possible.  Make your favorite Anime star come alive.  Tweak her hair, boobs and ass.  Only your imagination can limit you.  We keep track of all the latest games and add them here weekly.  If you don't see what your looking for.  Simply hit refresh and another fresh set on emulators will come up.  With your support the studios will be able to keep cranking out these hits.  Join the millions of fans creating there most deviant divas.  You can even sim impregnate them now with a new kink that recently gained popularity.  This is something you just have to see. 
If you want to explore the harsher side of sex, go for it.  In these sex emulators you can explore getting little physical with you SIM, don't worry she won't care! You can spank her, whip her when she's been a bad girl and make her choke on your sim manhood.  With these emulators it's possible to live out a extreme sex fantasy with no one getting hurt!
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