Sex Story: Ex Girlfriends, Are They #1 Fair Game?

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Mar 16
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Hey Fellow Pervs,
Let me set the scene of this Sex Story. This sex story starts with one of your best friends dating this hot piece of wild ass on and off for a few months. It’s on and off, but more on than off. Probably if it wasn’t for the great sex he tells you about they would have split awhile ago.


Sexy Woman with Tattooes

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In your mind she’s a little too much for him to handle, being as clean cut as your friend is.   She seems like more of the type of girls you hook up with.   Maybe you have a little jealousy going on.?


sexy girl with tattoos

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     The girl he’s dating has a free spirit, well you know the kind, that wild girl looking to rebel against society and the norms they put on all good girls. Hey I kinda like this girl!   She’s tall, has tattoos and piercings where you would want them with a great set of tits. T

his particular girl talks about sex all the time in a hot but jokingly way. Hey let’s give her a name, Samantha. Now that you can picture Samantha in your mind, let me get to the topic at hand.


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    You see fellow Pervs, Samantha has been making subtle passes at you here and there while she’s been dating your best friend.  She hasn’t been grabbing your cock or anything, just subtle hints here and there.  At the last house party you were at,  no she didn't grab your cock, but she bumped up against it with her ass more than can be by accident...  


Each time she makes one of these passes you start imagining more of what you would do with her, given the chance in your mind.  Believe me those thoughts are X-Rated goodness.  When your not around Samantha and your fried, your inner little sex devil is working overtime.

That little devil has figured out 10 ways you would please her more than any other man.  But as much as it’s making sense to you that you can take care of her well, given the chance, you wouldn’t screw over your best friend like that.  You just let it ride, and blow off her come ons as part of her wild sexual angst.

Anyhow you have some side hustle on to take your thoughts away for now. Once again you convince yourself that although it would be fun, you wouldn’t screw over your friend like that.  You’ve put it to bed, locked up that little devils ideas away in the far recesses of your mind.



At this point you’ve been caught up in what life has been throwing at you.   By chance you run into your friend and he casually mentions to you that he called it quits with Samantha a few months ago.  

This time he tells you it's for good. He’s fallen for a new girl and moved on from the chaotic relationship with Samantha.  Although the Sex was great he tells you he just couldn’t handle her wild child ups and downs.   As a good friend you tell him your sorry to hear that but glad he’s found someone new.


hot girl with tattoos

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Now of course, that little sex devil you locked up, has suddenly picked his lock and he’s bouncing ideas all around your head: “it’s ok they broke up”, “she’s fair game now”, “no don’t worry about it, he wouldn’t care”, “Yea I’m going to fuck her, given the chance”.  

After being lost in those devilish thoughts, you call in the good little boy troops and your able to put that dirty little sex devil back away.  Hell, who knows if you’ll ever run into her again anyhow…

Still you wonder, you wonder what’s ok in this situation?  Your friend broke up with Samantha, he called it off, surely this means she’s fair game?  Should you call your friend up and ask him what he thinks?  Is this too early, you haven’t even run into Samantha, and who knows if you ever will, for all you know she’s already moved onto a new guy.

How many of you Pervs have run 
into a situation similar to this?


  • If you ran into Samantha  would you pass on her, in respect of your friend? 
  • Would you start dating Samantha and feel that your friend just has to deal with it?  After all he broke up with her....
  • Would you try to sleep with her once and see what you’ve been missing, and just keep it on the down lo?

    So Fellow Perv What would you do?

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I know what I would do grinning…...

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Pervs, How Does This Story End?