Sex Story: Stood UP Now WHAT

Stood Up

King Perv Here,  In this Sex Story: Stood Up Now What, I hope you find that were all a lot more alike than we think.  Or should I say Strike-Out King?  Have you ever been Stood Up and Left Hanging?


You were so sure that fine girl was into you.  

Guys know your not alone.

We’ve all been there at one time or another.  It's just part of the game.  I

haven’t met the man yet that scores a perfect game, and if they say 

they do I don’t believe that shit.

Sex Story: Stood UP Now WHAT



Yea for sure, some of us get more than our fare share.                    
Sex Story: Stood UP Now WHAT

But we all strike out eventually.
Stood UP, Now What
Let me share a strike out story with you, maybe you can relate, maybe you’ll find this strike out funny.  I'm sharing this story as it’s good to know that your not alone.  Going through a rough patch?  Don’t get discouraged as there’s a ton of fine girls out there, there’s someone for everyone!  I'm just amazed at how many women their really are out there, pretty much endless opportunities for us.

Sex Story: Stood Up Now What

My Funny Fail

So being the horny chap I am, I decided to head on down to the local bar and nightclub.  Not much of a dancer.  Well we can all dance with enough drinks in us.  But surely not anything impressive.  In my town the nightclubs are where the ladies are.

Sex Story: Stood UP Now WHAT

The club had a nice vibe to it, a friendly staff, nothing earth shattering, but a laid back and decent place.  You know the kind.

Really the only place worth heading out to.  

Sex Story: Stood UP Now WHAT


On this particular night, my friends Alex and Chris came with me. We were intent on finding a hookup or at least something
promising.  I happened to know the bar girl Chrystal at this club, giving me a home base, so to say.

Sex Story: Stood UP Now WHAT

After an hour Alex and Chris ended up leaving for a more promising option.

I decided to stay and let Chrystal happily ply me with booze.

Sex Story: Stood UP Now WHAT


Is that an Angel?

I turned around and there she was, a petite blond with a great smile, and breasts for days, oh those breasts, I couldn’t believe my luck!
She seemed to be into me too! Right?  

She also knew Chrystal who introduced us right there.

Was this my lucky day? 

Had fate dropped this fine ass girl in my lap?

Sex Story: Stood UP Now WHAT

Sure seemed that way.

We Danced and Partied

We danced and partied the night away at the club.  Alex and Chris were going to be jealous of my luck. Unfortunately the night came to an end and we exchanged digits, with the promise of getting together at another bar the next night.

I know, I know your thinking this doesn't sound all that bad, you got drunk, met a girl and got a promise for the next night.

Sex Story: Stood UP Now WHAT


Well that all is true, but the embarrassing and funny stuff was to come.  The next day I talked to Amanda the girl I met at the club. Everything seemed to be on track. Alex and Chris were going to flip when they met her!

Sex Story: Stood UP Now WHAT

Yes, I have a great idea, invite all your friends to meet this knockout!

So smartly I invited Alex, Chris and another 4 or 5 couples out with me to meet this mysterious new girl, I was just raving about, boy were they going to be impressed when they met Amanda!

Ha, my tail level was going up several levels.

So I’m buying my friends beers for dragging them out, talking up this new Hottie, She was so into me, she’ll be here any minute right?

Sex Story: Stood UP Now WHAT


Tail Level Going UP

Anyone see where this is going?

Sex Story: Stood UP Now WHAT

1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 100 dollars in drinks later, WTF

Oh man this going to be brutal! Hah

Yea Yea, KP, some girl you have, what’s her imaginary name?

Yea, that imaginary girl is hot KP!

Sex Story: Stood UP Now WHAT


 Live and Learn

I invited all of these people out to meet this hottie, talking her up, and I’m just left Hanging,,,, Down over 100 bucks buying drinks for my pals.  I look back on it now, and it’s kinda funny.

Sex Story: Stood UP Now WHAT

Live and Learn I guess?

Sex Story: Stood UP Now WHAT


Not the Worst

So guys take the poll below and send in your worst strikeout

stories here.

I’ll share a few of the best ones in coming blogs.

Yes, Yes, I know there are worse, but I wanted to get this out there and if your feeling down on your luck, know we've all been there.

Sex Story: Stood UP Now WHAT

There's a girl for all of us.  

Stay in the game and you'll find her!

Sex Story: Stood UP Now WHAT


OKAY so here's an overtime fail:

"my friend went on a date at Fridays, his date said she had to go to the Restroom, and never came back. Now that’s some shit. Imagine sitting there for 30 minutes thinking she will be back any minute…. Never to show,,,, that had to suck."

I look forward to sharing your stories, were not alone, this shit happens to all of us.

Keep your chin up!

And if you do strike out, consider having one of these at home to take the edge off!

I hope you enjoyed this Sex Story: Stood Up, Now What.

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