Sex Story: Sex in Crazy Places

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Feb 22
Sex in Crazy Places
King Perv Here:  So I thought we'd have some fun with this Sex Story : Sex in Crazy Places and bring up some of the crazy places we've had sex.  Have you ever scored in an unlikely place?  Possibly somewhere you probably shouldn’t have? 


What do I mean?  
For instance, one time I walked into a restroom to find a couple engaged in Anal sex at a chicken joint.  Yea the chicken was good there, but it never crossed my mind to get deep into that there.   
Sex Story: Sex in Crazy Places
Sometimes when the mood strikes your options just aren't good, but you go for it anyways.
So lets hear about the crazy places you escaped to when the moment hit!


It’s really underrated how much power our hormones have to drive us into chasing an opportunity in unlikely places.  Of course there are the exhibitionists among us who live for this kind of thrill.

So let's hear from you guys in the comments below, let us know the crazy places you have done the deed? (Submarine, Eiffel Tower, Mile High Club, Office Storage Room)  
Put my places to shame!
Sex Story: Sex in Crazy Places


So let me roll out three places where my hormones got the best of me, in a good way:


Sex Story: Sex in Crazy Places


First up, is having sex in front of 5k people on a beach crazy?  
Well for some of you it's probably not.  But for me it meets my standard.
My first place was on a Jet Ski in the Atlantic Ocean on a summer afternoon where the waves were flat and the sun was shining high.  For us the mood struck when we fell off our Jet Ski into the Ocean.  My girls bikini went by by and that opened up the door so to say for my entry.
Sex Story: Sex in Crazy Places
Although things got heated in the water,  she was not loving the idea of some shark taking a bite of us, so we climbed back onto the jet ski and straddled me.  
Although we were a good distance offshore, anyone with a good set of eyes could have caught what we were doing with her legs wrapped around me looking back at the shore.  
It was quite a glorious adventure with the sun shining down on us and the waves gently buffeting the jet ski.
Sex Story: Sex in Crazy Places


Sex Story: Sex in Crazy Places


Ok, this is a cliche place, but if your girlfriends dad thought he was the next Rambo you may begin to understand how it qualifies.  You see my girlfriends dad wasn't just into Rambo he wanted to be him.  His home must have had at least a hundred guns and a side garage to make his own ammunition.   
Getting caught defiling his daughter would be a bad day for me.  
Ever get caught with your pants down?  That might make a future blog!
Do you think that stopped me?  
Would it stop you?
Hell no, not with my hormones.
I did lots of crazy stuff with her under his nose.   Things that I would have paid dearly for if caught.
Did I really have free will or were my hormones in control?
The one exceptionally dumb time, was when I slept over, and we were watching TV in the living room while they were in another room.   It’s amazing what you can get done under a blanket keeping you warm.  So maybe this wasn’t the craziest, but it was definitely one of the most dangerous places.
Sex Story: Sex in Crazy Places


Sex Story: Sex in Crazy Places


Everything is better in the big city, even the sex.
My last story is in the big city.
I was in the city for a conference and my girlfriend tagged around to do some sightseeing.  On the last day of the conference we headed back to our hotel early.   The girl I was seeing was a bit of an exhibitionist, always looking for an opportunity to push things.  Spying the perfect opportunity to push things, she took me up to our room overlooking Times Square.  Pulling the curtains back, she wanted me to take her from behind while her breasts danced against the window for all to see. Look I'm not going to say I put on a long or great show, but we did have enthusiasm!  
I hope you enjoyed this Sex Story: Sex In Crazy Places.
I know you guys can do better, leave your comments below and take the poll!
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Sex Story: Sex in Crazy Places
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